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Last Updated : July 18, 2022
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Rabbits make super pets – they’re cute and playful with tons of energy. Before you bring your rabbit home, you need to think about the best rabbit hutch for your new pet. Some people keep their rabbits in outdoor rabbit hutches and that’s okay as long as they are safe from the elements and predators.

There are some reasonably cheap rabbit cages available to suit most pockets. However, rabbits make excellent pets for indoors too! Check out this article to find out all you need to know.

Rabbits in a wooden hutch

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Bunny basics

If you’ve started looking for suitable rabbit hutches, you will know how many choices there are. Feeling slightly bamboozled? No wonder. Should you opt for an indoor rabbit house or consider outdoor rabbit cages? Do you need to think about rabbit cage plans or even a DIY rabbit cage? Let’s take a look at the basic principles of what makes an ideal home – these can incorporate a rabbit hutch outdoor or even an indoor rabbit cage.

The Best Rabbit Hutch – At a glance

Home or away?

In other words, think about whether you want your rabbit to live in the house with you, or in a rabbit hutch outdoors. With an indoor rabbit house, your rabbit is part of the family unit – it’s wise to bear in mind that rabbits are very social animals.

If they live in the house with you, they receive regular interaction including play, affection, and mental stimulus – a holistic approach to overall rabbit health. If you prefer to keep your rabbit outdoors, you will need to think about protection from weather extremes and predators. Indoors or outdoors are fine, and your decision will depend on your circumstances.

  • Indoors – A rabbit-proof area/room.
  • Outdoors – A cage/hutch that is weather and predator proof.

The best Rabbit Hutch for indoors

If you decide to keep your Rabbits indoors, then you’ll be looking to maximize the space your pet has, without compromising too much of your own living space! there are plenty of versatile options available to you, providing both space and comfort, whilst allowing you to interact with your bunnies! So what is the best rabbit cage?

Ferplast Krolik Rabbit Cage

Ferplast Krolik Rabbit Cage

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The extra-large Krolik rabbit cage is an ideal choice if you are keeping your pet rabbits indoors.
Each extra-large rabbit cage comes with the wire extension plus all of the accessories you need to make a perfect habitat for your rabbit including a hay feeder, large water bottle, feeding bowl & an elevated feeding area so your rabbit has a clean area to eat/drink from.
This rabbit cage is easy to assembly with no tools required, includes an easy-to-clean 5.5″ deep plastic base that contains litter inside the rabbit’s home & has a powder coated wire top to ensure this cage will last!
This rabbit cage provides your pet with a large living area for maximum comfort & a full front door / side doors for easy cleaning or access to your rabbit. The wire extension portion of the rabbit cage comes with a divider panel to separate it from the rest of the cage and is an ideal place for nesting.

Manufacturers Specs and Features

  • Large rabbit and guinea pig habitat, patented save-space design, easy to assemble. Eco-friendly product made from sturdy recycled plastic.
  • Bottom with a special flared shape to offer more living space to your animals, wire made of sturdy varnished metal
  • Detachable house-nest made of wood. Complete with: hay feeder, drinking bottle, bowl and house.
  • Large front door that can be opened for quick maintenance operations
  • Overall dimensions: 142 x 60 x h 50 cm


  • All the accessories you need to get started
  • good build quality
  • Excellent access options
  • easy to assemble
  • Great for interacting with your pets
  • Large for an indoor cage


  • The plastic base could be made from a stronger material, but is robust enough
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Aivituvin Rabbit Hutch Indoor and Outdoor Bunny Cage

Ferplast Krolik Rabbit Cage

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This is a great option if you are looking to Keep your rabbits either indoors or outdoors, or both! It is easy to move around due to the addition of the plastic casters, which are also lockable to prevent any movement once in the right place.
There is plenty of access for cleaning, including a removable bedding area tray. .
The manufacturer recommends that this would be suitable for 2-3 rabbits, we would suggest 2 max due to the size, but there is plenty of room for exercise and rest.

Manufacturers Specs and Features

  • [Metal Wire Netting] For the bottom tray, there is additional, detachable metal wire netting to prevent bunnies from standing on their waste. Your rabbit home is quite simple to clean.
  • [No Leak Trays] Also, we have 1.8'' depth thicker plastic no leak tray that will not leak and plywood will not go mouldy easily.
  • [Sliding Door] To separate the up and down area, we have an extra sliding door that can be opened and closed.
  • [Materials] This rabbit cage is made up of higher quality metal open roof hinge, stronger stainless steel casters, unique locks, and proprietary latches for longer use.
  • [After Sales Service Support] If you have any issues or questions regarding our product, contact us freely. We are always ready to help.


  • Build Quality is good
  • Easy to assemble
  • You can move the cage around on wheels!
  • Easy to clean and interact with your pet
  • Plenty of room for 1-2 rabbits
  • Weatherproof asphalt roof
  • Good to look at


  • Rabbits have to be removed to clean… they should get out more anyway!
  • Minor imperfections with the wood construction. Not a show stopper for us!
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The best rabbit hutch for Outdoors

If you have access to a safe and secure outside space, then keeping your rabbits outside is a good option.

Not only will you be able to provide your bunnies with more room for living, play, and exercise, but you will also find it is less of a messy operation when cleaning their living quarters. Some of the best outdoor rabbit hutches have been reviewed below for your convenience.

PawHut Backyard Wooden Coop Style Rabbit Hutch

PawHut Backyard Wooden Coop Style Rabbit Hutch

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This chicken coop style hutch is an ideal residence for your family pet. Made from a high quality fir, this rabbit hutch is built to last even in the most testing of environments.
It features a nesting box, which is ideal for sleeping, as well as a substantial run for play and exercise. The ample living quarters are great for when shelter is required.
Access to the hutch is really good, with a number of doors and openings to help with cleaning and interacting with your rabbit. The retractable tray underneath the living quarters is a really handy feature, and will save you plenty of time when cleaning the hutch.
Non slip rungs on the access ramp provides a safe and secure access for your rabbits in all weather.
All in all, if you have the space, this is a top quality hutch, which will house a couple of rabbits more than comfortably.

Manufacturers Specs and Features

  • ✅PORTABLE COMPACT FOOTPRINT: Its compact, low footprint design easily fits a smaller space. This outdoor rabbit playpen makes it possible to give your furry friend time outside without sacrificing a whole lot of room!
  • ✅WIRE-STYLE ENCLOSURE: With its many screened walls there is tons of ventilation for your animals to be able to enjoy the outdoors while staying protected from predators.
  • ✅EASY ACCESS DESIGN: There are 3 easy to open doors to gain quick access to your pets, one is able to open up the outer run area and the other is to open the inner loft area. The large main living area has a removable pull-out tray to make cleaning simple and quick.
  • ✅INDOOR AND OUTDOOR PROTECTION: This rabbit starter kit hutch has a sturdy steel wire outdoor run for your pets to run around as well as an enclosed space for them to be able to sleep indoors. The solid fir wood construction coated with safe, non-toxic water-based paint ensures long-lasting use for your furry friends.
  • ✅OVERALL DIMENSIONS: 52.5" L x 24.5" W x 39" H


  • Quality Materials
  • All weather resistant
  • Excellent access options
  • Plenty of room for sleep, play and exercise
  • Great for interacting with your pets


  • There are cheaper hutches, but well worth the expense for the quality of product
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New Age Pet Huntington Rabbit Hutch

New Age Pet Huntington Rabbit Hutch

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The New Age Pet Huntington Townhouse Rabbit Hutch is an ideal home for your pet. There is ample space so there is plenty of room to move around. Twin living areas. Lower level provides access to grass and a cool shady area important in warm weather. Easy ramp access to the upper level from the ground. The 18 gauge wire in the pen is galvanized after welding to minimize places where rust can begin and keeps unwanted critters out. Pen front opens easily for access. 1-Year Manufacturer’s Warranty.

Manufacturers Specs and Features

  • Enclosed side burrowing area
  • Interior dimensions: 31.5 in. L x 35.4 in. W x 16 in. H
  • Pull out drawer for easy cleaning.Material: Acrylic/Plastic
  • Made using eco Flex, a composite of recycled polymers and wood by products
  • Natural cedar color


  • Quality Materials
  • All weather resistant
  • Excellent access options
  • Plenty of room for sleep, play and exercise
  • Good access for cleaning and interacting with your pet


  • Cost – although this will probably be the only hutch you’ll ever need so we think its well worth the outlay.
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The best Rabbit hutch on a budget

If you are on a budget, have no fear! there are still plenty of excellent options available to give your bunny a great home we have reviewed some of the best budget rabbit cages for you here.

Aivituvin Outdoor Rabbit Hutch

Aivituvin Outdoor Rabbit Hutch

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The Aivituvin Outdoor Rabbit Hutch is down the lower end of the scale in terms of cost, but offers some good features if you are on a budget.
There is a good access options, with removable lid, and front door, as well as a removable cleaning tray which can be taken out without moving your bunny courtesy of an additional wire mesh above the tray.

There are separate compartments for sleeping and exercise, although we recommend that your bunny has regular access to an additional safe space for exercise due to the size of this hutch.

Build quality is what you would expect from a budget option – not the best. But you do get what you pay for, and with most issues can be resolved with a bit of DIY, or a call to the manufacturer’s customer service team.

All in all, if you are on a tight budget, and only looking to house 1 small bunny, then this hutch should definitely be one for consideration.

Manufacturers Specs and Features

  • ★ The Latest Upgrade: Extra metal wire pan above the tray so bunny will not standing on their poop. Give your rabbit safe and comfortable outdoor home.
  • ★ Rabbit hutch with DEEPER pull out tray that won’t leak off. Thanks to the metal wire pan, tray can be clean anytime without move the bunny.
  • ★ Size: 35.8''L x 18.1''W x 28''H provide enough space for 1-2 small bunny, guinea pigs, hamsters and other small animals, no weight limit. 2 access door and ramp for easy access.
  • ★ Perfect indoor bunny hutch with inside divider to separate the playing and sleeping area well.
  • ★ Attractive and functional bunny cage is easy assembly with pre-drilled holes. FREE rabbit chewing toy include.


  • Budget price
  • Good size fopr indoor hutch
  • Good access
  • Removable tray for cleaning
  • Good access for cleaning and interacting with your pet


  • Build quality is what you would expect from a cheaper hutch
  • Reports of leaking toilet tray
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Indoor rabbit proof area

If you’re keeping your rabbit in the house, there are a few options for indoor rabbit cages – you can place an indoor rabbit hutch in a designated area, rabbit-proof a room or set up an area enclosed by a pen. There are no hard and fast rules and you’ll know the best options that fit your home environment.

  • Indoor rabbit cages: Make sure the design has a door that enables your rabbit free access/exit when open.
  • Free-roaming: A room with an area set up with food/water, toys, a place to sleep/hide, litter, and hay boxes.
  • A pen: Ensure it’s not too low to prevent escape and it has a suitable surface.

Space and more space!

The bottom line for any type of rabbit cage or hutch is space. There are lots of fancy enclosures on the market but the rabbit only cares about how much room it has to exercise, stretch and have fun.

You’ll need a rabbit cage or hutch that is at least four times the size of your rabbit – if you purchase a baby rabbit factor in its growth. Rabbits need ample space to dig, hop and stretch – they are very inquisitive and should be able to explore safely, with a place to hide.

You’ll also need to have sufficient space for essentials like water/food bowls, a sleeping area, litter, and hay boxes. The rabbit cage size is integral to your rabbit’s health and well-being.

The Best Rabbit Hutch - Helpful buying guide and top 5 hutch reviews


The average rabbit cage/rabbit hutch is usually made of wood, wire, or plastic.

Wooden hutches should be weatherproof, although these can be harder to clean. If you are buying a cage or hutch with a wire base, you’ll need to cover it with a material that’s kinder on your rabbit’s feet/hocks – wood is best, or even cardboard and non-slip household mats.

Although wire bases are intended to capture detritus in the metal litter pan underneath, they just aren’t suitable surfaces for rabbits.

What are the best rabbit hutch options?

Here are some of the more popular types of rabbit cages and hutches on the market right now. Consider plenty of space, protection and a place to hide as your primary requirements over aesthetics!

We’ve included an example of an indoor rabbit area, plus some of the cages/hutches can be used inside.

Rabbit cage and hutch Types

Chicken Coop Design rabbit cage

These are popular options due to their versatility. The wood is weatherproofed and durable in case of nibbling/chewing, plus the sloping roof allows water run-off. They are suitable for indoors and outdoors – insert heavy-duty cardboard at the base to collect detritus.

When opened, the front door feature allows the rabbit to come and go if supervised/in a safe environment. The ramp feature offers exercise plus access to a place to sleep and/or hide. Sizes vary so always go for the bigger option.

Puppy Playpen Design rabbit cage

rabbits in a playpen run

An animal playpen isn’t just for small canines, it can be used for small pets like rabbits. Materials vary – the most common are mesh panels, but wooden designs are on the market.

They are ideal for an indoor rabbit as they often have no base – you will need to add a suitable surface, such as wood or cardboard that can be removed/replaced for cleaning.

The playpen needs to be a decent size to accommodate your rabbit’s exercise needs plus bowls, hay and litter boxes, toys, etc. There should also be a place to hide and/or sleep.

An important caveat is the size of the mesh panels – they need to be small enough so a rabbit can’t squeeze its head through and get stuck, and high enough so the rabbit can’t escape.

Single Storey Design rabbit cage

This is the traditional rabbit hutch that most people are familiar with. This outdoor rabbit hutch design was popular for keeping rabbits that were destined for the cooking pot.

Easy to maintain and situated in gardens, they still retain their popularity but only for keeping pet rabbits these days! This kind of outdoor rabbit hutch is good for housing rabbits living outside, but they don’t offer that much space compared to other designs.

Attaching a run or pen is workable, however – your rabbit has shelter and safety, with access to exercise and fresh air outside of the hutch.

DIY Design rabbit cage

If you’re handy with a hammer, you might want to go for your own diy rabbit hutch using rabbit cage wire. Draw up your own rabbit hutch plans to create a bespoke residence for your pet – something that suits your rabbit’s needs and your finances. There’s lots of information on the web to get you started on your diy rabbit hutch project. We found this really useful page on how to build your own rabbit cage.

Finals Thoughts

Thanks for making it to the end of our article – we appreciate your attention!

We genuinely hope that our guide has helped you evaluate the best rabbit carrier options on the market and come to the right decision.

Before we say goodbye, let’s give our three medalists one final shout out:

These excellent products should definitely be your first port of call if you’re in the market for a rabbit cage.

Now all that’s left for us to say is good luck and happy rabbit keeping!

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