Guinea Pig Care Guide

Guinea Pig Care Guide – How to look after a Guinea Pig

Guinea Pigs, or cavies as they are often known, are popular family pets due to their fun and affectionate nature. They are relatively easy to look after and don’t require a lot of special care. But as with all pets, its important to understand what it takes to keep your little friend healthy and happy. Read on for our ultimate guide to looking after your pet Guinea Pig

Texel Guinea Pig Breed Guide

Texel Guinea pigs – a complete guide

What are Texel Guinea pigs?

The Texel Guinea Pig is one of the newer breeds of Guinea Pig, which evolved by cross breeding the British Rex Guinea Pig, with the Silkie Guinea Pig.

They are one of the more striking Guinea Pig breeds with long, shiny curly hair, and are often found winning beauty competitions around the globe.

The Texel is a calm breed, with a sweet nature and love of being handled and stroked and make for excellent pets.

The Best Guinea Pig Food

The Best Food for a Guinea Pig

Feeding your Guinea pig the right foods is critically important in maintaining a happy and healthy Guinea Pig. So what are the best foods for your Guinea Pig ? How much should you be feeding them? and what are the common health risks associated to a poor diet ? This article is aimed at answering all of your Guinea Pig food questions, and looks at some of the top Guinea Pig foods available to buy online.

Teddy Guinea Pig – Ultimate guide plus care tips

It’s true that there’s tons of variety with guinea pig breeds but if one of your requirements is cuteness then consider the Teddy Guinea Pig. The saying, ‘what’s in a name’ could have had this sweet little guinea pig in mind because the Teddy ticks every box for adorable and playful plus super easy care. So read on to learn more about this interesting breed – why they’re so popular as pets and what you need to know to get started with your own Teddy adventure.

A pair of american guinea pigs

American Guinea Pig – The complete breed guide and care tips

What are American Guinea pigs?

If anyone is asked their idea of a guinea pig, chances are they’d be thinking of the American guinea pig.

This breed is iconic because it’s the standard pig that enjoys worldwide appeal. Hardly surprising considering it’s the oldest guinea pig breed, with a timeless, special place in the hearts of hobbyists and breeders alike.

Images and videos across the web that feature guinea pigs will, most commonly, feature the American breed.

So perhaps you’re looking for a guinea pig that’s affectionate and easy to care for? Read on to learn what you need to know about the most popular breed of them all – the American guinea pig!

Guinea Pigs for kids

10 Reasons why Guinea Pigs are good pets for Kids!

Why Kids should own a pet?

Most parents would agree, bringing up our kids to be kind, considerate and responsible humans are top of the parenting shopping list.

So what can we do to teach them these key life values ?

One excellent method is for them to have their very own pet. Not only a commitment of time, effort and love, but a really good way to interact and care for a living creature, which in return, will provide years of fun and entertainment.

How long do Guinea Pigs live

How long do Guinea Pigs live? And what you can do to help them live longer

How Long do Guinea pigs live – all you need to know

It’s plain to see why Guinea Pigs are so popular as pets. Not only do they have bundles of character; they also come in a variety of colors and furs. If you’re thinking about keeping a Guinea Pig, one of the main things to think about is how long do Guinea Pigs live for. The average Guniea Pig lifespan ranges from 4 to 8 years – the key word is average because it’s important to take into account factors that can influence the lifespan of a Guinea Pig. We hope the following information will help you get the most from your pet Guinea Pig experience.

Peruvian Guinea Pig

Peruvian Guinea Pig – Breed Guide and Care Tips

Fabulous, Glamorous – Words often used to describe the Peruvian Guinea Pig. What makes this breed of Guinea Pig such an amazing pet, and what should you consider before buying one?

The Brief History of the Peruvian Guinea Pig

When guinea pigs were in the hair queue, the Peruvian guinea pig was first!

If you want to keep this breed as a pet, there are a few things to know about caring for their luxuriant hair. Like other guinea pigs, these furry critters make excellent pets, so read on for everything you need to know. If you’re ready to be a guinea pig hairdresser, this adorable pet is for you.

Girls holding guinea pig and smiling

Guinea Pig Names – The ultimate list of names for your pet

What is a good name for a guinea pig? Probably the first question that comes to mind when you pick up your beautiful new pet. So, What are the best names for Guinea Pigs? Here you’ll find a useful list of names for inspiration when choosing the name for your new guinea pig, be it a boy, girl or if you’re really lucky, a pair! Our Ultimate list of guinea pig names

How Much do Guinea Pigs Cost

How much do Guinea Pigs cost? And what should I budget for before becoming a Guinea Pig owner?

Introduction – So how much does it cost to keep Guinea pigs?

As with all pet ownership, it is very important to assess the cost involved before acquiring your new buddy. You will want to ensure you understand the financial commitment prior to acquiring your new pet to ensure you can meet the demands on your wallet as well as your time!

Outside of the cost of the Guinea pig itself, there will be an initial outlay such as a new home for your Piggy, plus the ongoing recurring costs such as food and fresh bedding.

Expensive one-off costs such as vet bills should also be factored in prior to embarking on your Guinea pig Journey to avoid any nasty surprises.

We have gone through the expenses in this article, which should give you a good idea of what it costs to own and look after a healthy and happy Guinea pig!