Guinea Pig Care Guide – How to look after a Guinea Pig

Guinea Pig Care Guide

Guinea Pigs, or cavies as they are often known, are popular family pets due to their fun and affectionate nature. They are relatively easy to look after and don’t require a lot of special care. But as with all pets, its important to understand what it takes to keep your little friend healthy and happy. Read on for our ultimate guide to looking after your pet Guinea Pig

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Angora Rabbit – The complete guide and care tips

Angora rabbit breed guide

Angora Rabbit Breed History

The angora rabbit is perhaps one of the oldest and most sought after rabbit breeds in the world. These rabbits are said to have descended from Ankara, the capital of modern day Turkey. At the time, the area was known as Ancyra and Angora, hence the breed name. These rabbits were imported to France way back in 1723.

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Caring for A Pet Rabbit – A Complete Guide

rabbit care guide

Caring for your pet rabbit – What you need to know for a happy bunny

You’re thinking of getting a rabbit, and what’s not to like? It’s not just down to that cute, twitchy nose. Intelligent and sociable, they are beautiful animals and make wonderful additions to your family. However, there are a few important things to consider before bringing your pet rabbit home. Check out this ultimate guide for how to care for a rabbit!

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Can Rabbits Swim ? And how to keep them cool in summer

can rabbits swim

Can Rabbits Swim ?

The short answer to this question is ‘yes, rabbits can swim, but they would rather not’. This article will help explain what we mean.

Although bunnies can survive in the water for a short while, they find it a stressful experience. So, we should avoid putting our rabbits in water.

On a hot summer’s day, you may have been tempted to put your bunny in the paddling pool. Perhaps with the good intention of cooling him down. However, although bunnies will stay afloat, they will paddle frantically and expend large amounts of energy. This is not really swimming. More surviving. No bunny has ever got in the water just for enjoyment, even on the hottest day.

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Best Hamster Toys

Hamster toys – Keeping your hamster happy and healthy

It’s no big secret why hamsters are so popular.

They make super pets for many reasons, including their cuteness and adorable natures. Add to the mix their hyperactivity and curiosity you’ve got yourself one of the best pets to own.

That said, the delights of owning these busy little guys means you need to keep your furry buddy mentally and physically stimulated. Suitable hamster wheels can help with exercise, while toys can make life a lot of fun for both your hamster and you!

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