The black havana rabbit

The Havana Rabbit

You’d be forgiven for thinking that the Havana rabbit comes from Cuba. Despite their name, they actually originated quite a distance away from the Caribbean… their country of origin, the

How To Groom a Rabbit

How To Groom a Rabbit: The Complete Guide

Rabbits spend a lot of time grooming and keeping themselves looking beautiful. You’ve surely noticed when your little one rubs their face and ears with their fuzzy paws… It’s irresistibly

Spaying and Neutering Rabbits

Spaying and Neutering Rabbits

Spaying or neutering your house rabbit is essential if you want to keep your bunny happy and healthy. In this guide, you’ll learn everything you need to know about spaying

The Himalayan Rabbit

All Hail The Himalayan Rabbit

As rabbit breeds go, the Himalayan rabbit is considered one of the oldest breeds there is. It’s not even 100 percent certain whether they hail from their namesake, the Himalayan mountains spanning across India, Nepal, and Tibet. We do know that they began to be spotted in the United States at the turn of the 20th Century, and are known to be one of the first recognized breeds noted by ARBA (The American Rabbit Breeds Association).

Jersey Wooly Rabbit

Rabbit HQ: The Jersey Wooly Rabbit

Ever heard of a Jersey Wooly rabbit? If not, you’re about to fall in love. This tiny rabbit breed is the result of breeding the French Angora with the Netherland Dwarf (two very cute and lovable bunnies in their own right).

And of course, ‘wooly’ by name, ‘wooly’ by reputation. The Jersey Wooly is one of the furriest of rabbit breeds, and enjoy a luxuriously soft coat which makes them hugely attractive to potential rabbit-owners.

Checkered Giant Rabbit

The Checkered Giant Rabbit – A Gentle Giant

Checkered Giant rabbits are world-famous for two reasons:

  1. They have unique colored markings on their faces and fur coats.
  2. They’re one of the world’s largest rabbit breeds by weight.

But there’s another often-overlooked trait we feel they deserve to be known for:

They’re not just gorgeous show animals, but also wonderful, energetic pets! 🐇🐰

Let’s find out more about this rabbit breed and its typical characteristics!

Rabbit Facts

15 Rabbit Facts We Bet You Didn’t Know

Sure, rabbits, as we know them, are those fluffy little animals that love us and carrots in equal measure (actually, we’re about to blow the carrot myth way out of the water in this article, so get ready!).

However, they’re a fascinating species that have an interesting history, odd behaviors, cute little habits and so much more!

Pet Sitting UK

Pet Sitting in UK: Everything You Need To Know About Pet Sitters

Your pets are your world… we can relate; they’re ours too!

But, sadly, sometimes you have to travel, and you can’t bring them along with you…

Regardless of whether you visit old friends, travel to an exotic location far from the United Kingdom, or just go on a business trip — taking your dog, cat, or small animal would be incredibly stressful!

Pygmy Rabbit

The Pygmy Rabbit – The world’s smallest leporid

The adorable pygmy rabbit is the smallest bunny species in North America.

This tiny rabbit captured attention in previous years when it was placed on the endangered species list, and a captive breeding program was launched to help restore the population.

Their numbers have increased, but they are still threatened.