How to bathe a guinea pig – A Helpful 7 Step Guide to keeping your pet clean

Last Updated : October 3, 2022
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If you plan on getting a guinea pig as your pet, you may have a few questions about its grooming. If you are wondering how to bathe a guinea pig, or asking the question can you bathe a guinea pig? The answer is yes. A bath is a great way to keep them clean. However, you do not need to bathe too often.

Do Guinea Pigs Need Bathing?

A guinea pig bath is important but not necessary. You only need to bathe them once every two months or so.

The secret to keeping them clean is keeping their cage clean.

Clean your guinea pig when it is unusually dirty or has medical needs. While keeping your guinea pig clean is essential, excessive bathing could do more damage than good. It could affect the production of their natural oils, leaving the fur dry and unhealthy.

If you have show cavies, you may need to bathe them before every event. If the guinea pig is in a show club, the organization often tells you how to clean a guinea pig. Most of them have grooming requirements and recommendations.

Some of the most common grooming tips include cleaning their grease gland and trimming their nails. If you have to bathe your guinea pig, you must learn how to do it properly.

They have sensitive skin and require the use of special shampoo. Learning how to give a guinea pig a bath is about knowing the right products to use. Without the right products, washing them can cause dryness or itchiness.

Use warm water, not hot, and dry the guinea pig completely after a bath. Using a blow-drier on low heat helps you ensure that the fur is completely dry. You may also prevent pneumonia and respiratory problems by keeping your guinea pig close to your body.

Can You Bathe a Guinea Pig?

The simple answer is yes, you can. However, that does not mean that you should do it all the time.

Guinea pigs can get pneumonia if you bathe them too often. For regular cleaning, dampening their fur and spot cleaning may be enough. Bath time is stressful for most of them, and guinea pigs have natural cleansing mechanisms. A bath may be necessary if their coats are soiled or they have ailments that make it necessary to have a bath.

Learning how to bathe a guinea pig includes proper prevention measures. You must be careful to ensure that it does not get too chilled. Use safe bath products and ensure that the fur is completely dry before putting your guinea pig back in its cage.

There are different grooming habits for guinea pigs depending on the length of their hair. Short-haired guinea pigs do not require much effort. In most cases, they are great in self-grooming. If you keep them in clean cages, you may never need to bathe them.

On the other hand, long-haired guinea pigs require regular cleaning. They may need to shower more often. The Peruvian guinea pig, for example, has long hair that can grow up to 20 inches. You need to brush it regularly. They require a bath once every three to four months.

If you are wondering how to bathe a guinea pig with an infection, consider seeking the opinion of a veterinarian. You don’t always have to wash your guinea pig if it catches a parasite or fungal infection. They are susceptible to fleas, mites, lice, and fungal infestations.

Upon diagnosis, your vet should prescribe safe shampoos and instructions on how to give a guinea pig a bath if it is sick. They may prescribe injected, topical, or oral medication. Always consult a Vet if you have any questions on concerns about the health of your Cavy.

How to Wash a Guinea Pig a Step by Step Guide

1. Before giving your guinea pig a bath you must have the required material ready. You cannot clean them with regular human shampoo. Some of the things that you may need include:

  • Guinea pig shampoo
  • A brush
  • A washcloth and towels
  • A blow dryer with a low setting
  • Some warm water
  • A bathtub or sink

2. Place your guinea pig in the tub or sink, ensuring that it cannot get out. Allow it to stay in the water for a while until it adjusts to the water temperature. Your guinea pig may seem terrified or stressed when placed in water. Try to calm them and reduce feelings of anxiety. You may give them a treat or try using a soothing voice as a distraction.

3. Pour water on the guinea pig ensuring that all parts are wet except for the face, and mind the ears. Work some shampoo into their fur and follow the instructions on the bottle.

4. Rinse out the soap with clean water, taking care that the shampoo does not get into their eyes

5. When you are sure that your guinea pig is clean, use a clean towel to dry it thoroughly. If it is shivering, wrap it around a warm, dry towel. Shivering is normal. While drying your guinea pig, try brushing its fur with a comb to keep it from tangling. When you are done, use a slightly damp washcloth to clean the face

6. Use a blow dryer on a low setting to dry your guinea pig completely.

7. Ensure that your guinea pig’s cage is clean before putting it back.

How Often Should I Bathe My Guinea Pig?

If you have questions about how to wash a guinea pig or how often to do it, there is no specific answer. Generally, the frequency of bathing your guinea pig depends on its needs. If, for example, you have a short-haired guinea pig that lives in a clean cage, you don’t need to bathe it. If, however, you have a long-haired one, you need to bathe it every three months.

Some owners only bathe their guinea pigs in the summer or if their coats are soiled. Some health concerns may compel you to bathe your guinea pig. With the help of a veterinarian, you can learn how to wash a guinea pig to get rid of parasites. They may instruct you to bathe them more often.

Should You Use Shampoo for Bathing a Guinea Pig?

When bathing your guinea pig, you must use the right shampoo. Human hair shampoo may be too harsh on their skin and eyes as it has some harsh chemicals, so you should avoid this. You can find the right shampoo for your guinea pigs at local pet stores. However, you may also use rabbit or kitten shampoo as it is mild enough.

When choosing your guinea pig shampoo, you must consider factors such as their fur length, the purpose of the bath (regular bath or eradicating ticks), and how often you clean them.

If you can’t access the shampoo or your guinea pig is not too dirty, you don’t need to use it. Consider cleaning it with a damp washcloth. Identify particularly dirty areas and spot clean them.

Powder baths are great as well. There are lots of dusting powders created for guinea pigs and rabbits. Sprinkle some of it on your guinea pig and use a stiff-bristle brush to clean it.

Alternatives to Bathing Your Guinea Pig

For day-to-day hygiene, there are a few alternatives to bathing. Apply some dusting powder to their fur and use a stiff brush to clean it. You may also spot clean the area with warm soapy water.

To get rid of the grease in their gland, you may need to implement a deeper cleaning process. If you leave it dirty, your guinea pig could fall sick. Instead of bathing your pet, massage some dishwashing liquid or coconut oil to the area. When the grease loosens up, use your hands to peel it off gently.

After the process, rinse it with some warm water. You do not need to bathe your guinea pig unless it is filthy dirty, which with the correct care they should never be.

So, Even though they self-clean, a guinea pig bath every three to four months is a good idea to keep them in tip-top condition.

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