Best Rabbit Brush: Reviewing Our Ten Favorite Products of 2020

Last Updated : July 18, 2022
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As you’ve made it to our best rabbit brush article, you surely know the importance of properly grooming your rabbit

To keep their fur coats looking lush and healthy, you’ll need to invest in a quality rabbit brush. It will protect your bunny from annoying, painful conditions like matted fur and skin infections, whilst saving you time and effort. A good brush will also transform grooming sessions into stress-free, powerful bonding experiences!

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Apart from researching and reviewing the ten best brushes for rabbits, we’ve also gone to the trouble of writing a short buyer’s guide. It will help answer some of the most common questions about rabbit brushes and grooming, just in case you are feeling uncertain about what to buy. We’ve placed it after the product reviews, but you’re welcome to skip straight to it with our convenient table of contents!

At a glance – Our Top 10 Rabbit Brushes as featured in this review

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Now let’s start reviewing!

2020’s Ten Best Rabbit Brushes

Pet Republique Dematting Comb for Rabbits

Pet Republique Dematting Comb for Rabbits
Amazon Prime
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This is the best brush for rabbits that we’ve tried to date! Pet Republique has done a phenomenal job!

The Dematting Comb cuts through loose hair and fur clumps with ease thanks to its sharp steel blades… but don’t worry, it’ll never put your bunny at risk! The teeth have rounded tips that are super delicate on rabbit skin.

Our absolute favorite product feature is the non-slip, ergonomic handle that stops hand cramps and fatigue.

Manufacturers Specs and Features

  • BEST MATS AND TANGLES REMOVER! - The dual sided 12+23 teeth designed matt breaker / detangler give you the best result of de-matting for even the longest and densest coats of dogs, cats, rabbits, long haired breed pets. The 12 teeth side for stubborn tangles and the 23 teeth side for faster results or thinning and de-shedding.
  • SAFE & PLEASANT! - The dematting tool's blades are very sharp on the inside but rounded on the outer edge. This design provides much safer experience than the traditional sickle shape mat combs, and it recommended for pets with sensitive skin. The non-slip and ergonomically designed handles provide fast effortless cuts.
  • GREAT VALUE & 100% SATISFACTION! –30 Days money back guarantee and one year warranty. Just contact us if you have any question, or if you are not satisfied for any reason and we will replace it or issue you a full refund. This tool is de-matting comb, de-shedding tool & undercoat rake all at the same time. Clear instruction is printed at the back of the package.
  • HELP SAVE OTHER ANIMALS! - When you buy any product from the Pet Republique (Seller), we will donate 15% of the profits to the American Animal Rescue Society, where rescued abandoned dogs and cats are homed and loved.
  • HIGH QUALITY! - Our stainless steel teeth are strong and sharp to last for years. These de-shedding brush / undercoat rake are quality controlled during the process of manufacturing; parts will not be loose or fall apart. Making this the best de-matting comb for dogs, cats, and all furry friends.


  • A dual-purpose tool with a 12-toothed side for breaking up mats and a 23-toothed side for thinning out fur
  • Smaller version available with 6+11 teeth – perfect for dwarf rabbits or young bunnies
  • Excellent value for money
  • Very comfortable to use
  • Extremely well-made
  • 15% of Pet Republique profits are donated to the American Animal Rescue Society
  • 30-day money-back guarantee and one-year warranty


  • You might struggle if your rabbit is already heavily matted (but most products would,… remember, prevention is the name of the game!)
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Poodle Pet Self-Cleaning Rabbit Slicker Brush

Poodle Pet Self-Cleaning Rabbit Slicker Brush
Amazon Prime
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This innovative product from Poodle Pet was very nearly the best brush on our list… only Pet Republique’s incredible build quality beat it to first place!

This slicker brush’s self-cleaning design really sets it apart from all the other options we’ve picked. With a simple touch of a button, the stainless steel grooming pins retract and leave the collected hair loose on the brush head. Then all it takes is one swift wipe and you’re done!

If you hate cleaning up, then this is the brush for you!

But it isn’t just easy to clean, this slicker brush is also durable, lightweight, and effective. It’ll easily untangle mats and remove excess hair and dirt thanks to small, flexible bristles.

Manufacturers Specs and Features

  • #1 DOG AND CAT BRUSH - Best rated in 2023 by Hepper and by many more, and trusted by millions of pet owners.
  • DETANGLES & SLICKS: The fine-toothed stainless steel pins reach deep into your pet's fur in order to break up tangles, remove knots, demattify & eliminate debris. The result is a gorgeous coat full of healthy shine.
  • EASY PRESS BUTTON: With each passing stroke, the soft metal comb slicker brush collects loose pet hair. Simply press the button to have the retractable blade dispense the hair buildup right before your eyes!
  • ERGONOMIC HANDLE: Enhanced with a textured non-slip plastic handle, the self clean pet brush is safe to use on pets with all hair types. Use it as a poodle slicker brush, a pomeranian slicker brush or a yorkie slicker brush.
  • HOLED FOR HANGING: You'll of course need a way to store the slicking brush when not in use, which is why we have finished it with a convenient hanging hole. Can't hang it? No problem. Slip it in a drawer!


  • Unbelievably easy to clean (if you hadn’t gotten it yet 😀)
  • Effective at untangling fur and collecting loose hair
  • Ergonomic handle with a thumb rest for increased comfort
  • Hanging hole for easy storage
  • Great value for money
  • Suitable for all furry animals


  • Too big for smaller rabbits – best suited for medium-to-large-sized breeds
  • Bristles slightly on the harsh side
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Small Pet Select HairBuster Comb – Deshedding Tool for Rabbits

Small Pet Select HairBuster Comb - Deshedding Tool for Rabbits
Amazon Prime
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Squeezing onto the last step of the podium is Small Pet Select’s HairBuster Comb for Small Animals!

Being manufactured by such a well-established brand all but guarantees impressive build quality and the use of prime materials. However, unfortunately, it also translates into a high price tag.

If you can afford to spend a little more, then you won’t be disappointed!

The comb’s unique design, featuring round tips and a patented fur catching band, ensures that this grooming tool can ‘de-fur’ and ‘de-shed’ even the thickest of rabbit coats. As you brush, it will also massage your rabbit’s skin, increasing blood flow, and stimulating the fur regeneration process.

Manufacturers Specs and Features

  • Controls Shedding: Easily and quickly takes care of shedding, molting and everyday grooming needs. The HairBuster is an excellent remover of any thick, matted fur as well as quick combings in thin, short fur in need of a touch up. Tines gently massage skin to evenly distribute oils through hair for a shiny coat while preventing hairball issues.
  • Gentle on Skin: Have you ever run your current brush or comb over your own arm? Some pet combs can be very sharp and prickly causing irritation to delicate bunny skin. No wonder some of our pets run at the sight of a brush! Ensure a comfortable grooming experience with the gently rounded tines of the HairBuster comb and have your pet voluntarily coming back for more.
  • Variety of Pets: The gentle nature of this comb design and its ability to work effectively on both thin and thick undercoats makes this an ideal tool for a variety of pets. No more juggling a drawer full of specialty deshedding instruments for each member of your furry household. This one comb is safe for rabbits, guinea pigs, cats and dogs.
  • Easy to Clean: Slicker brushes can be so difficult to clean! Our pet hair comb is easy to keep in tip-top shape. Just pull visible pet hair off of the tines after grooming. For thorough cleaning, simply remove the rubber sleeve and run the comb under warm water.
  • Durable Construction: Crafted with carbon steel and brass with nickel and chrome plating. The wooden handle is designed for a comfortable grip while the unique rubber sleeve ensures that the comb locks onto any loose, dead and tangled pet hair lurking in your pet's undercoat.


  • Extraordinary at removing hair thanks to its patented fur catching band – ideal for a heavy shedder and/or a long-haired rabbit
  • Very gentile on rabbit skin
  • Comfortable handle made from painted wood
  • Comb built from quality stainless steel
  • Includes a 100% satisfaction guarantee from Small Pet Select


  • Not all rabbits like to be brushed with a comb
  • Pricier than the competition
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Safari Grooming Comb for Cats & Small Animals

Safari Grooming Comb for Cats & Small Animals
Amazon Prime
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Despite being primarily targeted at cat owners, the Safari Grooming Comb can also be used to brush rabbits without any issues!

In fact, it’s an excellent value alternative to the HairBuster comb we just reviewed. For considerably less money, you can get your hands on a very similarly designed comb that still delivers great grooming performance.

Don’t get us wrong though, you’ll need to compromise a little on build quality and performance, as the HairBuster is a superior product. But if value is the most important thing to you, then this is your comb!

Manufacturers Specs and Features

  • Cat Brush for Shedding: Remove unwanted flying fur and keep your cat's coat looking smooth and shiny
  • Wide-Toothed Grooming Cat Comb: The Comb features metal teeth, rounded tips to prevent irritation
  • Dual-Length Cat Comb: Long teeth act as an undercoat rake, while short teeth collect loose fur
  • Cat Brush for Indoor Pet: This brush prevents hairballs and enhances your cat's natural beauty
  • Coastal Pet Cares: We design and deliver quality products that people trust for the pets they love


  • Blunt, rounded teeth that won’t hurt rabbits
  • Staggered comb design for better removal of undercoat hair
  • Works great for both long and short-haired breeds
  • Comfortable, contoured wooden handle
  • Very well priced


  • Not all rabbits like to be brushed with this comb
  • Mediocre build quality
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PETPAWJOY Slicker Brush for Rabbit Grooming

PETPAWJOY Slicker Brush for Rabbit Grooming
Amazon Prime
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Next up is this slicker brush for rabbits from PETPAWJOY.

It’s a solid choice for rabbit grooming as it is equipped with many small, flexible bristles that gently brush away unwanted loose hair, dirt, dander, and knots without scratching your rabbit.

A neat trick about this brush is that its head can rotate a full 360° and lock in multiple positions. This will make it much easier to brush a lazy bunny that doesn’t want to budge as you struggle to groom them.

Manufacturers Specs and Features

  • SLICKER BRUSH FOR CAT DOG - Gently removes loose undercoat, eliminates tangles, knots, dander and trapped dirt, perfect cat dog deshedding brush, fits long and short hair coat.
  • ROTATABLE DOG BRUSH - turn this dog grooming brush pins in "^" shape, you can use it for grooming; in "V" shape, for massaging, suitable for yorkie poodles puppy and other pet.
  • CAT DOG MASSAGE BRUSH - Doing massage for your pet is good for preventing skin disease and increasing blood circulation.
  • GROOMING BRUSH - Grooming Brush is really able to groom the undercoat well without scratching your pet's skin. Practical grooming brush for yorkie maltese guinea pig rabbit and other pet.
  • PET MASSAGE BRUSH - massage for your pet is good for preventing skin disease,Massaging particles won't scratch your pet,and increasing blood circulation.


  • Good performance
  • Bristles coated with soft, white tips
  • Can be used to massage a rabbit
  • Hanging hole for easy storage
  • Affordable price


  • Made from mediocre materials
  • Coated ends can fall off or slide down the bristles, resulting in a scratchy brush
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DELE Massage Brush

DELE Massage Brush

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Are you worried that metal combs and brushes might hurt your rabbit’s skin?

Then the DELE Massage Brush is the best option on the market!

It’s made from super-soft silicone bristles that are easy to clean and 100% rustproof. Despite not being as effective as harder materials, this brush is still firm enough to properly groom your bunny. All it takes is a little more patience and effort… a worthy trade-off if your rabbit’s skin is super sensitive!

Manufacturers Specs and Features


  • Gently massages as it removes excess hair
  • Ergonomic, anti-slip handle covered in 5mm of silicone gel
  • Very easy to clean
  • Comes in both pink and blue
  • Can be used to clean fleece rabbit bedding


  • Not as good at removing hair as the other brushes for rabbits in this article
  • Doesn’t help untangle mats
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Ware Manufacturing Small Animal Grooming Kit

Ware Manufacturing Small Animal Grooming Kit
Amazon Prime
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This is a great choice for new rabbit owners or anyone looking to give an inexpensive gift.

The best thing about the Ware Manufacturing Grooming Kit is that you’ll receive a pin brush, a bristle brush, nail clippers, and a wooden chew toy… all for the same price as a single brush from other brands. That’s incredible value!

But remember that this product isn’t in the same quality class as the other brushes on our list. It won’t last as long or look as good, but you’ll still be able to keep your rabbit’s fur coat in tip-top condition.

Manufacturers Specs and Features

  • Safe and effective coat care tools
  • Reduces shedding and prevents hairballs
  • Promotes a natural luster to your pets fur
  • Helps build the bond between pets & owners
  • Includes Pin Brush to reduce shedding, Bristle Brush to make fur shine, and Nail Clippers


  • Fantastic value
  • Full grooming kit for the price of a brush
  • Perfect size for grooming rabbits
  • Also includes a wooden chew toy
  • Great as a starter kit


  • Cheap build quality
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Hertzko Double Sided Pin and Bristle Brush

Hertzko Double Sided Pin and Bristle Brush
Amazon Prime
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Hertzko earned themselves a place on our list of the best brushes for rabbits with a double-sided tool that wasn’t even designed with bunnies in mind. Speak about versatility!

We love the comfortable, anti-slip grip and the durable materials used to build the brush. Whenever you pick it up, you’ll immediately feel reassured that you’ve made the right choice buying it!

You can use the side with wire pins to untangle mats and knots in your little friend’s fur, whilst the stiff bristles will come in handy when you want to brush them.

Manufacturers Specs and Features

  • Gentle & Safe – Pins are manufactured with Rounded Ends so it won’t damage or scratch your pet’s skin
  • Your Pet Will Not Only 'Look' Good But 'Feel' Great Too! - Our Dog Brush grooms and massages for a healthy coat, increasing blood circulation and leaves your pet's coat soft and shiny; Your Pet will love being brushed!
  • Comfortable, Strong & Durable- Our Double Sided Brush is especially designed with a Comfort- Grip and Anti-Slip Handle, which prevents hand and wrist strain no matter how long you brush your pet!
  • GENTLE & SAFE - Pins are manufactured with ROUNDED ENDS so it won't damage or scratch your pet's skin


  • Comfortable and durable
  • Double-sided with a pin brush on one side and a bristle comb on the other
  • Great for massaging
  • Pins have rounded ends, so they won’t injure your rabbit


  • There’s only one, but it’s rather important. This fantastic brush isn’t higher up on our list because it was specifically designed for dogs and cats. This means it’s rather big and only suited to medium-large or large rabbit breeds. Don’t buy one if you own a dwarf rabbit!
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Anysun Grooming Brush with Ozone Sterilization and Deodorization

Anysun Grooming Brush with Ozone Sterilization and Deodorization

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This Anysun brush is by far the most high-tech product that we’ve tested on our rabbit.

Its unique selling point is that it uses ozone technology to sterilize and deodorize your rabbit as you groom them and brush out hair from their undercoats. This will not only keep their fur looking healthy, but it’ll also reduce the chance of infections and diseases in an eco-friendly way.

It’s conveniently powered by a rechargeable battery with a Type C to USB cable, so you won’t need to worry about buying batteries.

Manufacturers Specs and Features

  • [ Ozone Sterilization and Deodorization ] - When combing your pets’ fur, the massage comb can quickly generate ozone O3 and reach your pets skin which keeps away any harmful bacteria or viruses that is living on the fur of your pet. As ozone has the strong oxidation that will dissociate and denaturalize protein, reducing the activity of nucleic acid and enzyme.
  • [ Great for Grooming and Massage ] - It comes with smooth edges and rounded teeth, easy to hold and gentle comb teeth for brushing. Use it to remove hair and eliminate knots, dander, and trapped dirt without hurt your pet. Your kitten, puppy, cat, dog, or senior pet will love the feel of grooming and massage.
  • [ Rechargeable and Quiet Operation ] - Equipped with 500mAh rechargeable battery and Type-C charging interface, it can be charged by most power sources with Type C to USB cable. This pet comb is quiet without scaring your pets away when combing and massaging pet's fur and undercoat.
  • [ Certified Gentle and Safe ]- Our Ozone Pet Odor Eliminator is free of any harmful chemicals and no residue is left behind. Weighing only 7 ounces makes it easy to handle and use. Portable and travel size for ease of transport.
  • [ Not an Ordinary Brush, Something Better ]- Your pets can pick up bacteria and viruses on there coat in bring it inside the house. Our Ozone Smart Brush is ideal to eliminate any potential harmful bacteria by using O3 from the Ozone generator which also help get rid of odor. Get rid of your house having any pet odor and keep your dogs and cats having healthier fur. Use 2~3 times per week for 15 minutes each session.It is also safe for pets with allergies or wounds.


  • Kills potentially harmful bacteria and leaves your bunnies smelling great
  • Free from chemicals
  • Very quiet
  • Smooth edges and rounded brush teeth
  • Comb head detaches for easy cleaning
  • Also great for dogs and cats


  • Most expensive brush on our list
  • Not as good at removing hair as a brush or comb with metal bristles
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Dasksha Rabbit Grooming Kit

Dasksha Rabbit Grooming Kit

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The very last product to make our list of the best rabbit brushes is a very unorthodox grooming kit from Dasksha.

You’ll receive two tools: a grooming glove and a handheld rabbit brush.

The glove is made from soft silicone and is ideal for your weekly grooming sessions. It will gently remove loose fur and give your rabbit a pleasant massage.

The brush is best suited for shedding periods when you’ll need a bit more power to remove all the extra fur. Just slide it onto your hand, tighten the strap, and brush away with the sturdy, rubber-tipped metal bristles.

Manufacturers Specs and Features

  • 🐰Satisfaction Guarantee - If you’re not totally happy with your rabbit grooming set, we will fully refund you - no questions asked.
  • 🐰Gentle - Both the deshedding hand comb and bunny glove have gentle, flexible needles that won't hurt your bunny.
  • 🐰Effective - This rabbit grooming kit has two tools: start with the bunny comb for shedding, whose longer bristles provide a deep deshedding experience (not all bunnies require this), and then follow up with the Gentle Grooming Glove to remove the top layer of loose fur.
  • 🐰Washable - Both rabbit supplies are 100% washable, making them some of the best, most convenient bunny supplies on the market.
  • 🐰Sizing - The hand comb is adjustable to fit all hand sizes; the glove is right-handed, and has an adjustable wrist strap


  • Two products for the price of one
  • Turns grooming into cuddling, ideal for rabbits that hate being brushed
  • Very gentle
  • 100% washable
  • Comes with a money-back guarantee


  • Grooming is messier than with a brush as the hair falls off the glove
  • Rabbits might chew and destroy the glove
  • Won’t remove as much hair as a traditional brush
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Buyer’s Guide to Brushes for Rabbits

Not sure whether you actually need a rabbit brush? Or which one to pick for your fluffy friend?

Don’t sweat it:

We’ve created this short guide to help you pick the perfect brush for your rabbit… and, whilst we’re at it, we’ll also talk about the most important aspects of bunny grooming.

Do I Really Need to Buy a Rabbit Brush?

YES! It’s fundamental to keeping fur healthy and beautiful!

What Are the Benefits of Using a Brush for Rabbits?

Brushing has a myriad of benefits, as it:

  • Prevents gastrointestinal blockage.
  • Protects delicate skin from irritation, infection, or loss of blood supply.
  • Reduces the risks of eye infections.
  • Ensures a soft and shiny coat.
  • Helps to form a strong, loving bond with the owner.

What Should I Look for in a Rabbit Brush?

You’ll need to carefully consider the following questions:

  • What material do you prefer for your brush? Metal, plastic, silicone, or wood?
  • Are the bristles stiff enough to remove loose hair, but safe enough not to injure your rabbit?
  • Does the handle look comfortable enough?
  • Is the brush appropriately sized for your rabbit?
  • Is the brush durable enough to justify its price?
  • How easy to clean is it? Do you need a self-cleaning brush?

Is There a Secret to Brushing Rabbits?

Not at all… the most important thing is that you dedicate enough time to grooming your rabbit.. and that you follow these simple tips:

  • Brush them at least once a week, but ideally twice or thrice, to stop mats from forming and to reduce the amount of hair they swallow.
  • Up the grooming sessions to once a day during shedding season (trust us you’ll notice when it starts)
  • Slowly and gently brush in the direction of hair growth to avoid ripping out fur and hurting your bun.
  • Check your rabbit’s nails, ears, feet, and scent glands as you groom to make sure they’re fully healthy.

Concluding Thoughts

Pat yourself on the back, you know everything there is to know about rabbit brushes and grooming! 🐰🖌

You are ready to make a choice.

Which brush will it be? Rest assured that if you pick one of the ten products we’ve reviewed today, you’ll receive a high-quality brush fit for pampering your little ball of fluff. For a match made in heaven, consider your bunny’s personality and needs before making up your mind.

All that’s left now is to order your favorite one for your bunny and get brushing, stroking, grooming, and bonding! To help, here is a reminder of our Top 3.

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