Can Guinea Pigs eat Grapes?

Last Updated : July 18, 2022
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Good news for our much-loved Cavys, yes guinea pigs can eat grapes. But there are lots of things to consider before making grapes part of your guinea pig’s diet.

can guinea pigs eat grapes

How safe are grapes for Guinea Pigs?

Can Guinea Pigs eat grapes?

We are normally advised that grapes are extremely toxic for most pets, especially for our dogs and cats.

Guinea Pigs, however, can eat grapes and this is great news because they do have some great health benefits.

Are grapes good for Guinea pigs?

Guinea Pigs, like all pets, require variety in their diet in order to get the right nutrition to remain happy and healthy. Guinea pig food should be balanced to form part of a healthy diet of fiber, protein, and nutrients, such as Vitamin C.

There are many health benefits of grapes for your Guinea Pigs. Moderation, of course, is key to maintaining a healthy balance. Some of the more prominent benefits include:

  • Guinea pigs are unable to synthesize their own Vitamin C, Grapes can help to provide a Vitamin C supplement Which will help prevent diseases linked to Vitamin C deficiencies such as scurvy.
  • Grapes also contain fiber, present in the skin of the grape. this is Beneficial to the digestive system and helps to ensure a happy and healthy gut.
  • They are also great sources of potassium and manganese which have been linked to helping prevent infections like gall stones common to some guinea pigs.
  • Grapes can also help to boost calcium levels for healthy bones and teeth formation and growth.
  • They are rich in antioxidants which help in maintaining general health as well as the prevention of many types of problems as bladder stones.
  • Grapes have high water content, which is good for hydration, and a high content of fructose (sugar) which, when eaten as a whole fruit is not harmful (unless eaten in huge quantities!)
Can Guinea Pigs eat Grapes?

Are grapes bad for Guinea pigs?

Grapes have a high sugar content (16% in some cases), which causes several serious health issues in guinea pigs if consumed excessively.

High sugar content diets can lead to weight and obesity issues, as well as stomach and kidney problems.

Grapes have a relatively high phosphorous content, which can lead to metastatic calcification and poor growth. You would have to feed your pet a large number of grapes in this case, though.

Moderation is key when feeding your Guinea Pigs Grapes.

Can Guinea Pigs eat Grapes?

Do Guinea Pigs like grapes?

Every Guinea Pig is different and will have different tastes. But in general, Guinea pigs enjoy the sweet refreshing flesh of grapes and can be a great treat when fed in moderation.

What grapes can Guinea Pigs eat?

Did you know there are over 8000 different varieties of grapes! We will just stick to the main green and red grapes we buy in our farm shops and supermarkets.

Can Guinea PIgs eat grapes?

Guinea pigs can eat green grapes, purple grapes, and red grapes, but in moderate quantities.

Purple grapes are generally healthier than green grapes because of their lower sugar content

Red grapes have the most antioxidants and are the best source of Resveratrol.

In summary, a mix of all the grape varieties could be fed in a Guinea Pig’s diet, remembering the recommended quantities, which we will cover next.

Can Guinea Pigs eat Grapes?

How many Grapes can I feed my Guinea Pigs?

Although Guinea Pigs can eat grapes, like most foods, they have to be eaten in moderation, and as part of a healthy guinea pig diet.

Grapes contain high levels of natural sugar and too much sugar can lead to obesity and dental problems, amongst a whole host of other Guinea Pig health issues.

Feeding grapes is ok and has some good health benefits for your Guinea Pig, but try and stick to a small amount of around 2-3 per week. Depending on the size and age of your Guinea Pigs.

What happens if I overfeed my Guinea pigs with grapes?

Grapes are high in natural sugars, and if fed in excess can lead to a number of health problems including:

  • Obesity
  • unhealthy gut bacteria
  • Dioreah
  • Kidney failure
  • Dental problems

If you are going to feed grapes to your Guinea Pig, it is best to do so in moderation, perhaps as a treat for good behavior or tasty training aid. They have some wonderful benefits, but in excess can cause more problems than they solve.

Can Guinea Pigs eat Grapes?

Can Guinea Pigs eat dried grapes?

Dried grapes such as raisins have an even higher sugar content than fresh ones, which makes them less appealing as food for your Guinea Pigs.

Additionally, some of the benefits of the fresh variety, such as the water content are lost.

It is therefore advisable to avoid feeding guinea pigs raisins or any form of dried grape.

Can I give grapes to our new baby Guinea Pig?

Yes, baby Guinea pigs can eat grapes and can add useful nutrition to a baby Guinea Pigs diet. As with any new food introduced, monitor their consumption carefully.

Start by offering a small amount of the grape to your pet and monitor how they are received and digested.

Any signs of an upset stomach, or if your Guinea pig simply doesn’t like them, remove them from their diet.

Guinea pigs, like humans, can be allergic to some food items. So monitoring their consumption is essential to ensure there are no issues with feeding your guinea pig grapes.

baby guinea pig

Can guinea pigs eat grape leaves or grape vines?

There is little research into whether Guinea pigs can safely eat Grape leaves or vines.

It is therefore not recommended to experiment with grape leaves or grapevines. There are plenty of healthy alternatives to consider if you are looking for some additional Guinea Pig nutrition.

Can Guinea pigs eat grapes with seeds?

There is no evidence to suggest that grape seeds are harmful to your guinea pigs.

However, they do pose a choking hazard, so seedless grapes are a better choice.

If you are not sure if the grapes you have are seedless, cut them in half first to see the flesh and remove any seeds.

Can Guinea Pigs eat Grapes?
Juicy green grapes – although beware the seeds!

How do I prepare grapes to feed my guinea pig?

  1. Remove the grapes from the vine.
  2. Remove and leaves and stalks.
  3. wash the grapes to remove any dirt or pesticides
  4. Cut the grape in half or quarters.
  5. Remove any seeds.
  6. provide as an occasional treat or use as a training treat.
  7. Always provide your Guinea Pig with plenty of clean, fresh water.

Final thoughts – Can Guinea Pigs eat grapes?

In conclusion, Guinea pigs can eat grapes. They have some great health benefits and can form part of a healthy, balanced diet when coupled with a good quality guinea pig pellet, other fruit and vegetables, and hay. A healthy Guinea Pig is a happy Guinea PIg!

Much like any food with high sugar content, they should be fed in moderation, and used as an infrequent special treat or training aid. Toom such of a good thing can quickly become a bad thing, and cause health problems and an unhappy piggy.

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