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Last Updated : July 18, 2022
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You may have noticed a few little behavioral quirks in your rabbit; maybe she’s more aggressive than usual, and maybe she’s taken a sudden interest in hoarding random bits of fluff and cardboard? If so, it looks like your beloved rabbit is expecting a new litter of cute, fluffy, rabbit kits! Take a look at the best rabbit nesting box options here.

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Firstly, congratulations! And secondly, your rabbit deserves only the best rabbit nesting box! Even if you’re rabbit isn’t eating for two (or three or four) a nesting box can be a great way of keeping your bunny warm and cozy throughout the colder months.

Fortunately, there are heaps of options on the market, and you can also easily make your own. If you’re first-time rabbit breeders, it’s super important that you get to know the basic information of preparing your bunny for weaning her kits. Read on to get yourself clued up on the specifics of rabbit nest boxes:

What can I use for a rabbit nesting box?


Hands down, the best material to use for your rabbit nesting box is wood. It’s the most natural-feeling, so your rabbit won’t be too confused by the new addition to her home.

Remember though, wooden boxes can be a little tough to clean, and it’s super important that your rabbits’ nesting box is clean and hygienic throughout her pregnancy. But, a little effort goes a long way!

The Top 3 Wooden Rabbit nesting boxes

Trixie Pet Products Natura Small Animal Home

Trixie Pet Products Natura Small Animal Home

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This nesting box is ideal for small animals such as rabbits or guinea pigs. The front door folds down to serve as a ramp, Whilst The raised floor prevents decay while promoting circulation.

The opening roof makes it easy to access your pet should you need to clean, or check on your pet. Added protection in the form of a locking front door provides security and protection from any unwanted guests.

We love the fact that these pellets are frequently made in small batches. This makes sure that they’re always incredibly fresh when they reach your door – trust us, your guinea pigs will notice!

A really cool feature that we like, is that the hutch can be extended with a run and cover, making it ideal for exercise and rest!

Manufacturers Specs and Features

  • Solid pine wood construction with waterproof textured asphalt shingles for durable use
  • Unique hinged roof and removable floor makes for quick access and easy cleaning
  • Lockable hutch door convert to non-slip ramps allowing pets to easily access the outside
  • Raised off the ground to prevent dampness while adding more comfort for pets
  • Create a securely fenced exercise yard with the purchase of a TRIXIE Enclosure (Models 62451/62452)


  • Well built, sturdy construction
  • Access through the roof opening is very useful
  • Extendable with a run and cover
  • Locking front door for added security


  • Reported issues with hinges. something that can be easily rectified
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CO-Z Topnotch Weatherproof Indoor Outdoor Wooden Bunny Rabbit Hutch

CO-Z Topnotch Weatherproof Indoor Outdoor Wooden Bunny Rabbit Hutch

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Made from cedar wood, this nesting hutch is durable in even the most challenging weather conditions.

Assembly is straight forward, with all the bits and pieces to put the hutch together quickly as easily using the included instructions.

The roof on this hutch can be opened, which is a feature we always like to see on these hutches. This makes cleaning and interaction so much easier! We also like the slope at the door opening, which makes it easy for your pet to access.

Security is not an issue with strong sturdy bolt-ons and a clasp to fasten the front door.

Manufacturers Specs and Features

  • DURABLE CONSTRUCTION: Made from strong and resilient fir wood coated with nontoxic lacquer, this CO-Z outdoor cat house is protected from everyday wear and tear in any kind of weather and suitable for either indoor or covered outdoor use
  • PET-FRIENDLY DESIGN: Perfect for rabbits, guinea pigs, ducks, hens, tortoises, and even outdoor cats, this cat & rabbit shelter provides a safe shelter for rest and sleep with a weatherproof roof and gentle ramp that doubles as a door when closed
  • COMFY & COZY HOME: Our 16.5" x 20" x 15.8" raised bunny & cat hutch features a spacious 14.6" tall room with waterproof insulated roof for your pets to hide out, lounge, and sleep; the roof door opens and locks in for easy cleaning and retrieving hoarded toys
  • INTERACTIVE yet SAFE: The 6.5" wide nonslip ramp offers easy access to the cat & bunny home and locks with a latch when you’re not around; the underneath space gives extra room for hiding and digging; and the top heatproof layer of the roof makes a great ‘sun deck’
  • SIMPLE ASSEMBLY: This small pet home assembles quickly and easily thanks to our intuitive design and clear instructions; set up this attractive and practical bunny & cat condo in your living room, play room, backyard, or porch to enjoy years of crawling, hopping fun!


  • Solid construction with durable materials
  • Access through the roof opening is very useful
  • Front opens into a slope to make it easy access
  • Heavy duty bolt ons for added security


  • Check the size of this hutch prior to purchasing for a large pet
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Petsfit Indoor Wooden Pet House with Wire Door

Petsfit Indoor Wooden Pet House with Wire Door

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This Petsfit wooden pet house is probably more along the lines of a complete hutch for your rabbit…. but seeing as we love our pets so much why not!

This hutch is very sturdy and provides ample room for your nesting rabbit to exercise and rest. You may want to section an area off for nesting, but that could be easily achieved by adding a wooden crate or a section of pet-friendly wood.

More of an indoor hutch, so no real focus on security. Access is great with the removable lid.

Manufacturers Specs and Features

  • Premium Materials: For high durability, the cat litter box enclosure is well constructed using solid fir wood and coated with environmentally friendly paint to provide health protection for family members and your fur babies.
  • 2-in-1 Design: This wood dog house is designed with a lockable metal door, providing versatility and functionality. Moreover, the dog house indoor can also serve as a side table ,adding style to your living space.
  • Excellent Ventilation: Elevated for air circulation, the hidden cat litter box furniture protects your furry friends from moisture and keeps them dry and warm inside. The hinged roof design allows for good airflow and easy cleaning, ensuring a clean and hygienic environment for your furry friends.
  • Perfect Size for Small Pets: Measuring 31"L×20.5"W×20.5"H (outer dimensions) and 30"L×18.8"W×16"H (interior dimensions), this cat litter box enclosure is ideal for cats and small-sized dogs up to 28lbs, giving them the space they need to stretch out and stay cozy all year long.This hidden cat litter box furniture provides your cat with privacy while also offering a spacious space.
  • Considerate Details: With pre-drilled holes for easy assembly, convenient side handles, and a removable floor for easy cleaning, this cat litter box furniture hidden has everything you need. Plus, it’s easy to paint if you want to match it with your existing decor. Invest in this functional and stylish Dog House Indoor today!


  • Solid construction with durable materials
  • Access through the roof opening is very useful
  • Huge size for your nesting rabbit


  • Not very seucure so be sure to use indoors
  • you will probably need to add a section for nesting
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Okay, not so natural looking. But choosing a plastic rabbit nest box will eliminate the cleaning difficulties posed by wooden nest boxes. Simply wipe them down when they get a little on the dirty side!

This nest box (okay, it’s actually for chickens, but it will work fine if your rabbits on the medium/smaller size) is a brilliant choice of plastic rabbit nest box. You can mount it on the side of your rabbit hutch, and it has a convenient entrance for your rabbit to venture in and out with ease.


Selecting a metal rabbit nest box is a brilliant choice, as they’re easy to clean and very durable. These metal nest boxes by KW Cages are crafted exactly for the purpose of rabbit nesting, and it comes in 5 sizes. So, no matter what size your furry friend is, they’ll have a nesting box that’s perfect.

So, while you can make your own nest boxes, most manufactured rabbit nest boxes will be crafted specifically with your pregnant rabbits’ needs in mind: they’ll be ventilated, have an entrance, and be properly sized.

More information: How to clean your rabbit nesting box

To clean your plastic or metal rabbit nesting box, simply scrub it with warm soapy water, and soak in a mild bleach solution for around 10 to 15 minutes (and obviously take your rabbit out, first!).

If you have a wood box, use a mild antibacterial spray and soapy water to scrub off any stubborn debris.

When should you put a nest box in rabbit cage?

Timing is paramount when it comes to putting your new nest box in your rabbit’s cage. Put it in too early, and your rabbits’ pregnancy hormones may not have kicked in, so she’ll likely end up chomping on the hay, and even possibly using it as a bathroom! Whoops.

If you know the exact date of conception (when your mamma rabbit “got busy” with her beau), aim to place the nest box inside her hutch around 28 days afterward. This doesn’t have to be exact, but you can make a rough estimate.

How big should a nesting box be for a rabbit?

Aside from making sure your new rabbit nest box fits through your hutch door (duh!) you’ll want it to be considerably larger than the dimensions of your mamma rabbit. Measure her from head to toe, and her width, then add 6″-7″ inches to that measurement. Viola, you’ve found your perfect nest box size!

The general rule is go for around 18″ long, 10″ wide, and 10″ tall. Your rabbit is pregnant, and she needs to be able to be comfortable and move freely. Remember, soon there’ll be little kits in the nest too, so they need plenty of space.

It’s good to know that the kits will spend a lot of their first few weeks nestled in their nest. After around 3 weeks, they’ll start to venture into the ‘outside world’ (read: their hutch), but will mostly return to the nest, where they feel safe, to sleep and rest.

Information on what you should put in a nesting box

In the bottom of your nest box, place around 1″ of pine shavings. In colder weather, add a little more. Then, fill the nest with straw. Like, completely. It’s helpful for your rabbit if you hollow out a little area for her initially, but usually, she’ll arrange things in the nest exactly the way she wants them.

Do rabbits need nesting boxes?

In short, yes. Rabbits, although domesticated, are instinctually prey animals. This means they won’t give birth unless they feel 100% at home and safe from any predators. So, you can see why a nest is super important.

Providing a nest box simulates the kind of environment they themselves would prepare in the wild. A safe, dark place, with no human contact (make sure you minimize contact with the baby rabbits, as mother rabbits are known to abandon their babies if they smell too much like humans!).

So, with our helpful guide, you should be good and ready to properly care for your pregnant rabbit. Of course, with great cuteness, comes great responsibility, and your rabbit looks to you to give her the optimal environment for birthing her little ones. So, make sure her kits have the absolute best start in life with a fabulous rabbit nesting box!

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