The Best Guinea Pig Cage – Helpful Buying guide and 5 top cages reviewed

Last Updated : July 18, 2022
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If you are already the proud owner of a Guinea Pig or Guinea Pigs or are looking to enter the world of Guinea Pig pet ownership, then the first thing you will want to consider is where is your Guinea Pig going to live?

There are a huge amount of options when looking for a new cage or hutch for your Guinea Pig, so it makes sense to do your research first to ensure you are providing your pet with the very best guinea pig cage that you can accommodate.

Guinea pig looking out of hutch door

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This guide should arm you with all the information and facts you will need to make your decision before buying, or even making your own cage or hutch!

We have also researched a selection of many cages on the market, to make your decisions even easier on what is the best cage or hutch for your Guinea pig.

Important things to consider before buying a Guinea Pig cage or Hutch

As responsible pet owners, we should strive to provide our furry friends (or not so furry if keeping skinny pigs) with the very best living quarters we can accommodate.

We’re not all blessed with unlimited space, or cash (unfortunately), so it is a good idea to do our research and consider all of the important factors when selecting a cage or hutch for our pets.

Our 5 Best Guinea Pig cages and Hutches at a glance

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Guinea Pig Cage Size

Guinea Pigs are at their happiest when either eating, or running around.

With this in mind, one of the most important considerations is the size of the cage or hutch. When we are talking about size, invariably we are referring to floor space.

Guinea pigs are not great climbers like some other domesticated rodents, therefore having multiple cage levels is not as important as the available floor space.

The Size of the cage is largely dependent on how many Guinea Pigs are sharing the cage or Hutch.

The Humane Society recommends at least 7.5 sq ft per Guinea Pig, with an additional 3 sq ft per additional Guinea Pig. So as an example; a group of 3 Guinea pigs would equate to 7.5 + 3 + 3 = 13.5 sq ft.

As mentioned above, floor space is preferential to additional levels, but if you are short on floor space, then adding more levels can alleviate this to a certain extent although not ideal.

Guinea Pig Hutch vs Cage

A Guinea Pig Hutch is largely considered to be an outdoor enclosure, where as a cage is likely to be used to refer to an indoor enclosure.

However, these terms are frequently interchanged to describe both indoor and outdoor living spaces. Our advice is to decide where your Guinea pig is going to live, and then use this review to select the most appropriate for the location you have decided upon.

Guinea Pig Cage or Hutch location

There are many factors that determine the location of your new or existing pet’s living quarters.

Keeping your pet safe happy and healthy is obviously the top priority, but other factors such as available space and environment could impact where we can locate their living quarters.

Indoor Guinea Pigs vs Outdoor Guinea Pigs

The first consideration should be whether you intend on keeping your Guinea Pigs indoors or outdoors.

Guinea Pigs in outside run
There are many benefits to keeping your Guinea Pigs outside

If you have the space, keeping your Guinea Pigs outdoors can have several advantages, as well as disadvantages:

Advantages of keeping your Guinea Pigs outside

  • You will probably have more space for a larger dwelling
  • Fresh air is always a positive for your pet
  • If you, or any of your family have allergies, bedding and hair is less likely to impact your day to day life
  • Guinea pigs can be quite noisy when they are happy!
  • Save some space inside for your favorite chair
  • You can have a run or outside playpen linking directly to the living quarters for ease
  • Cleaning them is less of a messy business than it is inside

Tips for Keeping Guinea Pigs outside

  • Ensure your Guinea pig’s hutch is safe and secure and not under threat from any wild animals.
  • The Hutch or cage should provide adequate shade and protection from the elements such as wind and sun.
  • Make sure you pay close attention to your pets water and hay supply. its easier to forget these simple things when not in sight!
  • If the ambient temperature is less than 15°c, then your Guinea Pigs should be indoors with you 🙂

Advantages of keeping your Guinea Pigs inside

  • Keeping your Guinea Pigs inside can shield them from environmental factors such as cold and sun
  • Your Piggies will enjoy the same security that you do
  • You will be able to study them more frequently, and learn their behaviors
  • Great if you don’t have outside space

Tips for Keeping Guinea Pigs inside

  • Locate your Guinea pigs in a bright and airy room.
  • Ensure that your Guinea Pigs are shielded from any direct sunlight.
  • Ensure that your Guinea Pigs are safe and secure, and not under threat from the family dog or cat (or small children)
  • Secure the room where you keep your Guinea Pigs so play time can be fun and safe outside of the cage.
  • Do not place the living quarters next to a radiator or by an open widow. Guinea Pigs are not great with extreme weather conditions or temperatures.

POTBY 2 Story Outdoor Wooden Cage

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The CO-Z 2 story wooden cage (or we think more of a hutch) is a good quality item, big enough to house a pair of Guinea pigs.

It is constructed from cedar wood which has been treated to endure some pretty tough weather conditions. The smell of the Cedar wood is not to everyone’s taste, so be sure to check whether this is something that is going to bother you…. Some people like it, others don’t! purely a personal choice here!

For a larg-ish cage, it has a fairly low footprint as it is separated into 2 levels. this is great should you need to divide the hutch up for a while, without sacrificing too much floor space. We like the classic hutch layout, with a secluded area for privacy, but they a nice big area for interaction with your pet.

The Overall build quality is fair. Some parts appear to be a little flimsy, but do the job. The metal clasps and locks are not top quality, but again they do the job and keep your Guinea Pigs in and intruders out!

Accessibility is not bad. a large door on the open side of the cage, and a smaller one on the secluded side. Both compartments have separate trays, which makes it easier to clean and keep fresh.

All in all for the price, it is a good options to get your Guinea Pig experience off to a good start!

Manufacturers Specs and Features

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  • Classic Hutch layout
  • Good quality material
  • Cedar wood has a nice smell (if you like it)
  • Removable bottom trays for cleaning
  • Accessibility


  • Metal clasps / locks not the best quality. But are sufficient.
  • Cedar wood has a unique smell not to everyone’s taste!
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Petsfit Wood Cage with Removable Tray

Pet Republique Dematting Comb for Rabbits

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This Wooden cage/hutch is a mid level offering from Petsfit. Aesthetically, its one of the better looking hutches on the market, but do the looks match the functionality ?

The Hutch is plenty big enough for a pair of Guinea Pigs, with the classic hutch layout comprising of a secluded area, and a larger open side for interaction with your pet. Putting it together is a doddle. easy to follow instructions, and all the hardware required safely in a little plastic bag.

Some users have experienced a leaking bottom tray, which Petsfit have addressed with a deeper tray to eliminate this unwelcome feature. A good sign that the company listen to their feedback and act on it.

The material used are decent enough quality. its a little bit annoying that the wood hasnt been treated to be weather proof, so you are really looking at this hutch for indoor use, or if you’re lucky enough to live somewhere where rain is not an issue.

We love the way you can access your pet via a piston controlled roof door, which prevents it from slamming shut. This makes cleaning much easier, not to mention peeking in on your pet to check when in the secluded area.

a downside is that the tray at the bottom doesn’t have a wire mesh above it, so you will have to remove your piggies prior to removal. Perhaps Petsfit will consider this in future models. Until then, this is a more a inconvenience rather than a deal breaker for us.

Manufacturers Specs and Features


  • Classic Hutch layout
  • Good quality material
  • Cedar wood has a nice smell (if you like it)
  • Removable bottom trays for cleaning
  • Accessibility is good via roof and front panel


  • Not weather proof – will be ok outside, just not in the rain!
  • Cedar wood has a unique smell not to everyone’s taste!
  • Bottom tray has been known to leak, but a deeper tray should help with that.
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Petsfit Guinea Pigs House with Hide Out and Side Steps

Pet Republique Dematting Comb for Rabbits

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Another offering from Petsfit, With their trade mark good looks and design. So what do we think of it ?

As expected, the cage looks great in a sleek grey and white finish, which would complement any home. The functionality is great, too. removable tray for cleaning, and a myriad of openings makes this a really handy hutch to clean and maintain.

Materials are good quality and finished in a non toxic water based paint. Being cedar wood, you have to adapt to the smell ! personally, we like it 🙂 Wood obviously is not as durable as metal, so if your pet is a chewer, it may be best to accompany the cage with a few things to chew to avoid them destroying your new hutch.

Accessibility is not a problem with this hutch. A really cool side opening with ramp, compliments the roof access to give you all the access you need.

Petsfit products are really easy to put together, and this was no exception. Easy to follow diagrams and pre-drilled holes make it a 20 min job from start to finish if you know the right end of a screwdriver.

This product is very reasonably priced compared to competitor products, which makes it a solid entry on our review list.

Manufacturers Specs and Features

  • Spacious Space of Guinea Pig Cages: 35.5"L x 21"W x 21"H. Hidey House: 19"L x 12.5"W x 7"H, Entrance of the hideout: 5.9"W x 6.2“H, suitable for small to medium animal such as bunnies, guinea pig, dwarf rabbit, hedgehog, hamsters, quail, chinchilla, gerbil, and ferret, providing more room for them to play with no weight limit.
  • Distance between the side panel iron nets is ≈ 1", which is not suitable for ultra-small animals. Please make sure that your furry friend will not get out of the gap before purchase our guinea pig cage. Grey style without bottom net, and solid style has bottom net.
  • Thoughtful Design: Deeper galvanized pull-out tray with no leakage at the bottom is handy for cleaning up.It has two latches that are hook and eye type attachments (top &side). Non-slip wooden detachable climbing ladder, suitable for small pets who like to be climbers and look out at everyone on the top. Wall gaurds built in to stop hay and bedding from being pushed out, this design also good for shy and unsocial furry babies who can stay in the cave.
  • Sturdy to Use: 100% made of 10mm Finnish spruce panels(NOT CEDAR), thicker than others guinea pig cages, ensures good sturdiness to use. All metal meshes are firmly embedded in the wood with sufficient screws. There are pre-made holes to make the drilling easier and more aligned, which is assemble for 20 minutes with ease.Hutch is designed for indoor use and a nice grey colour that blends nicely with furniture décor. The wood surface is coated with safe and environmentally varnish.
  • Tips for Use: The enclosed wood side can be used for sleeping room or bathroom with litter box in the corner if he/she has been well trained. If not, recycled newspapers, puppy pads or aluminum foil on the bottom would be good choice to clean up. rabbits love to chew wood - in order to last beautiful cage’s pristine condition long term, please providing your furry children plenty of wood toys helps to distract the bunnies to an extant.


  • Classic Hutch layout
  • Split level hideaway with ramp
  • Good quality material
  • Cedar wood has a nice smell (if you like it)
  • Removable bottom trays for cleaning
  • Accessibility is good via roof and front panel and cool side opening.


  • Not weather proof – will be ok outside, just not in the rain!
  • Not weather proof
  • Cedar wood has a unique smell not to everyone’s taste!
  • Wood is not chew-proof!
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Midwest Wabbitat Folding Rabbit Cage

Pet Republique Dematting Comb for Rabbits

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Apart from the name of this cage, what else did we like about it ? ‘Wabbitat’…. sure its marketed as a Rabbit cage, but we shouldn’t let that get in the way seeing as it will be more than suitable for your Guinea Pigs!

For those not keen on wooden hutches due to the durability, then look no further! the coated metal cage panels are durable and will survive in the great outdoors well.

Wabbitat sets up easily in seconds with no tools or connecting pieces needed for assembly. It features unique slide-latches on the large top and front door openings for one-handed operation, allowing ease of use when interacting with your pet.

The cage packs away just as easily as it goes up, which makes it a great option if you need to move it around or store for any period of time.

The removable tray is functional, if not brilliant. which again makes it easy to clean and keep the living quarters hygienic.

there’s no hideaway, though. which means you’ll need to invest in a separate wooden house for your piggy to get some alone time!

Manufacturers Specs and Features

  • Sets Up Complete in Seconds, No Tools Needed ; Approx. 37L x 19W x 20H
  • Unique Design Provides Versatile Top and Front Door Access
  • Secure Slide Latch Allows for One-Handed Door Operation
  • Easy to Slide Out and Clean Front Access Durable Plastic Pan
  • 1/2 inch Grid Mesh Floor Supports and Hygienically Protects Rabbits Hocks


  • Classic Hutch layout
  • Durable Coated metal construction
  • Setup in seconds. no tools required
  • Hygienic Plastic removable tray for cleaning
  • Can be packed flat for storage
  • Accessibility is good via roof and and front opening.


  • Not overly good to look at
  • Bottom grate needs to be removed to avoid injury
  • Plastic tray is a little flimsy
  • No secluded area , so you’ll need to add a house!
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Kennel-Aire “A Frame Bunny House

Pet Republique Dematting Comb for Rabbits

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Another wire constructed cage that makes the list for the non wood market. The Kennel-Aire comprises all the features you would expect from a wire cage. There’s plenty of room for 1-2 Guinea pigs, with lots of headroom !

Setup is easy, and you wont require any tools to get the age up and running. There are 2 entrances for ease of access, which makes for easy cleaning and interaction with your pet.

The removable plastic tray again provides cleaning ease, and is durable enough.

the feature which really sets this cage out is the addition of casters, or wheels if you like. this Makes it really easy to re-locate your pet wherever you can roll it! very handy if you have a need to move your Guinea Pig from room to room without making too much of a mess!

Again, no secluded area here, so you will need to add a house for your Guinea Pig to spend some time away from your loving gaze!

Manufacturers Specs and Features

  • A-frame bunny house: The kennel for Bunnies is made of strong metal wire has a slide-out plastic pan for easy cleaning Also accommodates guinea pigs, hedgehogs other small animals Easy to assemble
  • Metal pet kennel: this heavy-duty kennel for small pets has heavy-duty caster wheels for easy movement placement around your home Rabbit enclosure also features top front doors for easy access
  • Kennels houses: crate kennel training is vital for dog safety comfort We provide traditional travel carriers, wire training exercise kennels, play pens, barn-style dog houses more
  • Petmate: for over 50 years, We at Petmate are passionate about our dogs, cats furry friends in general Starting with the very first dog kennel, we've produced plenty of eco-friendly products that pets will love
  • Just for pets: Petmate makes a variety of pet products for dogs, cats, chickens other small furry friends Check out our brands such as Aspen pet, arm Hammer, booda, Chuckit, Jackson Galaxy more


  • Durable Coated metal construction
  • Setup in seconds. no tools required
  • Hygienic Plastic removable tray for cleaning
  • Casters make it easy to move the cage from room to room
  • Accessibility is good via roof and and front opening.


  • Not overly good to look at
  • Some of the panels didn’t line up brilliantly, so required a little work
  • You cant remove the bottom grate
  • Heading towards the small size for full grown Guinea Pigs
  • No secluded area, so you’ll need to add a house!
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Should Guinea Pigs live together?

Absolutely yes! Guinea pigs are sociable animals and would benefit from living with other Guinea pigs. In the wild, Guinea pigs live in herds, so its quite natural for them to share living space.

It is best to house your Guinea pigs together from an early age. If you are introducing a new Guinea Pig to an existing set up, then try to do this gradually to allow time for the new roomies to become used to one another. Guinea Pigs can be territorial, so major changes like this should be done gradually and monitored for signs of unhappiness or even violence.

2 Guinea Pigs cuddled up
Guinea Pigs are sociable animals

Another important consideration is the sexing of your Piggies. Guinea Pigs are prolific reproducers, so if you are keeping a male and female together, you might want to consider sterilizing the male to avoid a population boom in your backyard!

There are many reports of males Guinea Pigs not being able to live together. This is generally unfounded unless there is a girl in the colony as well, in which case the Boers may compete for dominance, which can end up in fighting and injuries. If you are seeing an increase in aggression, it is best to separate the Guinea Pigs to avoid any major incidents.

As we mentioned above, there are considerations regarding the size of the cage required per Guinea pig. The greater the number of Guinea Pigs, the larger the cage or hutch! generally speaking approximately 3 sq ft per additional Guinea Pig.

Guinea pigs need a run too!

Guinea Pigs enjoy nothing more than running around and exploring. Getting the right amount of exercise is hugely important to the health and happiness of your Guinea Pig, so it is a good idea to pair your new Guinea Pig cage with a suitable Guinea Pig run or playpen to accommodate safe and stress free playtime!

Guinea Pig Run
Guinea Pigs love to run and explore!

Bedding For Guinea Pigs

So you have chosen the perfect new accommodation for your Guinea Pig, and now your attention turns to soft furnishings to ensure your furry little friend is warm and comfortable.

Where your Guinea Pig sleeps will be one of the first things to consider as we want our Guinea Pigs to be warm, comfortable and free from irritation when its time to catch some important Guinea Pig beauty sleep. Read our best bedding for Guinea Pigs blog for more information and reviews.

Cleaning a Guinea Pig Cage

It is very important to keep your Guinea Pig’s cage clean and hygienic in order to maintain the health and happiness of your Guinea Pig. Guinea Pigs are naturally very clean animals, so its only fair that their living quarters are maintained to a standard in which they will thrive and enjoy life.

How often should you clean a Guinea Pig cage?

there is no one answer to this question. but as a general rule of thumb:

Daily Routine:

  1. Replace any uneaten food, and clean the food bowls.
  2. Remove any uneaten hay and replace with lovely fresh smelling hay.
  3. Change the water supply, and clean the bottle or bowl (we prefer bottles)
  4. Check the bedding for dampness, and replace if required.

Weekly Routine:

  1. Put you Guinea Pig in a safe enclosure for some well earned out of cage time.
  2. Start by removing the bottom tray (if your cage has one)
  3. Dispose of any debris, bedding, food and feces.
  4. Clean with a safe antibacterial agent. these are readily available in pet shops, or online.
  5. Leave the tray to dry naturally whilst you remove the sleeping quarters.
  6. Check on your Guinea Pig to make sure he is having a great time.
  7. Empty all of the bedding and any debris into the compost (if you have biodegradable bedding, which we recommend)
  8. Clean the sleeping area with a safe detergent, and leave to dry.
  9. re-assemble your cage and replace all food and water supplies, cleaning the bowls or bottles.
  10. Re-introduce your Guinea Pigs to the cage with a little treat for their troubles.

Best Guinea Pig Cages – Conclusion

So you’ve read through the above information and now have an idea of what cage or hutch you are looking for (hopefully). Ready to buy? Here is a reminder of our top 3

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