French Lop Rabbit

The French Lop Rabbit: Lopping Mad Guide

What is a French lop rabbit?

Yep, though most of us think of the lopped ear bunny as a super-cute pet, people in the past loved to chow down on the tender meat! Nowadays (thankfully) French lop rabbits are renowned in the rabbit world as show bunnies and great pets, thanks to their cutesie appearance and benevolent temperament.

Dwarf Rabbits – A complete pet Guide to Dwarf Rabbit breeds

Dwarf rabbits have become a popular household pet. People love them because they’re small and adorable, and many dwarf breeds have great temperaments as well. In this guide, you’ll learn everything you need to know about adopting a dwarf rabbit, including:

chinchilla rabbit

Chinchilla rabbit Ultimate Breed guide

The Chinchilla rabbit is popular amongst pet owners and breeders alike. They have fur that looks strikingly similar to the chinchilla and even temperaments that make them great pets. There are three distinct breeds of chinchilla bunnies – and none of them are related to the small rodent, the chinchilla.

Famous Rabbits

Say Hello To My Furry Friends: Top 9 Famous Rabbits

Not all rabbits were created equal. Yes, they’re all obscenely cute, furry and lovable. But some very special famous rabbits have managed to climb out of their rabbit hole and straight into the limelight! As long as we adore bunnies, movies, cartoons and marketing campaigns will always be made starring our furry pals. So, let’s take a look at the most famous rabbits, and explore what they’re famous for.

Polish Rabbit in a black hat

The Polish Rabbit – A Complete Guide

The Polish rabbit is a magical little creature, and not only because of their charming good looks and enchanting personality. They’re also a magician’s favourite breed to pull out of a hat because of their docile personalities and their small, adorable bodies!

Silver Fox Rabbit

The Silver Fox Rabbit – All you need to know

The Silver Fox rabbit is a magnificent, rare domestic breed that was developed in the United States in the 1920s by Walter B. Garland. Their most striking feature is a beautiful coat lined with silver-tipped hairs.

Flemish Giant Rabbit

Flemish Giant Rabbit

Flemish Giant rabbits, referred to as the “king of rabbits” and the “gentle giant” are one of the most popular bunny breeds among pet owners. They’re known for being sweet and lovable, making them great family pets.

Rabbit Anatomy - head to tail guide

Rabbit Anatomy

How much do you know about your pet rabbit’s anatomy? You might know the basics – they have big ears so they can hear predators coming, big legs to help them hop away quickly, and big front teeth to help them chomp down on grass. But what about their muscles, skin, sensory organs, and digestive system?

Rabbit Behaviors

Rabbit Behaviors – a Guide to understanding your rabbit

Rabbits have long been the object of pet owner’s affections. Their fuzzy tails and pointy ears make them as cute and cuddly as their twitching little nose. These small little pets are more than their adorable features. They are smart, intelligent animals who use their features to communicate with you. Ever wonder what it means when one of your bunnies ears is down with the other up? Each of their behaviors tells you about your rabbit’s mood and feelings. 

Californian Rabbit Guide

Californian Rabbit Guide – A Breed History

Californian Rabbit: Everything You Need to Know

The Californian rabbit is a beautiful breed. The rabbits make great pets because of their friendly and versatile nature. If you plan on getting Californian rabbits as your pet, you may be curious about its character, appearance, and history. Keep reading to find out more.

white new zealand rabbit

New Zealand Rabbit – Breed History and Care Tips

The New Zealand rabbit is a great pet even though it was first developed for meat. It is a great choice if you are new to rabbits or have children in your home. They are large rabbits so caring for them is easy.