The best Hamster Cages to buy right now

The best hamster cages – All you need to know

You’re all set to begin your wonderful hamster odyssey. Time spent on researching which hamster is best for your requirements, as well as nutrition and health, has proved invaluable. Then you start checking out hamster cages for your imminent, cute arrival. Feeling overwhelmed? Likely, you’re not alone in that. The volume of information available on choosing a hamster cage is mind-boggling. So if you want some straightforward ideas on sourcing the best hamster cage, then read on!

Getting started with Hamster Cages

Before you buy the shiniest cage on the block, spend a bit of time on the nitty-gritty of hamster cage wisdom. The size of your hamster should influence the type of enclosure you use. A key point to remember is that, although all cages should be safe and spacious, they also need to be escape-proof. Another aspect to consider is space in your home – where you intend to keep the cage and if there are limitations on cage size. Also, some cages vary in design complexity. Lots of tunnels, for example, as well as other add-ons, will mean more time spent on cleaning/maintenance. Finally, if your new arrival is for a child, this might influence cage style – some designs facilitate lots of viewing entertainment.

Hamster Cage basics

Whatever the type, all cages should have sufficient room for your hamster to explore, feel safe and play. It’s recommended that cage heights should be a minimum of 40 cm, with higher cages the ideal. Hamsters need lots of bedding to feel secure so the bigger the cage the more material you can provide for them. Cage structures vary, from wire to glass and plastic – avoid wooden structures, as tiny teeth will cheerfully gnaw at these. Cages should contain food and water bowls [or water bottles], as well as stimulating toys and cozy nest areas.

Hamster Cage types

Wire hamster cages

Wire cages all share the same structure principles – wire sides supported by a plastic bottom tray base. The advantages of wire cages are varied.

  • Hamsters enjoy climbing which makes the wire bars ideal.
  • You can see through the wire, which will give you plenty of viewing pleasure
  •  Smaller hamster breeds could get stuck or even escape, depending on the size of gaps between bars. So ensure you check this is suitable before making a purchase.
  • Wire cages can be messy with bedding and substrate escaping between the gaps.
  • Multiple level cages will provide space for your hamster.
  • Split level living – wire tops for space and deep bottoms for burrowing/nesting without the mess.
  • a good tip for viewing your hamster more is to opt for a transparent base. But make sure your furry little friend has a secluded area such as a house to hideaway in!

A yellow box in a small yellow hamster cage

Glass hamster cages

They are often purchased as aquariums and can be very effective as hamster enclosures. pretty much escape-proof, spacious for plenty of nesting materials, and easy to keep clean. Being glass, they’re heavy enclosures so if you order online, factor in shipping costs.

Hamster activity won’t keep you awake at night if they’re in one of these, plus on a purely aesthetic level, these cages look stylish.

Being fairly large, consider what space you have to accommodate one in your home – go for a minimum size of around 30-40 gallons, while they can go up to 80+ gallons.

If space is a premium but you like the idea of a hamster tank, try a wire tank topper on a 30-40 gallon enclosure to give your hamster lots of room.

  • Look stylish and are mainly escape proof.
  • Can be very heavy.
  • Good for stacked levels.
  • Easy to maintain and clean.

Plastic hamster cages

Far lighter than glass, they look similar and these cage types come in many weirdly wonderful colors – good for a children’s pet hamster. Available in varying degrees of design innovation, they are easy to maintain – although, if there are lots of different levels and activity areas, all of the components will need regular cleaning.

You can get really imaginative by adding lots of activity options such as ramps and tunnels, plus there’s scope for stacked levels.

A real positive about these cages is their visible entertainment value, which is good for bonding with your hamster.

  • Multiple levels an option.
  • Brightly colored and quirky – ideal for a child’s pet.
  • If using several add-ons, be prepared for lots of cleaning.
  • Always ensure the plastic cage meets the minimum size standards for your breed of hamster.

Hamster size and cages

When choosing a hamster cage, think about what will best suit your particular hamster. Obviously, these enchanting little critters come in varying sizes – a factor in their popularity – so cages should be as secure as possible. Here are a few examples, based on size and breed.

The best hamster cage for Dwarf hamsters

Being small, they can move very quickly and are bundles of energy. You don’t want your dwarf hamster getting stuck in tubes or tunnels, as well as escaping. Although small, dwarf hamsters vary in temperament – for example, Campbell’s Russians can be nervy so they need plenty of hiding places. On the other hand, dwarf winter whites are friendly little busybodies so set up a petting area for interaction. Chinese hamsters can be nippy if bored, and aren’t keen on being handled – glass tanks are a good choice for them, with space for toys and burrowing. In general, for most dwarf hamsters opt for solid-sided cages to prevent escape, with lots of visible activity areas for observation without stress.

The best hamster cage for Robo hamsters

Tiny and super quick, they’re adorable bundles of energy who need lots of mental and physical exercise. Go for cages with solid sides to keep them safe, and provide tubes, tunnels, and wheels to keep them fit and well. Plastic/glass enclosures are fine, where you can opt for multiple levels, toppers, and add-ons to give your robo a stimulating environment.

The best hamster cage for Syrian hamsters

Otherwise known as teddy bear hamsters, their relatively larger size is suited to most cages, including wire. They need lots of space, so a glass tank of 40+ gallons is good, as is a large plastic cage. Plastic is particularly good if you’re short on space, but both options facilitate multiple levels. The ideal is a spacious cage which has a large bottom tray, with lots of room for wheels, tunnels and other fun toys. However, Syrian hamsters are known to gnaw on connector tubes so you’ll need to monitor this to prevent escapology antics.

Best hamster cages available to buy now

There isn’t a broad consensus among hamster enthusiasts but that’s not surprising. What are the best hamster cages depends on several factors. These include home space and hamster breed, as well as how much time and effort you want to put into cage maintenance. Do your research on the specific needs of your hamster – its size, temperament and exercise levels – and you won’t go far wrong. Making the right choice from the start will give your hamster the perfect home to settle into.

Savic Hamster Heaven Metro Hamster Cage

Savic Hamster Heaven Metro Hamster Cage

The Savic Hamster Heaven metro hamster cage does exactly what it says on the box! The large bottom tray footprint is ideal for larger hamsters who require more floor space for exercise as opposed to verticle climbing space. The huge list of add-ons and accessories provide hours of entertainment for your hamster (and you!) and save any additional purchases. Included in the box are tunnels, platforms, slides, 2 houses to give your critter a choice of bedding, exercise wheel, toilet, food bowls and drinking bottle.

The bottom tray base of the hamster cage is very sturdy and provides enough depth to fill up with a substrate to allow for burrowing and tunneling. The wire cage is strong and secure and fits in the bottom tray perfectly. All of which gives you peace of mind safe in the knowledge that any escape attempts will be met with a strong and secure obstacle!

All of the accessories are designed with the larger hamster in mind. Which is great if you are keeping Syrian hamsters. Smaller hamsters may find themselves challenged by some of the climbing accessories such as the stairs. But overall we wouldn’t see this as a downside. The accessories provided make the hamster cage hugely configurable, which we think is a great way of keeping things interesting for your furry friend!

On the downside, the Savic hamster heaven metro cage is relatively expensive. But this we feel is justified by the size of the cage, excellent build quality and an impressive list of accessories.


  • Huge! perfect for your busy Syrian hamster. Smaller hamsters would also be more than happy living in one of these
  • Packed full of accessories
  • Good build quality
  • Easy to assemble
  • Great fun for you and your hamster!


  • Quite expensive
  • The top crawl tube is reportedly weak so it important to monitor for gnaw marks and potential escape attempts!

Ferplast Favola Hamster Cage

Ferplast Favola Hamster Cage

The Ferplast Favola Hamster cage is a well built, solid no fuss kinda cage. The split level arrangement provides a good footprint on the lower deck for exercise and burrowing, with the upper level reserved for relaxing, eating and drinking. A cool feature of this cage is the transparent base, which allows you to take a peek into what your little furry friend is up to when burrowing into the substrate (of which the base provides ample depth for).

The modular connection system on the Ferplast Favola hamster cage is also a great feature. This allows you to expand your hamster’s habitat with a wide selection of add-ons and accessories. creating new and fun routes and hideouts whenever you feel like it!

The Furplast Favola Hamster cage is complete with accessories such as a nest for your buddies bedding, bowl for food, drinking bottle with a special steel nozzle and a wheel for your hamsters favorite past-time.

A useful door in the top of the cage allows for quick everyday maintenance. For a full clean, then the cage is detachable from the bottom tray using a series of clips.

Although the Furplast Favola Hamster cage is fairly large and would meet the recommended minimum standards for a larger Syrian hamster, we have found that the wheel and add-ons are more suited to a smaller hamster.


  • Strong and well built
  • A good set of accessories as standard
  • 2-level design provides ample room for exercise and rest
  • Easy to assemble
  • See-thru bottom tray allows for observation when burrowing


  • The wheel is somewhat on the small side.
  • Relatively expensive
  • Awkward to remove your hamster from the bottom level without removing the entire wire cage
  • cleaning the bottom level is difficult because of the textured finish

Ferplast Laura Hamster Cage

Ferplast Favola Hamster Cage

A colorful and happy habitat for your lively hamsters! The Ferplast Laura hamster cage has been designed to be attached to other hamster habitats thanks to the special connection caps.

The Ferplast Laura hamster cage is complete with accessories making it very comfortable: a plastic bowl for food, a drinking bottle for water, a nest for pets relaxation, as well as tubes and wheel for playing. Besides, a plastic shelf fixed to the cage creates a practical floor where your small pet can rest. The Ferplast Laura Hamster Cage is easy to keep always tidy and has access doors on the front and top of the wire mesh, which makes it very handy for everyday maintenance. full cleans can be done by removing the plastic bottom tray, and by lifting out the bedding from the included hamster house.

Again this model is aimed at a smaller critter due to the diameter of the wheel and tunnels.


  • Strong and well built
  • Large footprint and lots of exercise space
  • Lots of accessories
  • Easy to assemble
  • Great for climbing hamsters


  • Tubes can be difficult to clean
  • Wheel diameter is quite small for a larger hamster.
  • Awkward to remove your hamster from the bottom level without removing the entire wire cage

GNB Pet Super Large Hamster DIY Cage Habitat

GNB Pet Super Large Hamster DIY  Cage Habitat

The GNB Super Large Hamster cage is a great cage for those who like a certain amount of DIY activity! It comes with quite a few parts, and from what we found without instructions! but this shouldn’t put you off if you enjoy a challenge.

The Cage is really big. Really really big. The tubes are adequately sized for a large critter, and there is plenty of floor space in the bottom tray for scurrying around and exploring. There isn’t any house or hideaway for your furry little critter’s bedding, but plenty of room on the base for an additional structure.

The sheer number of parts allows you to be very creative with your designs, and if that isn’t enough you can purchase an expansion pack to add even more tunneling fun!

The GNB Super Large Hamster cage great value, too. You will probably want to add your own wheel, but there’s plenty of space for that.


  • Tunnels
  • Platforms
  • Ramps
  • Exercise wheel not included
  • Food bowl
  • Drinking bottle


  • Not for everyone if DIY isn’t your thing
  • No Assembly instructions
  • No Wheel included

Ferplast Hamsterville Hamster wooden Cage

Ferplast Hamsterville Hamster wooden Cage

Made from Wood coming only from sustainably managed forests, The Ferplast Hamsterville wooden cage is a robust eco-friendly product entirely designed for your pet’s comfort. Thanks to its Original structure with many levels, your furry friend will have space to exercise and play freely. Inside the habitat, special levels with ladders connect the different floors.

The shelves have a special liquid-resistant coating making them very practical and easy to maintain. On the bottom level, the Ferplast Hamsterville hamster wooden cage has a pull-out bottom tray for easy cleaning.

the bottom tray is nice a deep and makes it very practical and tidy when cleaning out your pet.

there’s a decent set of accessories included as well, including a hamster house, a wheel for exercise,  drinking bottle and Feeding bowl.


  • Eco-friendly.
  • Easy on the eye wood construction
  • Good list of accessories


  • Can be a bit tricky to assemble the different levels
  • The wheel is OK, not great.
  • Small doors make it a bit tricky for everyday maintenance and cleaning.
  • Very heavy

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