The Best Guinea pig bedding for your pet

Best Guinea Pig Bedding

If you’re lucky enough to own a Guinea Pig, you know they love to sleep almost as much as they love eating. So, it’s important that you furnish their cage or hutch with plenty of clean, good quality bedding to keep your pet warm and comfortable. So, what is the best guinea pig bedding, and what should you avoid? Here is our guide to Guinea Pig bedding, and our list of top buys.

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What do Rabbits Eat ? – The best food for your Rabbit

what do rabbits eat ?

What do rabbits eat – Everything you need to know

Remember Bugs Bunny? This cartoon character just loved carrots and it’s a classic image of what to feed rabbits! In reality, getting the diet right is intrinsic to rabbit health. So what do rabbits eat ? Check out this article to find out what’s on the menu for happy bunnies.

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The Best Rabbit Cage or Hutch for your Pet

Rabbit cages and hutches – All you need to know for a rabbit happy home

Rabbits make super pets – they’re cute and playful with tons of energy. Before you bring your rabbit home, you need to think about a suitable rabbit hutch for your new pet. Some people keep their rabbits in outdoor rabbit hutches and that’s okay as long as they are safe from the elements and predators. There are some reasonably cheap rabbit cages available to suit most pockets. However, rabbits make excellent pets for indoors too! Check out this article to find out all you need to know.

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Texel Guinea pigs – a complete guide

Texel Guinea Pig Breed Guide

What are Texel Guinea pigs?

The Texel Guinea Pig is one of the newer breeds of Guinea Pig, which evolved by cross breeding the British Rex Guinea Pig, with the Silkie Guinea Pig.

They are one of the more striking Guinea Pig breeds with long, shiny curly hair, and are often found winning beauty competitions around the globe.

The Texel is a calm breed, with a sweet nature and love of being handled and stroked and make for excellent pets.

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Best Guinea pig toys

Guinea Pig in a tunnel

Introduction to the best Guinea pig toys

One of the main reasons we all love Guinea Pigs so much is their intelligence, energy and curiosity.

So, as a responsible pet owner, it is our duty to provide mental stimulation, exercise, and fun for our little furry pets.

The best source of entertainment is being housed with a fellow Guinea Pig, but this isnt always possible, and even if you’re lucky enough to have a number of these furry little friends, they’ll all still benefit from a selection of toys to keep them happy and active

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The Best Food for a Guinea Pig

The Best Guinea Pig Food

Feeding your Guinea pig the right foods is critically important in maintaining a happy and healthy Guinea Pig. So what are the best foods for your Guinea Pig ? How much should you be feeding them? and what are the common health risks associated to a poor diet ? This article is aimed at answering all of your Guinea Pig food questions, and looks at some of the top Guinea Pig foods available to buy online.

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