Can Guinea Pigs eat Grapes?

Last Updated : March 7, 2021
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Good news for our much-loved Cavys, yes guinea pigs can eat grapes, but there are lots of things to consider before making grapes part of your guinea pig’s diet.

How safe are grapes for Guinea Pigs?

You may be thinking “can I really give my Guinea Pig grapes?”

For most pets, we normally advised that grapes extremely toxic, especially for our dogs and cats.

Guinea Pigs, however, can eat grapes and this is great news because grapes have an extra bonus of providing Vitamin C – Guinea Pigs can not naturally produce their own Vitamin C and need to get it elsewhere i.e. their diet.

Vitamin C is vital for Guinea pigs to avoid health problems, such as scurvy. Grapes also contain a healthy dose of fiber.

How many Grapes can I feed my Guinea Pig?

Although your Guinea Pigs will love Grapes……. like everything they have to be eaten in moderation. Grapes have a sugar content and too much sugar can lead to obesity and dental problems.

Grapes make a very enjoyable treat for your Guinea Pig. Many people use grapes when training their Guinea pigs as they make a perfect reward treat.

Grapes are good in small amounts, the recommended weekly amount to give to your Guinea Pig is 2-3 grapes a week, and the grapes must be cut in half or smaller and must be seedless, but the skin can also be eaten.

Why seedless and cut in half you ask? 1, Seeds can be a choking hazard and 2, how would you feel eating a whole melon? That’s the equivalent of a grape to our Guinea pigs.

What happens if I overfeed my Guinea pig with grapes?

As mentioned previously too many grapes can cause obesity and dental problems for your Guinea pig due to the high sugar content in them.

Feeding your Guinea pig too many grapes can not only give your Guinea pig a terrible tummy ache but can also affect their little guts, causing their guts to overproduce gut bacteria, giving our Guinea pigs stomach pains, upset their digestive system and can lead to diarrhea.

Although extremely rare, Guinea Pigs that have been excessive fed grapes have developed kidney failure. Again, this is very rare, but worth noting. 

Can Guinea Pigs eat dried grapes?

Dried Grapes can not be fed to Guinea pigs. Dried Grapes, or raisins, are not recommended because dried fruit has an even higher content of sugar, again we have to think about our little Guinea pigs bellies!

Raisins can also upset our Guinea pigs digestive system and again can be a choking hazard.

Can I give grapes to our new baby Guinea Pig?

Yes, baby Guinea pigs can have grapes, but be cautious at first. The first time you give grapes to a baby Guinea pig or an adult Guinea pig that has never had grapes before, start with giving the Guinea pig a cut sliver or quarter of a grape, then observe for 24-48 hours, just to monitor behavior and the Guinea pigs stools – a change in stools or diarrhea is what you need to look out for.

Like humans, Guinea pigs can also be allergic to certain foods so always best to check and observe your pets when introducing news foods. 

Which color grapes should I feed my Guinea Pig?

Did you know there are over 8000 different varieties of grapes! I will just stick to the main green and red grapes we buy in our farm shops and supermarkets.

The color of the grapes makes no difference to your Guinea pig enjoying the sweet treat. What I would say is make sure you always wash the grapes so they are free from pesticides, chemicals, and bacteria.

Always cut the grapes in half ( remember a whole grape to a Guinea pig is like a whole melon to us). And always buy seedless grapes to prevent choking our fluffy little friends.

Does my Guinea pigs pellet food have vitamin C?

Yes, pellet food does provide vitamin C for our Guinea Pigs but depending on how old the food is/how long the food has been on the shelf, the vitamin C in it starts to decrease. Another reason why it’s always good to treat our Guinea pigs with fruit and veg that can give them a little extra vitamins and nutrients. 

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