Best Rabbit Playpen: Our Top 7 Picks for 2023

Last Updated : January 28, 2023
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Choosing the best playpen for your rabbit is no easy task…

But it’s a decision you simply can’t overlook because every house rabbit needs a playpen! 🏡🐇


Quality playpens provide a means for your bunny to get plenty of exercise while at the same time protecting your furniture and possessions from their nibbling jaws. That’s what we call a win-win purchase!

best rabbit playpen

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To help you track down the best possible playpen for your specific budget and bunny, we’ve decided to put our many years of rabbit experience into action.

At a glance, The 7 Rabbit Playpens reviewed in this article.

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We’ve reviewed dozens of the top products available on and pulled together this comprehensive guide! Here we cover the seven best rabbit playpens we researched along with a helpful buyer’s guide for first-time rabbit owners and struggling shoppers.

Let’s jump straight into the reviews and find you the perfect match:

The Seven Best Rabbit Playpens of 2023

Kaytee Small Animal Pet-N-Play Pen

Kaytee Small Animal Pet-N-Play Pen

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Kaytee has done it yet again with its market-leading Pet-N-Playpen — the best rabbit playpen of 2023!

They really know what small animal owners need and, boy, oh boy, do they deliver! We were highly impressed by this product’s quality from the first moment we opened up the box, and it only got better…

The Kaytee Playpen proved to be a breeze to assemble, and, once it was set up, very sturdy and stable.

Honestly, it’s perfect for a rabbit — so if you’re short on time, skip the other seven and order yourself one now!

Manufacturers Specs and Features

  • Includes 47" x 55" protective plastic mat to guard your floors from messes
  • A sizable enclosure for rabbits, guinea pigs, ferrets, or other small animals
  • Includes 8 individual wire panels that can be set up anyway you like to create over 9 square foot play enclosure
  • Each connectable wire panel is 29" high, 18" wide and has 1" wire spacing


  • 9 square feet of play space —just the right size for a single rabbit!
  • Can be built in multiple shapes thanks to 8 individual wire panels that are 29″ (74cm) high with 1″ (2.5cm) wire spacing
  • Incredibly easy to assemble, disassemble, and flat pack
  • Lightweight and portable — great for traveling!
  • Well suited to all bunny breeds
  • Keeps your floors clean with its protective plastic mat


  • The floor mat isn’t high quality — a heavy chewing rabbit will tear it up! But it’s an easy problem to solve: just use a blanket or a better quality mat underneath the pet playpen!
  • Not large enough for multiple rabbits
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MidWest Homes for Pets Folding Metal Exercise Pen

MidWest Homes for Pets Folding Metal Exercise Pen

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In second place, just behind the Kaytee playpen, we find the durable MidWest Foldable Metal Pet Pen.

This is a versatile exercise playpen for rabbits that can be used both indoors and outdoors thanks to its eight panels with a black electro-coat finish, eight corner stabilizers, and eight ground stakes.

But what if you’d like a pen for BOTH inside and outside? Do you need to get two? No Way!

The beauty of this Midwest Foldable Pet Playpen is that it’s child play to assemble, set up, disassemble, and then fold flat again. Definitely save yourself some cash; one is more than enough!

Manufacturers Specs and Features

  • Secure double latch step-through door access, Exercise Pen / Pet Playpen folds flat for convenient storage
  • Each panel measures 24"W x 24"H, Exercise Pen / Pet Playpen provides 16 square feet of enclosed area (1.5 meters)
  • Includes 4 ground anchors for outdoor use and 4 thumb-snaps for easy assembly; Easliy attaches to your crate for a playspace area
  • Easy set-up & no tools required for assembly. Exercise Pen includes 1 year manufacturer's warranty; Not Recommended for Puppies or Dogs That Jump
  • Celebrating over 100 years as a small, family-owned business that supports over 150 employees in the USA!


  • Provides a comfy 16 square feet of exercise space for your pets
  • Affordable
  • Panels make it effortless to set up and take apart
  • Folds flat for easy storage
  • Comes in four colors (black, blue, gold zinc, and pink) and five heights (from 24″ to 48″ / 61 to 122cm)
  • Includes a 1-year manufacturer’s warranty
  • Over 25,000 5-star reviews


  • The gate can be opened by vigorously shaking the latch loose — use a zip tie if your bunny is acting naughty and trying to escape!
  • Not suited for small or dwarf rabbits due to overly wide bar spacing — your pets could get stuck!
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Ruff ‘N Ruffus Portable Foldable Pet Playpen

Ruff 'N Ruffus Portable Foldable Pet Playpen

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Are you looking for a lighter alternative to the traditional metal pens? Then the Ruff ‘N Ruffus Portable Playpen is precisely the product you need.

It’s by far the best ‘soft’ playpen we’ve reviewed, and it’s the only one to make it into our top 7 list! The Ruff ‘N Ruffus can’t be compared to metal cages in terms of sturdiness. BUT it’ll still do a great job if your rabbit isn’t a heavy chewer determined to escape!

We highly recommend it to people that love traveling or live in apartments — the extra flexibility and reduced size are well worth the trade-off in strength!

Manufacturers Specs and Features

  • ★ Available in 3 Sizes Medium (29x29x17 inches Dogs up To 10LBS) Large (36x36x23 inches Dogs Up To 25 Lbs ) Extra Large (48x48x23.5 inches Dogs 50+ LBS
  • ★ BONUS INCLUDED! The Portable Pet Play Pen comes along with a convenient carry case and a collapsible 16 oz. food bowl. Ideal for Travel.
  • ★ SUPERIOR DESIGN Roomy 8-Panel design with protected seams and reinforced corners. Made from durable water-resistant materials. Removable zippered top can be removed easily removed for indoor use & closed for outdoor use to provide shade. Zippered door provides easy in/out access for your pet. Close the door to keep your pet safely inside.
  • ★ BUY WITH CONFIDENCE We’ve got your back with a 100% satisfaction guarantee. Reach out to us in case of any issues with your pet grooming accessories and we’ll do all we can to make it right. Click ‘Add to Cart’ now and get your kit completely risk-free!


  • Well-priced
  • Comes in three sizes — one is bound to fit your rabbit!
  • Unfolds (and folds up) in a matter of seconds
  • Made from quality nylon = lightweight, strong, and water-resistant
  • Sold with a practical carrying case
  • Great for use indoors and outdoors as a ‘pop-up’ playpen
  • Removable top


  • Warning: it’s not made for heavy chewing pets!
  • The playpen bottom isn’t waterproof — use a blanket underneath it if you’re worried about your floor getting ruined!
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YAHEETECH Portable Metal Fence Folding Pet Playpen

YAHEETECH Portable Metal Fence Folding Pet Playpen

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If you’re on the market for a large, heavy-duty exercise cage, then this YAHEETECH playpen is an excellent choice!

This product has been designed specifically for dogs, so you can rest assured that it’s more than sturdy enough to provide a secure, ‘escape-free’ play area for your buns.

But there’s more to this exercise pen than safety and solid construction:

It’s also foldable, easy to install, and super adaptable thanks to its 16 detachable panels. You’ll be able to build the pen in multiple sizes and shapes (i.e., rectangle, square, octagon, L-shape)!

Manufacturers Specs and Features

  • 【Great for Camping】The foldable and portable design of this puppy playpen allows for hassle-free transfer from your residence to your vehicle, making it a perfect addition for those looking to go RV camping or travel with their pets.
  • 【Specifications】Color: Black; Material: Steel; Quantity: 1 Set (14 x Panels; 2 x Panel with Door; 16 x Anchor Stake); Dimension for Each Panel: 25″ W × 25″ H × 0.6″ Thickness; Door: 16.5″ H × 14″ W; Anchor Stake: 25.6″ L × 0.2″ Dia.
  • 【3-Minute Assembly】Assembly of our dog fences is quick and easy, taking just a few minutes. When using the playpen indoors, we recommend placing it on a dog pad or carpet to prevent scratching your floors or any noise disruptions.
  • 【Reinforced Details for Sturdy Structure】Well-constructed for excellent sturdiness. Boasting the thicker wire diameter and dense wires to bring the closer wire gaps provides a safe, enclosed area for your pet to exercise and play. Reinforced frame in detail keeps walls not easily collapsing when pets knock over.
  • 【Warm Tips】 No tools are required for assembly. When using the playpen indoors, we recommend placing it on a dog pad or carpet to prevent scratching your floors or any noise disruptions.


  • Loads of exercise space for your rabbits — fantastic if you have multiple bunnies or a giant breed!
  • Safe and secure
  • Includes ground stakes for extra stability
  • Durable, long-lasting, and weather-proof
  • Made from premium materials
  • Fantastic for both indoor and outdoor use


  • Quite heavy and difficult to transport
  • Some pet owners complain about rust issues
  • More expensive than smaller playpens
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AmazonBasics Foldable Metal Pet Exercise and Playpen

AmazonBasics Foldable Metal Pet Exercise and Playpen

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Calling all bargain hunters: This AmazonBasics Foldable Metal Playpen is our pick for the best value for money pet playpen!

This product proves you don’t spend a fortune to get your hands on a quality playpen that you can use indoors as well as outdoors. You’ll love it because it’s easy to set up, weather-resistant, and flexible — you can even use it corner off rooms, stairs, or gardens.

And let’s not forget to mention that your rabbits will really like it too… they’ll finally be able to jump around and binky worry-free!

Manufacturers Specs and Features

  • Extra-Small 24-inch exercise play pen (single door) for dogs up to 16 inches tall or for other small pets
  • 8 connected panels with thumb clips for connecting the ends together; 2 locking slide-bolt door latches; 8 ground anchors for secure placement outdoors; made of durable iron wire with a rustproof finish
  • Can be easily configured into multiple stand-alone shapes (round, square, rectangle) for playtime or be used to block off a room
  • Sets up in seconds; simply unfold, shape, and connect (no tools needed); folds flat for easy transport and storage
  • Note: Do not leave pets unattended outdoors


  • 16 square feet of exercise space
  • Excellent value
  • Easy to set up, take apart, and fold flat again
  • Well-made
  • Comes in five heights (from 24″ to 48″ / 61 to 122cm)
  • Backed by an AmazonBasics limited 1-year warranty


  • Stiff doors
  • Not as sturdy as the other metal playpens on this list
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Tespo Pet Playpen, Portable Large Plastic Yard Fence

Tespo Pet Playpen, Portable Large Plastic Yard Fence

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Is the sound of your rabbit chewing on the wire bars in their cage or playpen driving you mad? We get it… and it’s not great for your bunny either! 🐰

Solve the problem by ordering a Tespo Portable Pet Playpen that replaces wire bars with transparent plastic panels! Your bunny won’t feel as caged in as before, and they’ll have a ton of space (up to 20 square feet) to roam around and release their energy in more productive (and far cuter) ways.

Our favorite thing about this cage is that each panel is 28″ (71cm) tall, meaning you won’t need to double the panels to prevent your cheeky rabbit from jumping out!

Manufacturers Specs and Features

  • UPGRADE VERSION: Cable ties and anti-slip pieces added in. Cable ties help build doors or make playpen suitable for any environment. Anti-slip pieces prevent connectors from slipping on the floor.
  • DIY EXPANDABLE: Make qualified translucent white material panels into different shapes to present various combinations to the actual room layouts. It provides a maximum of 20 square feet space.
  • FOR VARIOUS SMALL ANIMALS: Hedgehogs, hamsters, guinea pigs or rabbits, they can all have fun in this fence. Easy to keep an eye on them from any angle
  • EASY ASSEMBLY: Easy to put together with the illustrated instruction and included mallet. Use cable ties to achieve even more features like doors or foldable fence
  • 100% SATISFACTION GUARANTEE: We are always available to provide professional customer service before and after your purchase, so don't wait any longer and enjoy it right now


  • See-through panels that rabbits can’t chew on
  • Made from lightweight materials
  • Expandable if you buy more than one Tespo rabbit playpen
  • Comes in three colors (white, blue, and pink)
  • Playpen includes cable ties and anti-slip mats
  • Great for other types of small animals too


  • More challenging to assemble than the other bunny playpens on this list
  • Not easy to take apart and re-design as cable ties stabilize each panel
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LANGXUN 16pcs Metal Wire DIY Small Animal Cage

No products found.

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Last but not least, this LANGXUN Cage is another fantastic budget option for your rabbit playpen needs.

It’s a lightweight playpen that was initially designed to be used as storage cubes. However, luckily, someone had the ingenious idea to use the panels to build an exercise run for their pet!

And we’re very grateful:

This rabbit playpen makes for a safe, sturdy, and cozy play environment.

Just be aware that it’ll take you a bit of time to assemble this pet playpen because you’ll need to lock each panel to four corner connectors (kind of like Legos)!

Manufacturers Specs and Features

  • STRONG & STURDY DESIGN - Each cube can support up to 30 pounds. High quality coated steel makes the building more reliable. The encrypted wire keeps the animal safe and prevents injury. Use 2 or more sets in customization to assemble the game fence for more options.
  • EASY TO ASSEMBLE - With custom ABS connectors, you can easily build the wire mesh into a variety of shapes and heights. The nylon tie that comes with the product makes the fence even stronger. In addition to pet playpen, you can also assemble storage shelves for use.
  • SUITABLE VARIOUS SMALL ANIMALS - LANGXUN is a pet cage designed specifically for small animals. Ideal as c&c cage for guinea pigs, rabbit playpen, bunny playpen, puppy playpen, kitten playpen. It is also suitable for pets such as ferret, rat, hamster, hedgehogs, Little duck and little chicken. They can all have fun in this playpen, easy to keep an eye on them from any angle.
  • SAFETY ANIMAL PLAYPEN - The distance between the iron mesh is 0.8", which will not trap small animals. Rounded edges protect animals from injury, nylon ties reinforce the cage for added security. Attached is a piece of mesh with a door, which is easy to open and close, allowing small animals to move in and out of the enclosure freely and easily.
  • SUITABLE FOR OUTDOOR & INDOOR USE - The LANGXUN pet playpen features a powder coating that will help protect against rust and extend its life, which makes it ideal for RV camping, traveling, or use in the yard. It has a long service life and is easy to clean and take care of.


  • Affordably priced
  • Expandable — make sure to order this product multiple times if you want to build a large, customized playpen for your bunny!
  • Ideal for small or dwarf rabbits
  • Multi-functional — also doubles as cube storage shelves
  • Suitable for indoor and outdoor use


  • Each panel is only 14″ (36cm) tall, so there’s the risk your pet will jump out of this rabbit pen if you don’t double the height with two panels!
  • Not strong enough for large and giant rabbit breeds
  • Difficult to take apart
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Buyer’s Guide to the Best Rabbit Playpen

There are a ton of factors you should keep in mind when picking the best playpen for your bunny.

It can quickly become an intimidating task you put off time and time again…

And that’s why we’ve pulled together this section for you!

Read through the five essential FAQs about rabbit playpens, and you’ll be ready to choose the right playpen in no time!

Is a Rabbit Playpen Just Good for Playtime?


A bunny playpen can be used for a variety of different purposes, like:

What Should I Look for in a Rabbit Playpen?

  • Is the pet playpen the right size for my rabbit/rabbits? This is particularly important if you plan on having multiple bunnies in one playpen — too small of a play area can lead to conflict and stress!
  • Is my bunny an indoor or an outdoor rabbit? There’s really no point in picking a more expensive heavy-duty outdoor cage if you’ll never use it outside!
  • How important is it that my rabbit playpen be easy to assemble and then take apart again? Make your life as simple as possible if you plan on regularly adjusting and moving your rabbit pen!
  • How durable and resistant is the pet playpen? Never ever forget that rabbits love to chew on everything!
  • How safe and secure is the pet playpen? Really make sure of this if you’d like to use the playpen outdoors, where one escape could prove disastrous!

How Big Should My Bunny Playpen Be?

When it comes to playpen size, bigger is always better!

We suggest you go for as large a bunny playpen as you can fit in your home, garden, or terrace — your rabbit will thank you for the extra space!

What Does a Rabbit Need in Their Rabbit Playpen?

The same things you’d put in their primary enclosure — soft bedding, yummy hay, a food bowl, a water bottle/bowl, and some fun chew toys!

You could also use a blanket or floor protector underneath the playpen if you have an indoor rabbit.

Is It Okay if I DIY a Rabbit Playpen?


It’s unlikely you’ll save any money, but if you like getting your hands dirty, a bunny exercise pen could make for a great little DIY project.

Conclusion: The Best Rabbit Playpens

You’re ready:

3, 2, 1…

It’s time to order a playpen for your bunny.

Trust your instincts and everything you’ve learned in this article — you’ll pick the right one!

Here’s a final shoutout to our top three favorite products, just in case you have any last doubts:

Thanks for reading, enjoy your new playpen, and see you again soon on another post!

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