Can Guinea Pigs eat Celery

Last Updated : March 7, 2021
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Can Guinea Pigs eat celery? Absolutely yes! – Celery is one of the best treats for our Guinea Pigs; they love the crunch and the freshness of the vegetable!

Celery is rich in many nutrients and minerals and even better is low in calories making it the perfect snack for our Cavys

The most favorite part, loved by all guinea pigs, is the stalk and leaves of the celery. Most supermarkets sell the celery without these but if you shop at a farm shop or local market these are normally left on the celery, and is an added bonus for your Guinea pig.

As with all fruit and veg given to your Guinea pigs the celery must be cut into small pieces and in moderation.

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How much celery can I feed my Guinea Pig?

Guinea Pigs love celery and have very sharp teeth to chew through the stalk but you must remember that the vegetable still needs to be cut into small pieces. Do not to just throw a whole stalk of celery into the cage for your Guinea Pig to chew through.

Celery is very stringy, and Guinea Pigs find it hard to chew the stringiness and digest. Celery must be given to your Guinea Pig in small amounts, only a couple of times a week and only a 6th of a stalk.

Too much Celery in your Guinea Pigs diet may cause diarrhea so monitor when giving your Guinea pig celery for the first time, checking that the stools are solid and how your Guinea Pig reacts a new food. If the stools are not affected stick to twice a week, the celery is low in fibre so can make their stools loose.

Abyssinian guinea pig Eating celery

Is Celery good for my Guinea Pig?

Celery is very good for Guinea Pigs and so rich in vitamins and nutrients.

Celery is rich in Beta Carotene and vitamin A essential to maintain healthy vision and eyes. Guinea Pigs tend to suffer with degenerative eyesight so serving fruit or veg containing Vitamin A helps slow down this process and also helps to maintain healthy vision at the same time.

Celery is also a great anti-inflammatory. Celery is rich in anti-inflammatory compounds which help prevent information of your Guinea Pigs organs, cells and blood Vessels.

Another benefit of celery is that it contains antioxidants and vitamins all help fight against diseases. Celery actually contains 22 different compounds that can prevent so many diseases and strengthen the immune system to ensure your Guinea Pig has a long and healthy Life.

So, celery is definitely an excellent treat and snack for your Guinea Pig to enjoy.

The effects of over feeding my Guinea Pig with Celery.

As previously mentioned as with all fruit and veg given to your Guinea Pigs it must be in moderation and cut into small pieces to prevent choking and to prevent digestion problems.

Celery contains lots of water, 95% in fact. With the celery being so high in water percentage if too much celery is given to your Guinea pig this will obviously make your Guinea pig urinate a lot. If your Guinea Pig has a history of or suffers with bladder stones celery must never be given to your Guinea pig.

Celery is rich in calcium and oxalic acid which can lead to the formation of bladder stones if feed excessively.

How often to feed celery to a guinea pigA Couple of Times a week
Vitamin C (Per 100g)3g
Calcium (Per 100g)40mg
Sugars (Per 100g)1.3g
Salt (Per 100g)80mg
Phosphorous (Per 100g)24mg

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