Dwarf Campbell’s Russian Hamster – All you need to know

Phodopus campbelli or the Dwarf Campbell’s Russian hamster are endearing little creatures. Highly sociable across its own breed and a popular choice with hamster enthusiasts. If you are thinking about keeping these hamsters, check out the following information on what you need to know to start your hamster adventure.

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How to tame a hamster – All you need to know

Hamsters are one of the most endearing animals to keep. Where to begin with their qualities! Not only are they sweet, beautiful little creatures, they’re entertaining with their hyperactive personalities – add to these some cheek pouching and nibbling and hamsters are the ultimate cute pet. So, what are the best ways to tame a hamster?

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Best Hamster exercise wheels

Best Hamster Wheels – What you need to know

Welcome to the wonderful world of hamster wheels. Images of these enchanting little furballs doing their circular aerobics are iconic – it’s one of the many great things about hamster keeping. You will have likely noticed that there are lots of wheel options on the internet so don’t worry about feeling spoilt for choice. Check out the following information to solve your hamster wheel headache. It takes you step-by-step through hamster behavior and why wheels matter, plus some ideas on the type of wheel to opt for. You’ll then be ready to decide what are the best hamster wheels for your little critters. Read on to avoid hamster wheel overload!

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Best Hamster exercise balls

Not only do Hamster Exercise Balls provide great exercise for your little furry friend, but also give you the opportunity to keep your hamster safely occupied whilst you clean and maintain their home. Getting your hamster out of the cage once or twice a week is a great way to satisfy their sense of exploring, letting them free to roam in the safety of an enclosed ball. So what are the best Hamster exercise balls avaailable, and what should you look for ?

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