15 Awesome Rabbit Facts We Bet You Didn’t Know

Last Updated : October 28, 2022
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Sure, rabbits, as we know them, are those fluffy little animals that love us and carrots in equal measure (actually, we’re about to blow the carrot myth way out of the water in this article, so get ready!).

However, they’re a fascinating species that have an interesting history, odd behaviors, cute little habits and so much more!

So, whether you’re preparing for a bunny-based trivia night or you simply wish to brush up on your rabbit facts, we’ve got the ultimate list of facts about rabbits to blow your mind (and have you winning that trivia by a country mile).

Rabbit standing with Carrot

#1 Rabbit (Drum Roll Please) Do Not Actually Eat Carrots!

Yup. Sorry to break it to you folks. Despite cartoon rabbits (we’re looking at you there, Bugs Bunny) often depicted munching away on a juicy orange carrot, fruit and vegetables are not the natural foods of rabbits! Well, they can’t exactly grow them in a vegetable garden, can they? Nope, the natural diet of rabbits includes leafy greens, hay, and grass.

Of course, that’s not to say they won’t enjoy a little piece of the good stuff every now and then, but due to the high sugar content of carrots, you should offer it sparingly. Try to stick to your rabbits’ natural eating habits based on what they’d consume in the wild (tip: Timothy hay is a great choice).

#2 They ‘Binky’

Erm, we’re sure you’re looking at your screen completely nonplussed. The verb ‘binky’ means to throw oneself in the air and do a little twist mid-flight. It’s a natural habit that bunnies tend to perform when they’re super happy. So, if you’ve ever had the privilege to see a bunny rabbit over the moon with joy, you’re very lucky!

#3 Carrots May Not Be On The Menu, But Poop Is

Probably one of the less cute traits of our furry little friends is their penchant for munching on poop. Don’t worry, it’s usually their own. Not that this makes it less gross. In reality, bunnies eat their feces to help them absorb the nutrients their digestive system missed the first time around. Even weirder, they actually create specific poops for this exact purpose. They’re softer (and presumably more delicious) than usual hard=pellet style poop. Mind blown? We thought so.

#4 Rabbit Fact – Their Teeth Never Stop Growing

Well, until they head to bunny-heaven, of course. Yes, it’s true: Rabbits’ teeth just grow and grow and grow. Since bunnies are essentially wild creatures, their diets are supposed to consist of gritty, hard-to-chew bits and pieces of plants they come across on their travels. This is necessary, as these animals’ teeth will grow up to 5 inches a year, so the tough food helps to keep them nice and worn down.

#5 Rabbits Use Tunnel Systems

Just like the trenches of the great world wars, rabbits build shelters (known as ‘warrens’) to eat, sleep, and shelter when they’re not ambling around in the grass. Cleverly, rabbits will create specific rooms for different activities. If you were to see a rabbit warren first-hand, you’d probably see a pantry room for food, a few bedrooms, and a maternity ward. While they may not be quite as elaborate as our ‘people’ versions, it’s certainly an impressive rabbit fact nonetheless!

#6 They Can Make A Super-Speedy Getaway

Has anyone ever told you the best way to outrun a crocodile is to run in a zig-zag line? Well, rabbits have been way ahead of the game on this one. In addition to their sharp reflexes and on-point eyes and ears, rabbits will run in a zig-zag line at up to 18 mph whenever they sense there are predators close by. Catch us if you can, silly humans!

#7 They Can Carry Quite A Litter

According to the Guinness World Records, the largest litter ever produced was 24 little bunnies (known as kits)! The litter was born in New Zealand, and no rabbit couple has come close since 1978. Wow.

#8 What’s In A (Bunny) Name?

Did you know that male, female, and baby bunnies all go under different names? And we don’t mean Mittens, Fluffy, or Mr. Chompers! No, a male rabbit is called a ‘buck’, and a female rabbit is called a ‘doe’ (like female deer). Baby bunnies are called ‘kittens’, with a single baby rabbit known as a ‘kit’.

#9 Rabbit Ears Do Much More Than Just Listen…

Those gorgeous floppy ears we all adore on our pet bunnies actually serve another purpose, aside from the obvious. Another reason they have such wonderfully spacious ears is to keep them cool in the hot summer months! Remember from science class: More surface area equals less body heat. Neat, huh?

Rabbit standing alert, ears upright

#10 Rabbits Sleep With Their Eyes Open

Creepy, right? Well, it’s supposed to be! Our fluffy friends are prey animals when they’re out in the wild. A wild rabbit will sleep with her peepers open to provide the illusion that she’s awake. So, she won’t be a sitting duck for any predators which are passing through. Yep, this cute animal can be a lot craftier than you’d expect!

#11 Rabbits Make Great Starter Pets (But Don’t Neglect Them)

It is commonly understood that a rabbit (or rabbits) make great starter pets. It figures, right? They stay in their hutch most of the time, have a simple diet with affordable food, and can come out to play whenever you feel like it. Plus, their gentle and placid nature makes them great pets for homes with children.

However, it’s important to remember that although they’re somewhat low-maintenance, your rabbits need love, affection, and a clean home as much as people do. So, you’ll also need to clean your rabbit hutch daily, make sure they’re safe from your other pets (especially if you have a cat or a dog!), and provide them with a proper, nourishing diet. Make sure your children don’t play rough with them, either.

#12 They Are Happier With Animal Companions

And preferably of the rabbit variety. Bunnies are social creatures who need animal companions to keep them socially fulfilled and entertained. If you’re thinking of getting yourself a bunny, take a moment and see if you can handle two or three instead, so they keep each other company in a group (make sure there’s enough space in the hutch, of course). This will make your baby rabbits happier and healthier in the long run.

The cute rabbits are resting in garden.

#13 Bunnies Are More Like Cats Than You Think

Well, they don’t meow, that’s for sure. However, bunnies do love to groom their fur, the same as cats and dogs do. If you see your bunny licking away at her fur, don’t be concerned, it’s a natural behavior of rabbits to keep their fur and paws clean and hygienic.

#14 There Are Hundreds of Bunny Breeds

It may come as a surprise to you that there are a grand total of 305 rabbit breeds around the world. This multitude of rabbit breeds is spread across 70 countries. This tally was last measured in 2017. The rarest bunny rabbit in the world is the Sumatran Short-Haired rabbit which resides in Indonesia.

#15 Rabbits Breed Like, Well, Rabbits

This may be the least surprising of our bunny facts: There’s some truth to the phrase ‘breed like rabbits. Well, no smoke without fire, right? Mother rabbits (or ‘does’) breed several times a year. Unlike humans, bunnies have a gestation period of only one month. And thanks to their large groups in the wild, it’s not hard to find willing suitors!

So, Feel Like You’re Clued Up On All Things Bunny Rabbit, Yet?

Phew! Bet you wanna sit back and munch on a nice carrot after all that bunny info. Well, we hope you feel like you’ve learned something in our ‘facts about rabbits’ masterclass. If you’re running a trivia night, good luck. Otherwise, that’s all folks!

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