The best hamster water bottle to buy right now

Hamster Water bottles – All you need to know

A supply of fresh, clean water is critical to the health and wellbeing of your pet. Hamsters are very susceptible to dehydration so it is important for us as responsible hamster owners to ensure our buddies have access to a water at all times. This guide covers the considerations when deciding on the best hamster water bottle. We have also reviewed some of the best hamster water bottles out there at the moment to help with your decision!

The Best Hamster Water Bottles – At a Glance

  1. Choco Nose H125 Patented No Drip Hamster Water Bottle
  2. Kordon Oasis Bell Bottle
  3. Living World Eco + Water Bottle
  4. Kaytee Chew Proof Water Bottle

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Hamsters and dehydration

Hamsters are vulnerable to dehydration, and will not usually survive longer than a couple of days without access to a fresh, clean water supply. This is accelerated further when the hamster is exercising, where signs of dehydration can be evident after as little as 30 minutes of vigorous exercise such as a wheel or exercise ball.

Signs of dehydration in hamsters

There are several signs your hamster is dehydrated. Look for sunken eyes. This can be a sign that your furry friend is starting to feel the effects of a lack of water.

Lethargy and weakness when moving about his cage. Perhaps he is not climbing as much or spending more time in his sleeping quarters than normal.

Check your Hamster for loose skin. Pinch the hamster’s skin on the scruff of his neck. The skin should return to normal straight away. If However, the skin remains in a tent-like position, then your buddy is most likely dehydrated.

If your hamster has been ill, then it is likely he is feeling the effects of dehydration on top of his illness. This is more likely to cause more problems than the underlying illness, so be sure to keep an eye on his symptoms.

How to rehydrate your hamster

If your hamster has been left without water for a few hours or has been tearing about in his exercise ball for longer than 30 minutes, you should replenish his water supply and allow him to drink as much as he wishes. Closely monitor your critter for a few hours to ensure none of the symptoms above are still present.

If the symptoms persist, and the dehydration is much worse, then you should consult your veterinarian as soon as possible. They will provide intravenous fluids, as well as additional salts and minerals to help rehydrate your furry friend.

When in any doubt at any time, contact your veterinarian as soon as possible. Dehydration can set in quickly and can be fatal if not treated immediately.

Hamster water bottles

A popular method of providing water to your furry friend is by using a water bottle attached to the inside of his home.

The standard design relies on the gravitational force of water in a bottle pushing a metal ball bearing in the opening of the drinking nozzle. Only when this is displaced by a thirsty hamster tongue will the water be released. The obvious upside of this is that the water remains largely in the water bottle until such time the hamster requires a drink. Keeping the cage and surrounding areas dry and comfortable. This design is also great for keeping the drinking water fresher for longer. The water is kept away from contaminants such as feces and food debris and altogether more hygienic!

The downside of this design is that the drinking nozzle may become stuck and your hamster may not be able to extract water. Water bottles can also be difficult to clean, especially if the water bottle has been in direct sunlight and algae have started to form.

How often should I replace the water in a hamsters water bottle?

Water should be replaced daily. Once the water bottle has been refilled, test the nozzle with the with the end of your finger to ensure the ball mechanism is working as expected. It is also a good idea to monitor your hamster for a few minutes to ensure he has access to his water supply.

How should I attach the water bottle to my cage?

Most water bottles come supplied with clips to attach the bottle to a cage. Should this not be the case you can use some robust (non-toxic) cable ties to do the job for you. Pay particular attention to the location of the water bottle in the cage. Try to avoid putting the water anywhere near your hamster’s bedding just in case there is a leak or some spillage. Also, ensure the bottle is at an adequate height for your buddy to access his water comfortably.

Water bottle holder for Glass tank?

you can use a hamster water bottle stand or a water bottle holder attachment. Try to avoid suction cups as they are unreliable and can be dangerous to your furry friend if they come loose!

How can I clean a hamster water bottle?

Use a mild washing up liquid and warm water. Shake the mixture vigorously in the bottle to remove any loose debris. Rinse well with cold water. If there are stubborn pieces of debris in the bottle, use a pipe cleaner (or your finger if you can get it in there!). Soak the nozzle and cap in a mild washing up liquid and warm water and again rinse well with cold, fresh water.

you shouldn’t need to carry this out too frequently and a simple rinse and shake every few days will keep the bottle clean and hygienic.

Hamster water bowls

You can use any ceramic, metal or non-toxic plastic vessel as a water bowl. It is best to use something shallow as you wouldn’t want your hamster falling in and accidentally bathing himself. Hamsters do not need to bath in water. They are hygienic and clean little chaps and clean themselves daily using their paws and saliva. Bathing hamsters in water can lead to issues such as wet tail and colds. which can be fatal.

Bowls vs water bottles

A simple answer to this question is to use a water bottle unless there’s a really good reason not to! you’ll find the use of a water bottle keeps your little critters living quarters clean and dry for longer, as well as avoiding any issues with your hamster immersing himself in his drinking water.

Best non-drip hamster water bottles

One of the most annoying traits of a hamster water bottle is the fact that a majority of them leak! The standard design is usually a small ball bearing or a couple of ball bearings providing a seal when under pressure from the water in the bottle. When this seal is broken by the hamster’s tongue the water is released as expected. Because of the gravitational force of the water, the seals and bearings which keep the water in the container can often become damaged or gather dirt and grit. This leads to an imperfect seal, and hey presto your water bottle empties itself over your hamster’s nice fresh bedding. Annoying and uncomfortable for your furry friend. We’ve had a look about the market to see which models are best at keeping the water in the bottle until the hamster requests otherwise!

Choco Nose H125 Patented No Drip Hamster Water Bottle

The Choc Nose no drip water bottle is a patented design which allows you to re-use almost any PET water bottle, which is a great idea. The nozzle itself is definitely one of the better non-drip nozzles on the market, and review suggests just that.

the bracket to attach the water bottle to the cage again is different from other market leaders. once it is secured in place, the bottle is snapped in and out of the holder to allow for easy removal for cleaning and refilling.


  • Non-drip patented design
  • Can re-use any existing PET bottle
  • Safe and secure fixture for cages and wooden houses
  • Easy to remove and clean


  • No attachment or stand for a glass tank

Best small hamster water bottles

Not all hamsters are huge water guzzling machines, and some only require a small amount to keep them ticking over happy and healthily. there’s little point in having a water bottle that has a 12oz capacity for a critter than only requires at most 1 oz a day. so to avoid complete overkill on the water bottle front, here’s a list of good options when catering for the smaller critter.

Kordon Oasis Bell Bottle

The Kordon Oasis bell bottle set consists of a bell bottle and rigid plastic bottle holder to enable you to fix to your cage or tank. it comes with handy adjustable straps to enable you to fix to most size cages and tanks. clever rounded edges on the bottle make it less prone to be chewed to bits within a day, and a nice embossed flower finish makes it look pretty smart too!

the 4 Ounce capacity makes it ideal for a smaller critter, but that’s a fairly large capacity if you refresh the water regularly as you should. The nozzle operates in a much the same way as most water bottles with a dual ball bearing set up, which isn’t drip-free but holds onto the contents pretty well.


  • Good value
  • Good capacity for smaller critter
  • Adjustable straps help secure to varied size containers
  • Rounded edges deter chewing


  • Build quality questionable
  • Reported defects on some nozzles
  • Color variations limited

Best large Hamster water bottles

Now if your hammy is A water drinking machine and can slurp his way through bottles and bottles of water, you’ll want a bottle that will keep up with the thirsty little guy. The last thing we want to see as pet owners is an insufficient supply of clean and fresh H20! so why not go large!

Living World Eco + Water Bottle

The Living World Eco Water Bottle includes innovative design features that meet the natural instincts of small animals and cater to their specific needs. The water bottle has a double ball-bearing, a drip-resistant tube with a water level indicator. Plus, it is made of recyclable glass that is safe and very durable. The bottle is easy to clean and refill. The Living World Eco Water Bottle comes with a secure and easy to install spring attachment and hanger. The Living World Eco Water Bottle is available in three different sizes. 6, 12 and 24 oz.


  • Made from recycled glass
  • Available in 3 sizes
  • Great fun water level indicator
  • low leakage (not drip free)
  • The glass bottle is more hygienic than plastic


  • The angle of the nozzle is a bit awkward for most cages.
  • Fixture for attaching to the cage is not very secure
  • Some reports of leaking nozzles.

Best value hamster water bottles

If youare looking for a robust and reliable water bottle for your hamster, but don’t have money to burn, then take a look at the options below which will cater adequately and keep your hamster happy and hydrated!

Kaytee Chew Proof Water Bottle

Superior chew resistant water bottle. Glass and stainless steel design. A Spring attachment hanger holds the bottle securely in place inside or outside any small animal wire home. the nozzle features a unique double-ball bearing drip resistant sipper tube. although there have still been reports of this leaking a little, or even worse not letting water out. Be sure to test this before leaving your hamster without any water!

The Stainless steel cap is good for hygiene and cleaning, as is the glass bottle. much easier to clean than a plastic combination.

There’s a water level indicator in the form of a little floating duck, which we found to be kinda fun!


  • Glass and stainless steel construction
  • Great value
  • Great fun water level indicator
  • Chew Proof!
  • The glass bottle is more hygienic than plastic


  • Ball bearings can get stuck so ensure you test the water flow before leaving your hamster
  • Cage fixing is fairly unstable
  • Some reports of leaking nozzles

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