Guinea Pig Teeth

Guinea Pig Teeth: A Quick Dental Health Guide

You’ve surely noticed that your little pet piggie is constantly chewing and gnawing… But did you know that this behavior has tremendous health benefits? 🐹🦷🌿 Guinea pigs need to chew

How to Tame a guinea pig

How To Tame a Guinea Pig: The Complete Step-by-Step Guide

Guinea pigs are wonderful little pets — adding one (or more) to your family was a great choice! And learning to tame your guinea pig is an important first step in guinea pig parenting.

Guinea pigs, as prey animals, are hardcoded to be wary of people, strangers, and new situations. Who knows who could be a predator in this big, scary world?

Rex Guinea Pig

The Ultimate Guide to the Rex Guinea Pig

Never heard of the Rex guinea pig? Well, you’re in for a treat. These cute balls of fluff make super adorable pets, with their short, coarse hair and long, droopy ears.

The Albino Guinea Pig

The Beautiful and Tragic Albino Guinea Pig

Albino guinea pigs are very special creatures. They’re not to be confused with white-crested guinea pigs, which feature a white ruff on the crown of their heads. While a true albino guinea pig is extremely rare, lethal white guinea pigs are slightly more common (but still err on the side of rare, for sure!).

Guinea Pig Health

Guinea Pig Health

Compared to other domestic pets, guinea pigs are easy to care for. But these lovable little animals can develop health problems if you don’t check them regularly. Sometimes, guinea pigs mask their illness so you can’t tell they’re sick. Other times, there are clear signs your pet is suffering. In this guide to guinea pig health, you’ll learn everything you need to know about caring for your cavy.

Guinea Pig Adoption

Guinea Pig Adoption

Guinea pigs are a popular choice for a household pet, especially among families with children. However, many pet owners are unaware of what’s required to care for these small animals, and they end up giving their pet away or abandoning it. If you’re considering adopting a guinea pig, also known as cavies, do your research first. In this guide, you’ll learn everything you need to know about guinea pig adoption, as well as basic care requirements.

Guinea Pig Popcorning

What is Guinea Pig Popcorning ?

What Is Popcorning in Guinea Pigs?

Guinea Pigs have many sounds and behaviors which can tell us alot about how they are feeling! Guinea Pig Popcorning is one of the more peculier physical behaviors, which indicates your piggy is happy and most probably very excited!

Guinea Pig Facts

Guinea Pig Facts

Guinea pigs are a domesticated species of rodent that make wonderful pets. Relatively easy to care for and full of character, they are the perfect pet for children or first-time pet parents and our site is full of useful information, facts and tips to help you on Guinea Pig Journey

But to start you off, here are a selection of Guinea Pig facts that you may not know.

How to Bathe a Guinea Pig - Step by step guide

How to bathe a guinea pig – A step by Step Guide

If you plan on getting a guinea pig as your pet, you may have a few questions about its grooming. If you are wondering how to clean a guinea pig, or asking the question can you bathe a guinea pig? The answer is yes. A bath is a great way to keep them clean. However, you do not need to bathe too often.