The Best Gerbil Food — Reviews, Top Picks, and Buyer’s Guide

Last Updated : July 16, 2022
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Nothing plays a bigger role in your beautiful little gerbil’s health than food. 🥒 🌾 🌿 🥦

But you probably know that, and, since you’ve found your way here, it’s only logical to assume that proper nutrition is at the top of your mind as a responsible gerbil (a.k.a. jird) owner.

a brown and white gerbil eating a seed

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Are we right?

If so, you have to do us a big favor:

Read every last word we’ve written about the best gerbil food in this blog post— your furballs will thank you for your dedication by living more active, energetic lives for longer than you ever thought possible!

What will we cover?

  1. The ten best gerbils foods available to purchase online (as of 2022)
  2. An in-depth buyer’s guide to jird nutrition

If you are in a rush, then here are the 10 Gerbil Foods featured in this article…

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Now buckle up and hold on tight. This show is about to get started.

Our 10 Favorite Gerbil Foods of 2022

Higgins Sunburst Gourmet Food Mix for Hamsters & Gerbils

Higgins Sunburst Gourmet Food Mix for Hamsters & Gerbils
Amazon Prime
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How can we say this in an emphatic yet straightforward manner?

Higgins Sunburst Gourmet Food Mix is the best gerbil food in the universe — it’s quite literally the equivalent of a wild harvest poured into your buddy’s food bowl.

And your gerbils will love it because this blend reproduces the varied feeding experience they enjoy in their natural habitat, the arid deserts of Mongolia.

So we highly recommend you throw in a couple of (tiny) healthy handfuls of Higgins Sunburst Gourmet when mealtime comes around and watch your jirds jump for joy.

Manufacturers Specs and Features

  • Naturally Preserved
  • Enriched With Dha
  • Digestive Probiotics
  • Natural Colors


  • 14% crude protein and 7% crude fat
  • Packed with species-appropriate dried fruits, seeds, nuts, and grains
  • Nutritionally balanced
  • Encourages natural foraging behavior
  • Rich in natural antioxidants
  • Fortified with DHA omega-3, probiotics, minerals, vitamins, and amino acids
  • Free from artificial preservatives, colors, and flavorings
  • Low dust content


  • It might lead to an unbalanced diet if your gerbils pick and chose their favorite bits
  • Too many sunflower seeds (remove them and use them as treats instead)
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Oxbow Essentials Hamster Food and Gerbil Food

Oxbow Essentials Hamster Food and Gerbil Food
Amazon Prime
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Oxbow Essentials Hamster Food and Gerbil Food is the second-best gerbil food currently available on the market and easily the top gerbil kibble (as well as the best hamster food) we’ve ever tasted. Correction, our gerbils have ever tasted.

And it’s not just us saying so; most gerbil owners agree, too— just check out the 2,000 five-star reviews on Amazon for proof.

What makes it so great?

Three things:

  • It’s a complete and balanced diet loaded with the proteins, fat, and carbohydrates your jumpy jirds need to keep on bouncing for years to come.
  • Oxbow Animal Health Gerbil Food is a tasty option for picky eaters who can’t be trusted to eat all of their mixed feeds.
  • It’s free from added sugar and artificial ingredients but at the same time fortified with healthy vitamins, minerals, prebiotics, and antioxidants.

Order this product with confidence as Oxbow Essentials is the whole enchilada (or at least as close as your gerbils will ever get to eating an enchilada and living to tell the tale)!

Manufacturers Specs and Features

  • ESSENTIAL INGREDIENTS FOR A HEALTHY, ACTIVE LIFESTYLE: Balanced protein, fat, and carbohydrates provide energy for daily function and performance
  • SUPPORTS IMMUNE SYSTEM HEALTH: Made with antioxidants & prebiotics to support the immune system health of your hamster or gerbil
  • PERFECT FOR PICKY EATERS: Uniform kibble prevents selective feeding
  • FORTIFIED FOOD: Fortified with vitamins and minerals for optimum health
  • VETERINARIAN RECOMMENDED: Formulated with the guidance of top veterinarians and nutritionists


  • Best gerbil and hamster food in kibble form
  • Surprisingly affordable
  • Timothy hay, oats, and barley-based formula
  • Encourages natural chewing activity
  • Made in the USA
  • Supports a healthy digestive system
  • Recommended by veterinarians and pet nutritionists


  • Your gerbils might find kibble boring and not enjoy it as much as seed mixes
  • Slightly too high in fiber
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Supreme Petfoods Tiny Friends Farm Gerri Gerbil Food

Supreme Petfoods Tiny Friends Farm Gerri Gerbil Food

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Supreme Petfoods Tiny Friends Farm Gerri Gerbil Food wins the prize for the most creatively named product (come on, Gerri Gerbil Food is genius) as well as the bronze medal for the third-best gerbil good our pets ever had the honor of tasting.

It’s a natural diet made up of many high-quality ingredients of differing sizes, textures, and shapes. We like to think that Supreme puts the fun back into your gerbil’s mealtime.

Our favorite thing about this mix are the whole linseeds, a secret weapon for making sure your pet jird has healthy skin and a soft, shiny coat.

P.S. This blend is free from sunflower seeds, so you don’t need to pick them out as you top up your pet’s food plate.

Manufacturers Specs and Features

  • A Nutritionally Balanced, Tasty Mix For Gerbils
  • Promotes Natural Foraging
  • Best Ever Taste - No Added Sugar
  • Added Linseed For Healthy Skin & Shiny Coat
  • Suitable For All Breeds


  • Specially formulated for gerbils
  • One of the tastiest foods around (without added sugar)
  • Promotes natural foraging behavior
  • Made with yummy vegetables
  • Visually appealing for both owners and gerbils
  • Perfectly balanced with 16% crude protein, 5% crude fat, and 6% crude fiber


  • Expensive
  • It might lead to an unbalanced diet if eaten selectively
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F.M. Brown’s Tropical Carnival Fruit & Nut Small Animal Treats

F.M. Brown's Tropical Carnival Fruit & Nut Small Animal Treats

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Feel like your gerbils need a vacation to get away from the everyday madness?

Then transport them to the Caribbean with F.M. Brown’s Tropical Carnival Fruit & Nut Treats!

Gerbils eat this food up like there’s no tomorrow, and we totally get them — this luxurious mix of raisins, papaya, pineapple, almonds, banana, carrots, mango, and much more is fit for a king.

But there’s one thing you have to keep in mind if you order a bag:

You can’t give this to your gerbils every day, no matter how much they beg you with their adorable, beady eyes. You would cause them more harm than good, so keep this treat as one to two times a week kind of thing.

Manufacturers Specs and Features

  • Great for Small Animals: Your guinea pig, rabbit, hamster, and more will love this fruit, veggie and nut mix
  • Nutritious and Delicious: Vitamins from ingredients like raisins, papaya, pineapple, almonds, mango, carrots, and more.
  • Excellent Training Reward: These delicious treats are an excellent way to reward your pet during training or because you love them
  • USA Produced and Packaged: Feel good knowing you are feeding your pet locally produced food


  • All-natural ingredients
  • Nutritious and delicious (as treats)
  • Ideal for use as a reward during training sessions
  • Filled with natural vitamins and minerals
  • An irresistible combination of textures and colors
  • Great for adding (in small quantities) to gerbil kibble to make it more exciting


  • Costly
  • Low in protein
  • Can’t be feed as your gerbil’s main diet
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Kaytee Fiesta Hamster And Gerbil Food

Kaytee Fiesta Hamster And Gerbil Food

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What’s a small animal guide without Kaytee, the market-leading company that’s been feeding our pets for over 150 years?

Empty, that’s what.

So let’s not make that mistake and introduce you to Kaytee Fiesta Hamster And Gerbil Food.

Kaytee Fiesta Gerbil Food is our go-to budget option because no other premium blend offers such a powerful bang for your buck.

For slightly over $10, you can put your hands on nearly 5 pounds of quality fortified food made from all the essential ingredients your furballs need to thrive in a domestic environment.

Manufacturers Specs and Features

  • Shapes And Textures Support Dental Health Through Natural Chewing Activity
  • Prebiotics And Probiotics To Support Digestive Health
  • Assorted Fruits And Veggies For Added Enrichment And Variety
  • Rich In Natural Antioxidants For General Health & Immune Support
  • Naturally Preserved For Ideal Freshness.


  • Great value for money
  • 13.5% crude protein and 6% crude fat
  • Enriched with prebiotics and probiotics for better digestive health
  • Supports healthy teeth by promoting chewing and nibbling
  • Includes fruits and veggies
  • Naturally preserved
  • Loaded with natural antioxidants


  • Not all gerbils like the flavor
  • Contains artificial colors
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Oxbow Animal Health Garden Select Hamster And Gerbil Food

Oxbow Animal Health Garden Select Hamster And Gerbil Food
Amazon Prime
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Oxbow Animal Health Garden Select Hamster And Gerbil Food is the best food for gerbil owners with deep pockets and a bigger-than-life relationship with their pets.

If we had to describe this product in one sentence, we’d say:

Oxbow has managed to capture the beauty of a wild harvest in a plain-looking kibble that tastes phenomenal and delivers a balanced diet and all the essential vitamins and minerals.

It’s a real beauty that mimics the make-up of a wild gerbil’s diet, thus making it a perfect choice for keeping your pet gerbil healthy and strong.

Manufacturers Specs and Features

  • Non-GMO formula
  • Features three varieties of grass hay to support variety & meal enrichment
  • Contains unique, high-quality garden ingredients that mimic those found in your pet’s natural foraging environment
  • Uniform, complete, balanced formula


  • Timothy hay-based formulas
  • Improves digestive and dental health
  • No artificial additives of any sort
  • High-quality vegetable ingredients (including whole yellow pea, carrot, and spinach)
  • Nutritionally balanced
  • Non-GMO formula
  • Linseed meal supports healthy skin and a shiny coat


  • The most expensive product in this article
  • It crumbles easily and leaves slightly too much dust
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Kaytee Timothy Biscuits Baked Treat, Apple

Kaytee Timothy Biscuits Baked Treat, Apple
Amazon Prime
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Kaytee is back. And this time, it’s with a mouthwatering snack called Kaytee Timothy Biscuits Baked Treat, Apple.

Good thinking because gerbils love snacking and treats.

But don’t go ballistic and feed them these yummy biscuits around the clock; you could cause severe long-term damage. We advise you only add these Kaytee treats to your gerbil’s plate once a week for optimal nutrition.

How can you be certain that your pet will like them?

Simple — if your gerbil eats apples, they’ll love this snack.

Manufacturers Specs and Features

  • Supports dental health through natural chewing activity
  • Made with sun cured timothy hay and apples
  • Great enrichment and foraging for small animals
  • Ideal for playtime and bonding with your pet rabbit, hamster, chinchilla, and other small pets that crave the taste of real sun cured timothy hay, apples, and molasses
  • The high fiber content of natural timothy grass hay also supports your pet's overall health


  • Affordable
  • Great tasting
  • High in fiber
  • Produced with sun-cured timothy hay and apples
  • Ideal for playtime and bonding


  • Not suited as a gerbil’s primary food source
  • Not specially formulated for gerbils as a species
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Kaytee Forti Diet Pro Health Hamster Food

Kaytee Forti Diet Pro Health Hamster Food
Amazon Prime
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Kaytee again?

Yes, my dear gerbil lover.

These lovely folks deserve this recognition (and more) because they’re dominating the budget end of the gerbil and hamster food market.

And despite Kaytee Forti Diet Pro Health not being the best food in the world, a pet owner could do much, much worse than buying it for their gerbil.

Gerbils love the taste. Your wallet loves its friendly low cost. Nearly 4,000 gerbil and hamster parents awarded it full marks on Amazon.

So ahead and give Kaytee Forti Diet Pro Health a try; you won’t be disappointed by its exceptional price-value proposition.

Manufacturers Specs and Features

  • Larger, crunchy pieces supports dental health through natural chewing activity
  • Prebiotics and probiotics to support digestive health
  • Naturally preserved for ideal freshness
  • A nutritionally complete diet for hamsters and gerbils
  • All natural


  • Inexpensive
  • Balanced nutrition
  • It contains a few large, crunchy pieces to inspire more chewing and improve dental health
  • Rich in antioxidants
  • Encourages natural foraging behavior
  • Fortified with omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids
  • Added prebiotics and probiotics for digestive system support


  • Not as healthy as our higher-ranked alternatives
  • Corn is the primary ingredient
  • Manufactured with unnecessary artificial colors
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Sun Seed Company Vita Hamster W/ Garden Vegetables Formula

Sun Seed Company Vita Hamster W/ Garden Vegetables Formula
Amazon Prime
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Looking for another solid premium gerbil and hamster food?

Then don’t disregard Sun Seed Company Vita Hamster W/ Garden Vegetables Formula — it’s a relatively little-known outsider that’s making a name for itself in this highly competitive space.

But why should you give this Sun Seed formula a shot?

Four reasons:

  • It meets and exceeds the nutritional needs and the dietary preferences of gerbils.
  • It’s fortified with all the good stuff your gerbil’s body needs (from vitamins to minerals to probiotics), just like the more famous Kaytee Forti Diet Pro Health.
  • It’s delicious, at least as far as food for gerbils goes.
  • It’s got two adorable small rodents (one gerbil and one hamster) on the bag.

Okay, you got us — the fourth reason isn’t exactly rock-solid, but even if you discard it, Sun Seed still deserves a shot if you’re not completely satisfied with Oxbow, Supreme Petfoods, and Higgins.

Manufacturers Specs and Features

  • High protein formula includes peanuts, peas, carrots, sweet potato, parsley, celery & ground flax seed
  • The blend of seeds, grains, nuts, & vegetables encourages foraging activity & contains added calcium.
  • Specially formulated complete diet for hamsters & gerbils, vita-bite pellets add vitamins & minerals
  • Pack of 1


  • Top tasting gerbil and hamster food
  • Made with garden vegetables
  • Great for foraging behavior
  • Vitamin A, C, and E have been added
  • Supports dental health
  • Also outstanding as hamster food (handy if you have both types of critters)


  • 12% crude protein a tad too low (needs to be supplemented)
  • Sugar, honey, and artificial colors all on the ingredients list
Check Price on Amazon

Rosewood Pet 1 Pouch Nature’s Salad Food For Small Animals

Rosewood Pet 1 Pouch Nature's Salad Food For Small Animals
Amazon Prime
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Rosewood Pet 1 Pouch Nature’s Salad Food For Small Animals is the very last entry into this exclusive collection of the best gerbil food in the world.

But don’t discount it simply because it’s our final recommendation.

This treat is still a highly palatable choice that’s absolutely loaded with all the necessary nutrients your gerbil needs for a long, healthy life.

You definitely won’t go wrong if you:

  • Pick this food for gerbils
  • Use it as an all-natural dietary supplement (or, in other words, a treat)
  • Alternate it with the other snacks to keep mealtimes interesting

Give it a go!

Manufacturers Specs and Features

  • All Natural &Amp; Cereal Free
  • From Wild Meadows In Germany
  • Provides Essential Vitamins, Minerals, Bioflavonoids And Fiber And Are Highly Palatable
  • No Added Sugars!
  • Also A Wonderful Activity And Keeps Your Pet Interested


  • Made from 21 different types of ingredients (from marigold to peppermint)
  • Aromatic
  • Formulated for small animals
  • Cereal and added sugar-free
  • Harvested in wild meadows in Germany
  • Stimulates chewing, which is fundamental for dental health


  • Not cheap
  • Sold in small bags
  • Not all gerbils enjoy this type of salad-like snack
Check Price on Amazon

Buyer’s Guide to the Best Gerbil Food

Don’t leave us yet! 🛑✋

There’s still a ton of things you could learn by sticking around for another ten or so minutes.

What will you cover if you keep on scrolling?

An interesting buyer’s guide on the best food for gerbils, where we’ve collected and answered seven questions that have (or will) run through your mind at one moment or another.

Let’s dive in.

What Should You Consider When Buying Dry Gerbil Food?

Do as we do, and think about the following things as you shop on your gerbil’s behalf:

  • How varied is the ingredient list? Despite being small in size, our little omnivore friends benefit from a wide variety of ingredients like nuts, veggies, seeds, minerals, vitamins, and proteins.
  • Is the food healthy and nutritious? Since your chosen dry gerbil food will form the bulk of your gerbil’s diet, you need an option that contains all the necessary ingredients and tastes good enough to attract your jird day in and day out.
  • Do the foods support dental health by encouraging chewing? This is a must as their sharp teeth never stop growing.
  • Are there artificial ingredients and/or added sugars? Avoid these if you have enough budget.

What Counts as a Balanced, Nutritious Diet for Gerbils?

You can consider a gerbil diet to be nutritionally balanced if it’s made up of:

  • 14% to 20% protein
  • 3 to 9% fat
  • Omega-3 and -6 fatty acids
  • Limited levels of fiber
  • Essential vitamins and minerals (i.e., zinc, calcium, and vitamins A, C, D, and E)

Which Is Best: Seed Mixes or a Pelleted Diet?

It depends on who you ask.

Many gerbil owners argue against using a seed mix because it promotes selective feeding, the behavior by which your gerbils only eat the bits and bobs they like and leave everything else behind. And because of this, they’re strong supporters of serving only uniform kibble.

We tend to agree with this principle; however, there are two ways to reduce this harmful feeding style and integrate a seed mix into your pet’s diet:

  1. Picking a high-quality seed mix (i.e., Higgins Sunburst Gourmet) that minimizes the amounts of unpalatable ingredients landing in your buddy’s food bowl
  2. Purchasing both types of gerbil foods (a tasty mix and kibble) and offering them either in combination or at alternated meal times

This strategy ensures you give your gerbils a varied, nutritious diet filled with natural food and plenty of opportunities to grind their teeth down.

What Types of Fresh Food Can I Include in My Gerbil’s Diet?

You can feed your gerbils any of the following fresh foods:

  • Veggies (daily in small amounts, circa 20% of their total food intake)
  • Broccoli
  • Carrots
  • Cauliflower
  • Cucumber
  • Dandelions
  • Leafy greens
  • Peas
  • Parsnips
  • Pumpkin
  • Sweet potatoes
  • Treats (max once or twice a week)
  • Fresh fruits (like apples, apricots, and bananas)
  • Cheese
  • Commercial treats
  • Hard-boiled eggs
  • Mealworms, grasshoppers, or dried insects
  • Peanuts
  • Pumpkin seeds
  • Sunflower seeds

Is It Okay To Feed My Gerbil Human Food?

Yes, you can share a cheeky snack with your pet gerbil as long as it’s only every now and then.

What can you chow down on together?


  • Raw food (like fresh veggies and fresh fruits)
  • Cheese
  • Cooked egg
  • Cooked, unseasoned fish, chicken, or turkey
  • Yogurt

But be sure only to give them small quantities and stay away from sugary snacks and chocolate — keep those for yourself and only open them up when your gerbils are sleeping.

Is that the only thing you should avoid feeding your pet gerbil?

Let’s find out in the next FAQ.

Are There Any Foods I Should Avoid Giving to My Gerbils?

Yes, definitely stay away from:

  • Alcohol
  • Chocolate
  • Iceberg lettuce
  • Grapes
  • Melon rinds
  • Onions or garlic
  • Oranges or grapefruit
  • Rhubarb
  • Tomato leaves
  • Watermelon

N.B. You have to pay close attention not to leave any of these foods lying around because your cheeky gerbil will eat basically anything they can get their tiny hands on.

How Much Should You Feed My Gerbil?

Aim to give your gerbils roughly 10 grams of pellets per day divided into two to four feeding sessions.

However, each commercial gerbil food is slightly different, so you need to check the label for the exact daily portion size.

You can then give them around 20-25% of the weight they consume in dry food as fresh food supplements.

Here’s an example to make it simple:

If you’re feeding your gerbil 12 grams of pellets per day, feel free to add up to 3 grams of fresh food (including veggies and fresh fruit) every day.

Pro tip: Give your little dessert critters constant access to fresh, non-chlorinated water. A no-drip water bottle (like the Choco Nose H125 No Drip Water Bottle ) is the best way to keep it clean, fresh, and bacteria-free for long periods of time.

A Final Look at 2022’s Best Gerbil Food

2 gerbils in a basket

We’ve covered a lot of ground today — you went from a newbie in gerbil food to a seasoned veteran in under 30 minutes. Pretty impressive, don’t you think?

You betcha, but don’t sit on your laurels just yet…

You still have one more step to take (and it’s the most important one)…

You need to put your hesitations aside and order some fortified food for your furry munchkin.

We’re sure you already have a preferred option, but we’ll share what we’d do in your place anyway (in case you have a friend that’s nowhere near as confident as you about a pet gerbil’s nutritional needs).

Our plan of action looks like this:

  1. Order a premium gerbil food mix (i.e., Higgins Sunburst Gourmet Food Mix ) or blend our own gerbil food mix if we have enough time and patience.
  2. Buy premium gerbil kibble (i.e., Oxbow Essentials Hamster Food and Gerbil Food ).
  3. Feed our pets a few healthy handfuls (gerbil-sized handfuls, of course) at alternate meal times.
  4. Spend the rest of our day playing with our lovely pet gerbils. ❤️ 🐹 🐹 👋

Sound good to you, too? Then jump on the bandwagon and get feeding!

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