Hamster Breeds – A guide to help you choose your new pet

What hamster breeds are there and what one is right for me?

So you have decided to embark on a journey of hamster ownership, and now have to make the decision on what hamster breeds you should consider.

You may have thought a hamster is a hamster, right? wrong! There are several different hamster breeds out there, and choosing the right one for you and your family is a very important decision.

How much space you have, whether you have allergies, what sort of interaction you want with your new friend are just a few considerations. Not to mention hamster lifespan and diet.

This guide will hopefully give you all the information you need to go away and make an informed decision on the right hamster breed for you and your family.

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Best Hamster Toys

Hamster toys – Keeping your hamster happy and healthy

It’s no big secret why hamsters are so popular.

They make super pets for many reasons, including their cuteness and adorable natures. Add to the mix their hyperactivity and curiosity you’ve got yourself one of the best pets to own.

That said, the delights of owning these busy little guys means you need to keep your furry buddy mentally and physically stimulated. Suitable hamster wheels can help with exercise, while toys can make life a lot of fun for both your hamster and you!

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Best Hamster Bedding – All you need to know

Hamster bedding – All you need to know

You want a happy hamster, so when you’ve sorted the enclosure it’s time to think about the type of bedding you’ll need. There are several factors to consider, including hamster bedding depth, hamster bedding alternatives, and safety issues. It will quickly become clear that there is a diversity of opinion on what’s the best bedding. Check out the following, which discusses the importance of choosing the best hamster bedding to keep your fur-ball happy.

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Best Hamster food


If you’re thinking about getting one of these adorable critters, diet is one of the most important elements for optimal health. There’s no lack of data about what do hamsters eat, and the best hamster food, and it may seem overwhelming. The following information sets out the principles of hamster nutrition, tips on how much and when to feed your hamster, as well as the best hamster food. Providing a varied diet may contribute to longevity, and will give your hamster the best chance to enjoy a healthy life.

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How long do hamsters live – A guide to hamster lifespan

How long do hamsters live – All you need to know

It’s no secret why hamsters are so popular as pets. Cute and adorable, these little busybodies bring much joy with their engaging personalities. If you’re thinking about keeping a hamster, one of the main things to think about is how long do hamsters live for. The average hamster lifespan ranges from 2 to 2.5 years – the key word is average because it’s important to take into account factors that can influence the lifespan of a hamster. Check out the following information to help you get the most from your pet hamster experience.

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The best hamster water bottle to buy right now

Hamster Water bottles – All you need to know

A supply of fresh, clean water is critical to the health and wellbeing of your pet. Hamsters are very susceptible to dehydration so it is important for us as responsible hamster owners to ensure our buddies have access to a water at all times. This guide covers the considerations when deciding on the best hamster water bottle. We have also reviewed some of the best hamster water bottles out there at the moment to help with your decision!

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The best Hamster Cages to buy right now

The best hamster cages – All you need to know

You’re all set to begin your wonderful hamster odyssey. Time spent on researching which hamster is best for your requirements, as well as nutrition and health, has proved invaluable. Then you start checking out hamster cages for your imminent, cute arrival. Feeling overwhelmed? Likely, you’re not alone in that. The volume of information available on choosing a hamster cage is mind-boggling. So if you want some straightforward ideas on sourcing the best hamster cage, then read on!

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