The Best Rabbit Harness

For your pet bunny, having space to run and play is just as vital to health as a proper diet. Rabbits don’t like being stuck in their cages all the time, so let them out to explore the house – or snuggle with you on the couch. For some pet owners, taking a rabbit outside to get some exercise is more practical than letting them loose indoors, due to space limitations. To go on venture outdoors, you’ll need a harness and leash to keep your bunny from hopping away. So what is the best Rabbit Harness?

In this guide, you’ll find reviews for six of the best rabbit harnesses available, as well as tips for using your harness.

The 6 best Rabbit harnesses at a glance

  1. Niteangel Adjustable Soft Harness
  2. Living World Small Animal Harness
  3. Calunce Soft Rabbits Harness with Leash
  4. Kaytee Comfort Harness
  5. PERSUPER Pet Rabbit Harness
  6. Trixie Soft Harness

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The Best Type of Harness for Rabbits

Bunny harnesses typically come in three types: mesh, H-strap, or shoulder. Mesh and strap versions are the most common, however. Each type has benefits and disadvantages, which you should consider before making a purchase.

  • Mesh – By far the most popular style, mesh versions are also referred to as vest harnesses. They’re designed to fit around the bodies of small animals like a vest or jacket. As they cover the entire body and fasten with Velcro or a snap buckle in the shoulder area, they tend to be the most secure option for bunny harnesses. The mesh material also makes them the most breathable and the most comfortable type of rabbit harness.
  • H-Strap – An H-strap consists of nylon straps that fit over your bunny’s back and belly, secured with snaps. The design keeps from putting pressure on the rabbit’s neck, which is very delicate. Straps are more versatile than mesh harnesses since they can more easily be adjusted to fit your pet.
  • Shoulder – A shoulder harness is similar to an H-strap , but the straps are fashioned in a T pattern instead. The harness fits over your rabbit’s front shoulders, wrapping underneath the front legs. The shoulder version is the least common style of rabbit harness, but it’s a viable option for pet owners that don’t prefer the mesh or the H-strap versions.

Is It Safe to Put a Harness on a Rabbit?

Harnesses are safe for rabbits, so long as they’re designed for rabbits or other small animals. Collars and leashes that you’d use for your dog or cat aren’t safe for rabbits, as their necks are much more fragile.

Rabbits don’t tend to like going on walks the same way dogs do, either. Their best form of exercise is running freely in a safe, enclosed area. However, you might like to take your rabbit outside to play sometimes, or you may not have the space to let your rabbit romp around inside. In this case, using a harness is advisable. You don’t want your rabbit running away from you!

All three types of harnesses discussed above – mesh, H-strap, and shoulder – are safe for rabbits. These harnesses are designed to minimize pressure or strain to sensitive areas, like the neck.

Putting on a harness properly

When you put the harness on your rabbit, make sure that it’s not too tight nor too loose. Your rabbit won’t like it the first few times you try to put it on. Rest assured, you’re not harming your bunny by fitting on a harness, but it will take getting used to. Before going outside or in an open area, put the harness on your bunny at home a few times. She’ll become accustomed to wearing it in a safe environment and be less likely to stress out when you take her outside.


Most harnesses come with a leash, but you want to make sure you have the right type of leash. Bunny experts recommend an elastic leash, which can contract and expand as your rabbit moves around. a regular nylon leash could apply too much force on your rabbit if she suddenly bolts off.

The President of the Minnesota Companion Rabbit Society, Joanna Campbell, has further advice on leashes. She says never to leave your rabbit alone after you’ve put on the harness or leash. Rabbits don’t do well being leashed to a stake in the ground and left alone – this situation is perfect for an accident.

Can Rabbits Wear Collars?

Never put a rabbit in a neck collar with an attached leash. Unlike dogs or cats, rabbits have weak necks. A collar with a leash that pulls puts too much pressure on a rabbit’s neck, potentially causing injury. If you need to secure your rabbit with a leash for an outing, always use a harness. Harnesses designed for rabbits are best, but other harnesses meant for small animals will work too.

What to Look for in a Rabbit Harness

When selecting harnesses for bunnies, there are four main factors to keep in mind: size, durability, flexibility, and comfort.

  • Size – Measure your rabbit to make sure you get the right harness. First, measure your bunny’s back from the base of the neck to mid-back. Next, check circumference, or your rabbit’s waist. Measure around the body just behind your rabbit’s front legs. Finally, measure around your rabbit’s neck or shoulders – wherever the harness will cover – and let the measuring tape fit snugly but not too tight.
  • Durability – You want a harness that stays secure and keeps your furry friend from wriggling free. Look for a high-quality harness that stays fitted on your rabbit, even after you’ve adjusted it to her size.
  • Flexibility – Look for an adjustable harness – it should be a snug fit that doesn’t constrain too much. A harness that stretches as your rabbit moves around is also important – it keeps your bunny from straining herself too much.
  • Comfort – Rabbits tend to be nervous creatures that scare easily. Ensuring their comfort is, therefore, a top priority when choosing a harness. Choose a harness made from high-quality material that forms to your rabbit’s body. The more natural the fit, the more comfortable your rabbit will be.

Why Use a Harness for Your Rabbit?

Training your rabbit with a leash and harness can be a pain at first since rabbits don’t naturally take to them. However, The harness is worthwhile though. With it, you can take your rabbit almost anywhere – provided it’s safe from poisons, predators, or other harmful things.

A leash-trained rabbit can explore new places outside the home. You and your rabbit can do more activities together, like going to the park.

In addition to seeing new places, a harness is a great way to keep a rabbit safe in open spaces. When your bunny is secure in a harness, you have greater control over where she goes. There’s no risk of your rabbit getting away from you when she wears a harness.

How rabbits behave on a leash

Keep in mind that a leash-trained rabbit won’t behave the same way as a leash-trained dog. Going for a walk, with your rabbit hopping along beside you, probably won’t happen. According to Colorado House Rabbit Society manager Nancy LaRoche, you’ll more likely follow your rabbit around as she explores outside. Your job is making sure your bunny doesn’t go somewhere dangerous or approach something unsafe.

It’s also important to remember that some rabbits just don’t like harnesses. Some rabbits can be trained to walk around with a leash, without any discomfort. But rabbits are anxious animals, and if your rabbit doesn’t take to leash-training, don’t force it. Putting a harness and leash on your rabbit presents many bonding opportunities, but you can still spend quality time with your bunny indoors, without a harness.

The Best Bunny Harness – Reviews

Niteangel Adjustable Soft Harness


The Niteangel adjustable rabbit harness and leash is one of the best rabbit harnesses available. It comes in several sizes, so you can find the perfect one for your rabbit. Be sure to take your rabbit’s measurements before selecting your size. The harness is made of durable mesh and has padding underneath, keeping it flexible and comfortable for your rabbit. You can adjust the harness at the chest and the stomach with Velcro or the extra nylon strap around the chest. It also comes in several colors and with a 47-inch elastic leash. Overall, Niteangel is the best value for a bunny harness. It’s made of high-quality materials that won’t wear out and comes at a reasonable price.


  • Durable Constructon
  • Great Value for money
  • Available in various colors
  • Available online!


  • Sizing can be tricky! makesure you measure your pet accurately

Living World Small Animal Harness


The Living World harness is designed for small domestic animals in general, not solely rabbits. It works well as a rabbit harness, though, as it’s sturdy and stays fitted to your rabbit as she hops around. The harness attaches via Velcro straps on the torso and around the neck. There’s also a little bell attached, so you can easily keep track of your furry friend.When it comes to sizes, you’ll want to measure your bunny carefully and read the reviews of other pet owners before deciding. Since it’s designed for all small animals, the results will vary. It’s available in small, medium, and large. And the leash is nylon, not elastic.


  • Additional Bell feature
  • Strong and Sturdy
  • Available in various colors
  • Available online!


  • Nylon Leash – we tend to prefer elasticated
  • Designed for all small pets so makesure you measure your pet accurately

Calunce Soft Rabbits Harness with Leash


The Calunce harness is a vest-style harness made with mesh and nylon. It fits around your bunny’s stomach and neck, without putting too much pressure on the neck. It does not come in various sizes, just one. While it has adjustable Velcro straps and a buckle, the Calunce harness is better suited for smaller rabbits of between three and six pounds. It comes with a nylon (non-elastic) leash that connects to a D-ring on the back of the harness as well.
It’s available in several colors and the mesh vest will keep your rabbit comfortable as she hops around your garden. The Calunce is another high-quality harness, but only for small rabbits.


  • Good levels of comfort
  • Adjustable, but only to a certain size
  • Available in various colors
  • Available online!


  • Only one Size
  • Suitable for small rabbits

Kaytee Comfort Harness


The Kaytee Comfort Harness and stretchy leash is another harness made for small animals. It comes in three sizes, so be diligent about measurements. The best feature of the Kaytee Comfort harness is the six-foot stretchy leash that comes with it. It allows for flexibility and safety, so your rabbit won’t get hurt if she suddenly darts away and pulls on the leash.
The Kaytee harness, like most others on this list, is made from a mesh material. However, it lacks another layer of padding, so it isn’t as durable or comfortable for your pet rabbit.


  • 6 foot Stetchy leash included
  • Available in 3 sizes
  • Available in various colors
  • Available online!


  • Not as durable or comfortable as other harnesses

PERSUPER Pet Rabbit Harness


The PERSUPER harness is the best H-strap model of rabbit harness available. For rabbits who shy away from a full vest wrapped around their bodies, the nylon straps on the PERSUPER harness are a better choice. The buckles make it fully adjustable while avoiding too much pressure on the neck.
It also comes with a 47-inch nylon leash and has a small bell attached to the clip. The harness works well both indoors and outside. When you order, you also get a pack of two harnesses rather than just one. While the H-strap style isn’t as secure as the vest style, it’s better for taking your bunny outside in hotter weather.


  • Great if your pet does not like a full vest
  • long nylon leash with a bell
  • 2 pack makes them great value
  • Ideal for hot weather walks
  • Available online!


  • Not as secure as the vest designs

Trixie Soft Harness


The Trixie Soft Harness is the softest and most breathable on this list. Soft, padded harnesses are essential for bunnies, who need to feel comfortable to get used to a harness. The Trixie harness is designed for small rabbits of four pounds and below. Pet owners with larger rabbits have noted that their bunnies aren’t comfortable in this harness, as it doesn’t fit around the neck well.
Adjustable, made of mesh and nylon, and with an elastic leash, the Trixie harness has everything a small rabbit owner looks for. It also comes in three different colors, so you can find the one that suits your bunny perfectly!


  • Soft and Breathable
  • Elastic Leash
  • Available in various colors
  • Available online!


  • Only available for smaller rabbits

Final Thoughts

Putting a harness on your rabbit gives you and your pet the chance to explore outside the home. There are important considerations to take when buying harness for rabbit, though. Your rabbit will have to be trained to use a leash and they’re not as amenable to harnesses and leashes as dogs are. But if you find a comfortable harness that fits your rabbit well and keeps her safe – and she doesn’t mind wearing it too much – then a bunny harness is a great investment.

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