What is Guinea Pig Popcorning? 5 tips to improve your pet’s happiness

Last Updated : August 10, 2022
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What Is Popcorning in Guinea Pigs?

Guinea Pigs have many sounds and behaviors which can tell us a lot about how they are feeling! Guinea Pig Popcorning is one of the more peculiar physical behaviors, which indicates your piggy is happy and most probably very excited!

What Does Guinea Pig Popcorning Look Like?

Popcorning is a great way of describing this little jumping dance. Your Guinea pig will pop and dance around like popcorn in a pan.

Now imagine your Guinea pig doing exactly the same (hopefully not in a hot pan!).

Short, sharp jumping or popping movements, accompanied by a wheek of excitement are unmistakable signs of popcorning!

Guinea Pigs popcorning compilation:

Reasons Why Guinea Pigs Popcorn

Guinea Pigs Popcorn when they are happy, rather than sad or threatened. Guinea pigs often either freeze completely, or run for their lives when they are in danger, so standing in one spot jumping up in the air, and making a noise is probably going to be a bad idea for our little pets’ wild cousins.

Studies have shown that Popcorning in Guinea pigs can be triggered by food, exercise, or playtime. Even the anticipation of interaction with their fav human can trigger a bout of uncontrollable popping, hopping, and wheeking!

Have You Ever Seen Your Guinea Pig Popcorning?

If you are lucky enough to see your Guinea Pig doing his little dance of delight, then you can be assured you are doing something right. This trait is known to be linked to a happy pet, rather than a scared or unhappy one. Keep a close eye on what causes your furry friend to do its little dance and keep doing it!

If you have not seen your piggy Popcorning, then do not despair, as not all cavies are naturals. It may take time for your pet to develop this trait, if at all. Your Guinea pig’s happiness should be your number one priority. Nature will take care of the rest.

How Do I Make my Guinea Pig Popcorn?

  1. Be patient and spend time with your Guinea Pig.
  2. Study what makes them happy and excited.
  3. Feeding your pet a favorite treat.
  4. Introducing a new, or favorite toy
  5. Guinea pigs enjoy company, so potentially introducing a new playmate.

However, Some Guinea Pigs may never develop the trait, but by getting to know what makes your Guinea Pig will ensure they are happy and healthy, and you may get to see them popcorn eventually!

Guinea Pig Popcorning

Do Guinea Pigs popcorn when scared?

According to various studies, Guinea Pigs Popcorn when they are happy and excited, rather than scared or threatened.

Do any other Animals Popcorn?

Other animals have their own ways of expressing joy! So, A Rabbit may binky, a Lamb will skip, but no other animal can pull off the Guinea Pig Popcorn!

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