Are Guinea Pigs good pets for Kids? 10 great reasons why they are!

Last Updated : September 14, 2022
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Are Guinea Pigs good pets for Kids? we think so. and here are 10 fun facts as to why.

Why Kids should own a pet?

Most parents would agree, that bringing up our kids to be kind, considerate, and responsible humans is top of the parenting shopping list.

So what can we do to teach them these key life values?

One excellent method is for them to have their very own pet. Not only a commitment of time, effort, and love, but a really good way to interact and care for a living creature, which in return, will provide years of fun and entertainment.

Research has shown that owning a pet can help with a child’s development in many ways. Some of the benefits include:

1. Learn to respect living creatures.

Owning a pet is a unique experience. Caring for an animal quickly teaches children how precious all living creatures are. Watching, playing, and bonding with a pet will show children how even the smallest dwarf hamster will have their own characters and quirks.

Guinea Pigs in particular are very smart, and energetic and all come with their own little ways, which children will quickly pick up on. Being able to identify and appreciate differences in animal behavior will help your child grasp that everyone is different in their own way, animals and humans alike.

Are Guinea Pigs Good for Kids?
There are many benefits of owning a pet

2. Learn responsibility.

Pets depend on their owners for food and shelter. Having to feed, clean, and play with a pet gives your child a sense of responsibility. Kids do lose interest quickly, but will soon learn that they cannot do this with animals.

Owning a pet is a commitment and kids will have to accept that the daily feeding, grooming, and cleaning regime that comes with owning a Guinea Pig is not something they can ignore or forget. This is a great way to teach a child about responsibility and commitment (although be prepared to help out once in a while !! )

3. Develop practical skills.

Making sure the Guinea Pig is safe when out of their cage, arranging their homes, or changing bedding all involve practical and problem-solving skills.

Where does your child put their Guinea Pig when changing their bedding? Is it safe, can they escape? Does it give them a chance to explore and get exercise?

These are examples of questions your child needs to answer and then apply when caring for their pet guinea pig. Adding new bedding and disposing of the old whilst not making a mess around the house or yard.

Children as young as 3 can fill food and water bowls. Caring for the Guinea Pig day to day will help your child develop practical and problem-solving skills.

4. Learn about animal behaviors.

Owning and caring for a Guinea Pig gives your child an insight into the world of small animals, or little furry pets as we like to call them.

By spending time with their pets, your child will be able to notice small differences in moods, likes, dislikes, etc. What makes your guinea pig make happy noises? Plenty of cuddles we expect!! How about when they are tired and want to be left alone to relax?

Do they like their home in a certain way?

Watching animals in a relaxed and familiar environment is fascinating, and your child will learn lots about animals and their behaviors and learn to appreciate them.

5. Provide stress relief and help with calming.

There have been plenty of studies that prove owning a pet helps reduce stress and promote calm.

Not that children should be stressed. But, owning a guinea pig or any pet can produce a calming effect and a sense of well-being.

A study back in 2001 (Details here – warning, it’s pretty scientific) demonstrates that owning a pet can reduce blood pressure and physical and mental stressors.

6. Fun! without a computer screen

In this digital age, it’s often said that kids spend far too much time on their phones, tablets, and consoles. Whilst we encourage everyone to spend time on our website 🙂 there is a lot to be said for time away from the screen.

Guinea Pigs are many things; Cute, funny, and entertaining, but video gamers are not

Whilst your child is attending to and playing with, their little furry pet, they are not glued to the phone and are more physically active.

7. Love and affection.

Are Guinea Pigs good pets for Kids? 10 great reasons why they are!

There is no denying the bond a child can form with their pet guinea pig. When playing, a pet can become your child’s best buddy.

Pets are non-judgmental and give them someone to share their troubles with.

Guinea Pigs, in particular, are very loving and will recognize and greet their ‘owners’ with excitement

8. Develop a passion/hobby and encourage learning.

Owning a pet Guinea pig is an excellent way to encourage learning and interest. What is the best playpen for a guinea pig? Luckily for you, you have found LittleFurryPets.

When your child has a pet that they care for, they’ll want to learn more. Reading about guinea pigs, and speaking to other owners at school, or at the local pet store, is a great way to encourage learning and confidence

9. Personality.

As you can read in our guide to guinea pig noises, these pets are full of personality. They make all kinds of noises, happy and sad, and are known to popcorn when they jump in the air with delight.

All this adds to the Guinea Pigs’ endearing personality which is guaranteed to get your child hooked.

10. Relatively easy to care for.

Guinea pigs make excellent pets for kids. Practically, they are smaller than say a dog or cat but are not as skittish as small rodents like mice or hamsters.

Go for an easy breed such as an American or Abysinnian and the grooming needs are less than say a Peruvian

They are pretty hardy and love to be handled, making them perfect for younger children.

And, with the right amount of love and care, you can expect your guinea pig to live to an age of 5-7 years, which in terms of smaller pets with very good.

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