Best Rabbit Hay Feeder: Our Eight Favourite Picks of 2020

A great rabbit owner has one thing at the forefront of their mind: keeping their fluffy little friend happy and healthy for as long as possible. To achieve this, your bunny must eat tons of high-quality natural grass hay every single day. Picking the best rabbit hay feeder will help ensure your rabbit actually eats all of their hay, instead of wasting it as expensive bedding or, even worse, as a tool for making a huge mess 😀

But what’s the best hay feeder for my specific rabbit? What’s a good brand? And what features should I look for?

Don’t worry, we know it’s a tough choice! There are simply too many options out there, and your rabbit is probably pressuring you to make a good call with some very loud chewing. We know ours did! This is why we’re here to bring you these eight detailed reviews of the best rabbit hay feeders available online in 2020. One of these fantastic products is sure to be the perfect match for your rabbit and enclosure!

And just to help a little bit more, we’ve also pulled together a short buyer’s guide to rabbit hay feeders. It’s after the product reviews, but you can jump to it (or any other section) with our handy table of contents!

The 8 Best Rabbit Hay Feeders at a Glance

  1. andwe Standing Wooden Feeding Rack
  2. Kaytee Hay & Food Bin Feeder
  3. Pet Lodge Steel Feeder for Small Animals
  4. andwe Standing Cylindrical Hay Feeder with Cover
  5. Mkono Less Wasted Hay Manger
  6. Niteangel Wooden Hay Manger with Seat
  7. ASOCEA Hanging Bag Hay Feeder

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The Best Rabbit hay Feeder reviews

andwe Standing Wooden Feeding Rack


This is our favourite hay feeder for rabbits, and not only ours if you check its raving product reviews!
andwe has designed a beautiful hay rack made from durable birch wood that is perfectly safe for bunnies to chew on. It has a large, stable base and a removable top cover, which makes it breeze to refill and nearly impossible for pesky paws to open. We absolutely love its bottom tray that can double as a food bowl or a hay catcher. This will massively cut down on the mess in your bunny’s cage and save tons of wasted hay.
At 14.3 inches (36 cm) tall, this is one of the largest hay racks, so double-check that will fit in your enclosure.


  • Holds about 1 pound of hay, enough for even the hungriest rabbits
  • Attractive design for both you and your rabbit, who will love the challenge of getting to their hay
  • Very well made from rabbit-safe birch wood
  • Bottom tray functions as a food bowl for pellets and fresh food, or a mess-reducing hay catcher
  • Only takes a couple of minutes to assemble
  • Sturdy and heavy, so it can’t be knocked over easily


  • Pricy, but worth the investment if you can afford it

Kaytee Hay & Food Bin Feeder


This Kaytee combo feeder offers real bang for the buck!
With this product, you’ll be able to provide your rabbit with a clean supply of both hay and food. It is super easy to fill: fresh veggies and pellets go into the trough, whilst grass hay has its own built-in dispenser with narrow slats for easy munching access. This two-compartment design will also reduce the amount of food and hay that ends up wasted on the floor, saving you time and money.
Due to its relatively small size, this feeder is best suited for smaller or mid-size rabbits.


  • Phenomenal value
  • Stores rabbit pellets and hay in one compact, convenient location
  • Keeps your pet’s food off the floor, minimising mess and waste
  • Well-built from durable plastic and wood composite
  • Can stand or firmly hook on to any cage thanks to carabiner clips


  • Mottled design isn’t everyone’s cup of tea, and you can’t pick the colour when ordering/li>
  • Too small for large or very hungry bunnies

Pet Lodge Steel Feeder for Small Animals


The bronze medal goes to this excellent product from Miller Manufacturing.
This feeder is perfect for giving hay to rabbits and other small animals, but it can also be used for pellets and other foods. It has a large feed capacity and a well-fitted hinged lid to keep food securely inside. It also features gravity design that only dispenses hay little by little, stopping overeating and reducing waste.
The entire body of the hay feeder is made from heavy-gauge galvanised steel, making it chew-proof, rust-resistant and rugged enough to be used outside. But don’t worry about your bunnies cutting themselves as the trough area is rounded!


  • Exceptionally durable and well made
  • Can be used inside or outside
  • Holds plenty of hay or food
  • Easy to clean and use
  • Simple to install and attach to your cage thanks to independent wire hooks


  • Pricier than plastic (but cheaper than wood)
  • Can be difficult to refill when installed inside of an enclosure
  • Not the most stylish hay rack

andwe Standing Cylindrical Hay Feeder with Cover


Just narrowly missing out on the podium is this curious cylindrical wooden hay feeder that doubles as an engaging toy for bunnies!
Its produced by the same company, andwe, that makes our first placed wooden feeding rack. Although we preferred its larger brother due to its size and neat bottom tray, this barrel-shaped hay rack is a fantastic product with a lot of the same best-in-class advantages. It’s solidly constructed from rabbit-safe birch wood, it’s easy to fill and lock thanks to its removable top cover, and it’s a large feeder that holds over half a pound of hay!
We recommend this rabbit hay feeder for any sized rabbit or even multiple rabbits as it’s long enough for them to graze side by side.


  • Great design
  • Fun to play with and roll around
  • Plenty of storage space for hay
  • Sturdily built with untreated birch wood that’s safe to chew on
  • Doesn’t need to be mounted, so it will work in any enclosure


  • Quite expensive
  • Won’t resolve the mess in your rabbit’s cage because it scatters hay when it rolls

Mkono Less Wasted Hay Manger


Do your rabbits already have a food bowl that they love? Resolve your hay dispensing needs with this Mkono feeder for small animals!
It is an elegant sole purpose hay rack made from high-quality, non-toxic plastic and metal. It even comes with a steel-edged lip on the front of the bin to help prevent your rabbit chewing through the feeder. Its best feature is a spring-loaded metal grate that holds a generous amount of hay securely in place. Say goodbye to scattered hay as your rabbit will no longer be able to pick out more than they can eat!


  • Spring-loaded metal grate limits messes and wasted hay
  • Solid construction from heavy-duty plastic for enhanced durability
  • Easy to load and clean
  • No assembly required and easy installation thanks to its sturdy hanging clip


  • Fairly small-sized, which might mean frequent refills
  • Small springs at risk of being damaged if large rabbits pull on them

Niteangel Wooden Hay Manger with Seat


The last wooden rabbit hay feeder on our list is this small manger from Niteangel.
Compared to the other wooden hay feeders we’ve seen so far, its design is far more classical. Its most innovative characteristic is that the top lid is intended to double as a perch. It’s a great idea, but it’s up to your bunny to decide whether or not it’s comfortable to rest on this hay feeder. Rabbit knows best! Niteangel’s hay rack will also work wonders if your primary concern is keeping your rabbit’s hay fresh, clean and off the floor.


  • Less wasted hay thanks to reduced scattering on the floor
  • Made from rabbit-friendly plywood
  • Easy to mount to your cage or hutch
  • Well sanded and smooth for extra safety
  • Offers your rabbits seating


  • Quite small
  • Some customers complain about missing screws and weak hinges
  • Rabbits might learn how to open the lid and get into the top of the hay rack

ASOCEA Hanging Bag Hay Feeder


In seventh place, we find this guinea pig hay feeder that also works very well for most rabbits. It is completely different from the other hay racks on our list because it is made of a soft material: durable nylon with reinforced stitching. This makes it a hay bag rather than a hay rack, and this comes with both advantages and disadvantages.
The main benefit of the ASOCEA hay bag is that it is extra sensitive on small animal gums and teeth, so you won’t need to worry about cuts or scratches. It’s also far more spacious than the average rabbit hay feeder, minimising the time you spend refilling.
On the other hand, it just can’t cope with a heavy chewing rabbit despite its build quality. It could tear pretty quickly if your rabbit loves munching, so make sure to only pick this hay feeder if your rabbits are mild chewers!


  • No risk of tooth or gum injuries
  • Very spacious, holding plenty of hay
  • Easy to install, refill and carry
  • Cuts down on the amount of hay wasted and keeps your bunny cage mess-free
  • Strong velcro keeps your furry friend from getting inside the bag


  • Relatively pricey
  • Nylon won’t withstand heavy chewing rabbits

Ware Manufacturing Hay Rack


The very last rabbit hay feeder to squeeze into our top 8 list is this very simple metal hay rack from Ware Manufacturing.
If you’ve reached this point of the list and haven’t been convinced by any of the fancier hay feeders, then this one is the choice for you. But only if your enclosure has tightly spaced bars! If you have large spaces between your bars, then don’t pick this hay feeder! It will cause a huge mess with hay falling left and right even at the lightest touch.
If your cage has small spaces between its bars, then this large, durable and chew-proof hay feeder will unquestionably reduce wasted food and keep your cage cleaner. It’s also great for rabbits that regularly pull their feeders down off their hooks because it attaches on the outside of the cage.


  • Made from extremely durable galvanised metal
  • Holds enough hay for larger rabbits
  • Chew-proof and non-toxic
  • Simple design that hangs outside of any cage


  • Potential to be very messy on cages without tightly spaced bars
  • Difficult to remove product label
  • You can’t pick the colour when ordering

Buyer’s Guide to Rabbit Hay Feeders

Have you read through our list of top hay racks, but still aren’t quite sure which rabbit hay feeder is the one for you?

Then take a look through this short buyer’s guide and find out exactly what we consider when we review a rabbit hay feeder. You’ll then be able to apply our thinking to your decision and pick the perfect product for your fluffy pet!

Do I Really Need a Feeder?

A lot of people ask us this question when they first start shopping around.

Whilst you don’t necessarily need a hay feeder, we highly recommend you buy one. Why?

Good hay (like timothy hay) is quite expensive, especially when your little buddy is eating tons of it every day. So you surely won’t want your rabbits wasting hay or using it to make a mess! Enter rabbit hay feeders, the most cost-effective way to make sure hay is kept fresh, dry and off the floor.

Different Types of Hay Feeders

As most rabbit feeders share similar design and functionality, you should focus on their build material when you’re deciding on which one is right for you.

You’ll have the choice between wood, metal, plastic and fabric.

Wood and metal hay racks are best suited for heavy chewers due to their more resistant nature, whilst plastic and fabric (like nylon) are also excellent, cheaper choices if your rabbit is a light chewer. Wood and metal are also better indicated for use outside and are generally more durable.

What to Look for in a High-Quality Feeder

When reviewing a hay rack, we focus on these major questions.

  • Is it durable and chew-proof?
  • Can a rabbit easily access their food, but without making a mess?
  • How easy is it to remove, refill and clean?
  • Is the hay feeder compatible with most enclosures?
  • Is it designed to help protect a delicate bunny from injury?

In Conclusion

Thanks for reading through our article and we hope you’ve enjoyed our collection of the best rabbit hay feeders available in 2020.

Whichever hay rack you end up picking from our list, medalist or not, you are sure to receive a high-quality product that will guarantee fresh hay is available at all times for your rabbit. But before deciding on the perfect match for your home, ensure you’ve considered your individual rabbits and your enclosure carefully!

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