The Abyssinian Guinea Pig – All your questions answered!

The Abyssinian Guinea Pig

If you’re considering keeping a pet guinea pig, then welcome to the world of cavies. Guinea pigs do make excellent pets and they’re relatively easy to care for. As you’re about to learn, keeping these little critters can be a rewarding experience. Their engaging character and quirky appearance will soon have you hooked.

Guinea Pig standing next to flowers

Guinea Pig Nail and foot care


Welcome to the LFP guide to Guinea Pig Nail and foot care.

Like us, Guinea pigs nails continually grow throughout their lifetime. In the wild, nail lengths are usually managed naturally with high levels of scurrying and forraging across abrasive surfaces.

Guinea Pig Breed Guide

Guinea Pig Breeds – All You Need To Know

A Guinea Pig is a perfect choice as a pet for adults and children alike. With loving, affectionate temperaments, the guinea pig is an intelligent and sociable critter.
If you’ve already started looking for your guinea pig, the number of breed variants can be perplexing.
Read on to find out more about the types of guinea pig breeds available, their specific needs and behaviours, so you can make the best choice.