Albino Rat Pet Guide

The Complete Albino Rat Pet Guide

So you’re thinking about getting an Albino rat as a pet… Or maybe you’ve already made the call and want to learn more about your new best friend… Either way,

Hairless Rat

Hairless Rat – Breed Guide and Care Tips

Rats are intelligent, affectionate creatures that make great pets for people who want an exotic companion. For those who want an even more unusual pet, hairless rats are perfect. They

Dumbo Rat

Dumbo Rat – It’s not all about the ears!

Dumbo rats make adorable and charming pets, with their over-sized ears and friendly personalities. If you want a lovable, low-maintenance pet, the dumbo rat might just be the pet for

Are Rats Nocturnal

Are Rats Nocturnal?

By nature, rats are nocturnal animals. In the wild, they tend to be more active at night. While this is also true of domesticated rats, your pet rat may not

Rats as Pets

A Guide To Owning Rats as Pets

When you see the word ‘rat’ written down, it’s unlikely that the first thing that comes to your mind is ‘fluffy, caring pet’, let alone owning rats as pets. That’s

How Long Do Rats Live

How Long Do Rats Live?

We all wish our beloved pets could live forever, but unfortunately, we outlive most of our pets. Rats are no exception. Pet rats, however, tend to have a much shorter