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Can Rabbits Swim ? And how to keep them cool in summer

Can Rabbits Swim ?

The short answer to this question is ‘yes, rabbits can swim, but they would rather not’. This article will help explain what we mean.

Although bunnies can survive in the water for a short while, they find it a stressful experience. So, we should avoid putting our rabbits in water.

On a hot summer’s day, you may have been tempted to put your bunny in the paddling pool. Perhaps with the good intention of cooling him down. However, although bunnies will stay afloat, they will paddle frantically and expend large amounts of energy. This is not really swimming. More surviving. No bunny has ever got in the water just for enjoyment, even on the hottest day.

how long do rabbits live

How Long do Rabbits live ? A Guide to Rabbit Lifespan

How long do rabbits live – All you need to know

It is no surprise rabbits make popular pets. What’s not to like! They’re intelligent, cuddly, beautiful and great fun! You’ll want to do everything possible to ensure you get many happy years with your pet rabbit! So, How long do rabbits live?

what do rabbits eat ?

What do Rabbits Eat ? – The best food for your Rabbit

What do rabbits eat – Everything you need to know

Remember Bugs Bunny? This cartoon character just loved carrots and it’s a classic image of what to feed rabbits! In reality, getting the diet right is intrinsic to rabbit health. So what do rabbits eat ? Check out this article to find out what’s on the menu for happy bunnies.